3 tricky list building freebie memes may eat into your blogging success.

These memes, or limiting beliefs, are commonly held by most bloggers at one point during their careers.

Believing in these false ideas lowers your blog traffic, eats into your blogging profits and also shrinks the size of your email list.

Sit with each belief. Be honest about the energy behind the ideas. Are you you clinging to these limiters? If so, freely feel, embrace and release the meme’s.

I subscribed to each false idea at least once during my blogging career. I also cleared each one out to become a full time, established, pro blogger.

Let’s dive into the meme’s, shall we?

1: “I Need a Free Giveaway to Build My List”

No, you do not.

I have published hundreds of free giveaways on Blogging From Paradise for the past 3 and a half years.

They are called “blog posts.”

This meme trips up bloggers who jump through hoops adding as much value to an already valuable blog through their free giveaway, either creating one or searching for a brilliant freebie from a top blogger oozing with value.

People love the free value you share persistently through your blog posts.

Last time I looked, the guys over at Zen Habits offered no free giveaway and they have a 2 million member reader base.

Seems to be working well for them, eh?

Get clear on the immense value you share through your blog posts.

People will sign up for your list, no sweat, even without you offering a free giveaway, if you get clear on the value you offer blog post wise.

2: “My Giveaway Is Not Enough”

Not enough.

The dreaded 2 word demon reflecting some serious self worth issues and deep fears suffered by many bloggers.

I spoke once to a highly successful blogger who noted how their giveaway was literally too much information, and how it overwhelmed their readers. This is a common mental block; folks believe that their giveaway is not enough and go way overboard, slamming their readers with so much free information that they do not know where to start.

I used to give away one of my 126 eBooks away for free every week. Insane, right? My readers loved my generosity but in the same regards, felt a bit flooded by a freebie giveaway weekly. My eBook sales dived a bit too during this period. As it should have, because I did the freebie giveaway weekly from a “my giveaway is not enough” type energy, and said fearful energy reflected back to me as lesser sales.

I scrapped this strategy, sold a new eBook every 2 weeks, drove more sales and grew my list quickly.


I addressed the not enough energy, cleared it and more than enough flowed to me.

3: “I Cannot Create My Own Free Giveaway”

Yes you can.

Anybody can.

But you need to clear this common free giveaway meme, based on the idea of “Who the hell am I to create something that people will actually download?”

If you go the free giveaway route, you are a blogger, right? Create a long form blog post. Package it as a PDF. Done!

Free reports via PDF format are simple, powerful free giveaways that any blogger can create. Yes; even new bloggers.

Just clear out this crappy limiting belief and get down to creating your free giveaway today.


Watch the video as I discuss one of the common meme’s in detail.

Your Turn

Do you believe in any of these false ideas?

What blogging limiting beliefs have you released recently?

How can you better identify and dissolve these list building freebie meme’s?