I’d be lying if I said that blogging hasn’t been tough because it’s been a nightmare. I’m the type of guy that wanted quick success and wanted to make an impact right away. I must have tried everything when starting and was disappointed when it didn’t work. However, I’m glad it happened because it’s been one of the best learning experiences ever. It made me a different person because you’d be surprised that success doesn’t only have to do with writing awesome content but making a few changes in character as well.

When I sat down to write a guest post, I thought about my topic and decided to put something together that will resonate well with all of you. I know no matter if you’re an experienced blogger or just starting out, with the amount of information available online, you can lose focus very easily.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve learned in the past 3 years writing content and starting my own blog…

Stay Active

Staying active is the most important thing because if you don’t keep writing it’ll become a habit. It’s true what they say, if you do something for “14” days straight it’ll become a habit and the same applies to NOT writing content. Writing actively is a great way to build momentum because not only does it tell your readers you have new and exciting things to say but tells search engines that fresh new content is being published. This is great to increase user engagement and get indexed more regularly by search engines.

Staying active is a great motivational boost since each time you publish new content you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Ask any serious blogger, that, determination and motivation are the “2” most important factor to their success. Set small goals to be met each week and with each completion checkmark comes a feeling of accomplishment.

Here’s something that works well…

I know one of the biggest issues I’ve had is being able to write 2000+ words per day to complete a blog post. However, I’ve found a way to get it done and stay motivated at the same time. Write anywhere from 500-600 words per day and then start again tomorrow. If you do this for 4 days then you’ll have content ranging from 2000+ words which can provide valuable insight to your readers. If you do the math, 500-600 words will take you no more then 15-20 minutes which is more motivating then taking out 3+ hours to complete an entire post in one day.

Always Network

Much of the growth I experienced was through guidance provided by top bloggers within the industry. For example, I remember doing an expert post and Zac Johnson + 13 others provided their opinion on the most effective link building strategy which continues to work well ranking websites within search engines. The point I’m trying to make is that networking will open several doors for you allowing you to gather information and even publish content on their blogs.

Many top bloggers have thousands of readers and establishing a relationship with them can sometimes allow you to engage with their readers. Remember, when gust posting, it’s important to provide the best content which not only resonates with their readers but keeps the quality and integrity of their blog.

How do you find relevant blogs to network with?


Do a quick search in Google using (“keyword and/or niche”) and this will produce a list of blogs relevant to your keyword

At this point, you can go through each one contacting them asking about guest posting opportunities or even their opinion. You’d be surprised how many of them are willing to help.

You’ll learn why this simple strategy of communicating with other blogs will help enormously later on.

Focus On Quality

Writing high quality content is truly the key to success when blogging and becoming successful. Having an abundance of information available can be both a positive and/or negative. With so much information available online, it’s very easy to be misdirected into information which provides NO substance at all. This is why high quality content is given more weight and leverage within the SERP’s. When I started blogging, I spent a lot of time rushing through creating content just to get things published. However, after communicating with many of my mentors, I learned that quality will always outweigh quantity so focus on creating everlasting content. When I started producing 2000+ in-depth content, a few things started to happen…

First, the user engagement increased and people were able to locate my content more easily increasing the amount of targeted traffic generated to my blog. Next, more people who had blogs of their own started to link back to my content because of the substance I provided. Next,

Google indexed my content and I was able to rank for keywords WITHOUT doing any link building, etc. When you write lengthy content, you have more leverage to add keywords into your content increasing the chances to get ranked for some of them.

In the end, always focus on providing quality and the traffic and popularly will automatically come on its own. Remember the purpose of search engines, which is to provide users with the best high quality solution to their problems. Focus on just that!

Guest Posting Opportunities

Previously, I talked about the power of networking with other top bloggers within the industry. When you network, it opens up “guest posting” opportunities with them which means loads of “targeted” traffic generated to your blog. It’s an easy way to showcase your experience and build an audience at the same time. Before continuing, remember that “guest posting” can increase your conversions 30X when done correctly. When I started writing content, I was scared to contact other bloggers because I didn’t know what reply to expect from them. I was afraid to submit content fearing that it’ll get rejected. However, you’ll be surprised how many of them have been in the same situation as you and are willing to work with you to get you’re content published on their blog. They need fresh new minds and content on their blog to keep their readers happy and information flowing.

Here are a few “guest posting” guidelines to follow…

  • Always submit your best work because it’s a great way to showcase your work to “targeted” readers that can convert to your loyal readers.
  • Keep it relevant to the blog you are guest posting on
  • Choose a topic which is NOT yet published on the blog to bring something new
  • Always include your “author” information with a link back to your personal blog
  • Once you get published, work with the blog owner to keep your new content getting published so you stay active.

The Power of Case Studies

With so much information online, it’s hard to find what actually works so why NOT provide your readers with solid proof. Case studies are probably the best piece’s of content you’ll find because it’s provides you a complete step-by-step approach to achieving your objective. For example, imagine you are trying to rank “5” keywords on the 1st page of Google and you try 20 different tactics out of which 5 worked. You can save people an enormous amount of time by providing EXACTLY what worked and having them avoid the methods that didn’t. It’s a great way to build a following and credibility within the industry.

From personal experience, I continue to follow those blogs that provided me with proven methods that’ll help my business. Every day, I visit these same blogs to find updated information and try to learn new strategies that’ll help my business. I’ve even taken it a step further…

A few months ago, I started forming my own case studies writing updates each week on my blog to my readers. It’s a way to show them EXACTLY what I’m doing to achieve my desired results. Obviously I research what questions people are asking then I start a case study answering those questions. For example,

After doing research, there were many questions about the effectiveness of PBN’s (private blog networks) so over the past month I’ve been doing a case study answering each question. It’s a routine for me to update my blog each week so my readers keep up to date and can follow through.

The point I’m trying to make is that after writing both engaging and non-engaging content, it’s important to stick to what your readers are looking for which, a majority of time, is methods proven to work.

Try Different Things

If you want to succeed, you need to do things differently. You need to create curiosity and have people ask questions so that you can be the one answering them. It’s important because much of the stuff online is so routine that people already know the answer to the question WITHOUT reading the content. This is why “case studies” always create a buzz because you are trying different things and showing people how to EXACTLY do them. Remember that social media is an outlet which can generate enormous amounts of traffic so doing things that resonate with an audience can create a storm online.

Unfortunately I learned this very late in my blogging career and should have listen to my mentors. If you look at the most successful bloggers online they were all pioneers and NOT followers meaning they did things differently and are known as leaders within the industry.

The company “Apple Inc” has a slogan “Think Different” and they went from the brink of bankruptcy to the one of the most successful technology companies ever. Next time you are writing content or trying to create a buzz online, simply…

“Think Different”