“It’s just money.”

It really IS just money.

Whether you are charging 5 cents or 50 bucks or 15,000 dollars for any product or service, it is only money.

Money is a means of exchange. Like seashells were a means of exchange. Or sheep, at one time.

Sheep, seashells and money are just sheep, seashells and money.

No big deal.

The Real Issue with the Appearance of Money Objections

If someone appears to have a money objection they simply have some fears around losing money, based in a firm belief in scarcity. Their fear of money has nothing to do with you at all. Don’t take it personally. Don’t let it stir you. Smile. Relax.

If someone says: “I can’t afford that,” you can say: “It’s only money.” Then leave it at that.

It’s just money. No big deal. Nothing scarce. Nothing limited. Nothing special.

Any idea that money is finite, or limited, sits in the mind of individuals who move away from love towards fear, especially in all things money. Their fear or their move from love has nothing to do with the means of exchange, and it sure as heck has nothing to do with what you ask for, exchange-wise, for your products or services.

Sometimes, readers exchange their email address to receive your email newsletter.

Sometimes, readers exchange a few minutes of time and some energy to read and enjoy (aka, “receive”) your blog posts.

Sometimes, readers exchange something called “money” to read and enjoy (aka, “receive”)  your Amazon Kindle eBook.

People exchange $1.99 to receive one of my 124 Amazon Kindle eBooks.

People exchange more than a buck 99 to receive my blog coaching or freelance writing services.

People exchange money to advertise on Zac Johnson’s blog.

We offer a service. People exchange money – just money – for the service. Simple. Easy peasy. No big deal.

Here’s how it works: I offer help.  The help may be:

  • online courses
  • eBooks
  • audio books
  • coaching services
  • freelance writing services
  • sponsored posts
  • affiliate products

Individuals exchange money – just money – for the help I offer.

Fair exchange.

If anybody does not feel it’s a fair exchange, it is just money, so that is the individual’s limiting beliefs/fear-based ideas/lower energies in regard to something called “money”. An energy called money. A means of exchange.

It’s. Just. Money.

Nothing more. Nothing special. No big deal.

If someone objects to your pricing, or says they cannot afford your products or services, tell them:

“It’s just money.”

With a smile, of course. Because you are not trying to convince or convert or coerce or manipulate. You are just showing love. Spreading the love. Helping these awesome folks to face, embrace and release their fears, to expand their prosperity consciousness, to help them make more money and to help them see the nature of the simple, easy exchanges which occur billions of times every day, around the world, as folks exchange money for goods and services.

Whether you are spending money on your blog or accepting money from clients and customers just remember…..

It’s just money.