Last night I had a tussle with a scorpion in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The menacing looking brute (that’s him in the picture above) barged into the kitchen pincers and stinger first.

I grabbed a broom and gently nudged him from the house. Eventually, the annoyed arachnid grabbed the broom so I could place him in the garden beside the crib.

Without the broom, I was screwed. I needed the proper tools to get the job done.

Watch as I discuss:

You need 3 tools of the blogging trade to get the job done.

1: Domain, Hosting and Self-Hosted WordPress Dot Org Blog

Imagine if I tried to remove the scorpion with a thin piece of paper? Either I’m getting stung, pinched, or some unpleasant combination of the 2. In any case I ain’t evicting the scorpion unless I have a large push broom to aid me.

Ditto for your blog. The first step to building a full time, pro blogging career is to buy your domain and hosting. Set up a blog through your hosting account. Owning your online real estate gives you max branding power and also insulates you from TOS rules governing free hosting platforms.

Note; pay at least $10 to $20 a month on hosting. Pay a premium to ensure quality service and up time.

2: Bespoke Theme or Premium Theme

I had a bespoke theme designed for me at:

Blogging From Paradise

to stand out from the crowd.

Really though, you can go bespoke or premium. Just plunk down coin to build a professional looking blog through this critical tool of themes.

My theme helps me brand myself and my blog unlike any brand or blog on earth. Not so with generic, plain Jane, free themes most bloggers employ. How can you stand out by following the crowd? Invest money in a theme. Either a premium number or one designed by a professional web developer. Get the blogging job done with an authentic, clear, simple, eye-catching theme.

3: CDN

A CDN is an off site server where images can be stored. Investing a few clams monthly in a CDN speeds up your blog. Another must have tool as your blog traffic and image usage increases.

After clicking through to my blog above you can see a slew of travel pictures from my globe trotting exploits. Before I invested in a CDN – resisting the service, like a dingbat – I noted how my post formatting seemed to disappear when publishing new posts.

Readers sent me screen shares verifying the problem. Turns out, the traffic surge experienced with publishing a new post plus my hefty bulk of images placed too much of a strain on my host server. Lesson learned.

I began using a CDN and the issue dissolved. Now my blog loads quickly on mobile or via laptop.

Are you using these 3 tools?


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