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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Getting NO Organic Traffic



SEO Success ConceptMany people think that having a website, creating high quality content and getting social shares will increase the amount of organic traffic flowing to your website. Having this mentality impacts the future of your content marketing because you’re forgetting the fundamentals of SEO and how it applies to the way search engines provide results for their users. If you’re not getting the results that you expect, than you could be making some of these common mistakes.

It’s important that you incorporate all of these elements into your content so that you can benefit from the power of search engines and the momentum of organic traffic. Here are 5 reasons why you`re not getting any organic traffic to your page.

You Skipped SEO

After blogging for several years, I’ve realized that there is no alternative to having the right SEO and keyword combination for your content. To be completely transparent, I’ve made the mistake of not doing SEO and it hurt my blog traffic for years. Sometimes writing high quality content will only get 50% traffic to your blog, so make sure you have the right SEO in place. Remember, you can have the best content, products and services but if skipped the SEO, search engines won’t be able to single you out and will throw you in a pile with other content.

Don’t write content for search engines but for people, that`s why it’s important to do search engine optimization after you’ve written your content. Getting in the habit of doing it at the end will ensure you’ve written for your audience and not for Google, Yahoo or Bing.

People forget SEO because they think it`s tedious and takes a long time but just focus on the most important and you’ll be fine.

So, what are the most important SEO elements to pay attentions to…

a)      Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

These are the elements that tell search engines what your content is about and are the information displayed within SERP’s. The information typed within these elements will be the contributing factors in getting a click-through to your website.

b)      Proper Formatting of Content

It’s important to include H1-H3, sub-headers, bold, italic and underline text within your content. It helps keywords which represents your content standout while increasing the readability. There are many tools that will help you format your content correctly. If you’re using WordPress, you can install plugins like SEOPressor that will display a box on the right hand side while you create content to remind you of the formatting elements you’re missing.

c)      Keyword Targeted URL’s

Many people forget that Google scans your URL to determine what your content is about. This factor helps Google scan through search data to display your website in the SERP’s. When someone types in a search command within Google, the information within the URL will help Google locate relevant content for the searcher. Include targeted keywords within the URL which represents your content and are enticing at the same time.

d)      Internal Links

Google indexes pages by jumping through internal links within your content. Having relevant internal links is a great way to keep the readers on your website allowing them to view other relevant valuable content. When setting up internal links keep these things in mind…

  • Make sure to add your keyword within the internal link (anchor text)
  • Make sure you link to relevant content
  • Don’t overdo the internal links keeping them to a maximum 2-3 per page
  • For WordPress users, streamline the process by adding plugins that will automate the process.

e)      Optimize Your Content

Scatter your keywords throughout your content to increase search engine exposure. Many content marketers will use 5-6 keywords within their content so each can drive its own organic traffic to the page. When adding keywords, make sure your content flows naturally and makes sense. If you add too many keywords, this may raise a “flag” to Google that your keyword stuffing content. Adding too many keywords will also ruin the natural flow of the content. It’s a good idea to complete you’re writing naturally than go back adding keywords throughout your content where they make sense.

Your Headlines Suck

Your main objective should be to entice the reader into clicking through to your content. If you can’t do this, then you’ll be missing out on a lot of FREE organic traffic. You have to remember there is a lot of content available online and people are looking for a solution right away. They don’t want these two things to happen when they are searching for content.

First, they don’t want to be enticed into clicking on a link which provides low poor quality content. This will destroy the credibility of the website and hurt the overall user experience. Google is working hard to incorporate algorithms within their search engines to eliminate poor quality-thin content websites.

Next, the fact there is so much boring content online, people are becoming pickier when they click on a search listing. It’s important to give searchers exactly what they want. People do not want to be misled so make your headline attractive by performing keyword research looking for popular search phrases. Next, before publishing your content, do some organic searchers yourself looking for attractive headlines that you can use. It’s a great way to use your competitor’s strength against them improving your overall organic click-through-rate (CTR).

Slow Loading Website

You have to realize that people who are looking for information need it urgently so are not going to wait for a slow loading site to display content. If they cannot find the content immediately, they will jump to the next available resource. People are well aware there is NO shortage of content online so they`ll be able to find an alternative resource quickly if they needed to. If you are the number “1” search result that appears for a given search phrase, than make sure that you’re content is available right away within seconds (2-3 sec). If you’re site’s average loading time is above 3 seconds than this can be a deterrent when users click through.

Having your website appear high in the search results is completely different than people being able to access your content immediately. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you make the necessary tweaks to your website so that load times are improved.

For those of you not aware, Google does use “site speed” as a ranking factor within the SERP’s because any website that delays the user experience will hurt Google’s reputation.

For those of you using WordPress, here is a quick case study on how to improve your load time by 3.74s by making a few changes to your website within the backend.

Poor or Boring Content

You’ve manage to get visitors to your website by enticing them with awesome headlines, now it’s time to excite them with your content. Over the years I’ve seen a growing trend within blogs which is providing unoriginal boring content to people. This is the worst way to build loyalty and increase readership because it’s hurting your brand. Remember, when users arrive on your page they will begin by skimming through your content and if they find the same thing they’ve found somewhere else they will leave. This will decrease your user engagement and social shares which is a red “flag” to Google that there is nothing special about your content.

So, what can you do to improve the quality of your content and boost momentum…

1) Start by searching your competition finding out what they are missing within their content. Imagine if you were someone searching information and you arrived on a page that promised to provide you a complete solution. Ask yourself what are they missing and what would you include to the content to make it even better.

2) When you create content make sure its original and cannot be found anywhere else. What does this mean? Add images, videos and go into depth so that everything is covered from start to finish. You want to ensure that your piece of content is the only one the visitor needs to find a solution. They shouldn’t have to go anywhere else.

3) Make sure it’s formatted correctly and that you keep the reader’s attention. They should be able to skim through your content finding the answers they need. Next, it’s been said that content shouldn’t be more than 1,500-1,800 words which should give you enough space to make it original, in-depth, high quality and cover everything you needed to. Remember, there are a few exceptions, like a case study, which can be 3,000-4,000 words because it includes data, research and a complete step-by-step guide.

High Quality Link Building

I’ve decided to leave this until the end because link building does matter and should be practiced by everyone. The difference is that you should NOT take part in any type of blackhat, spam, software link building and practicing these will get you banned completely. In recent months, Google has been making tweaks to their search engines to find advanced ways to eliminate websites that provide NO substance and use blackhat techniques to trick the search engines. However, this does not mean that link building won’t work when trying to get noticed for targeted keywords.

If you`re going to start a link building campaign than focus on doing it manually and use the following…

First, start by writing down your game plan so you know what needs to be done throughout the month. It’s important to stick to it so you don’t lose focus on your objective. Next, get your targeted keywords ready which you’ll be using as anchor text within your one-way backlinks.


Make sure everything is done manually and that you spread out your link building so it looks natural. Having built too many links within a week can raise a red flag because it’ll look unnatural. Build no more than 10-15 links from various different platforms like article directories, blog comments, forums and social bookmarking websites. A quick note, when building links from any of these platforms, only use the most authoritative websites that have built a solid reputation in recent years. Getting links from these websites will produce the most results and will protect you from being flagged as a website having spammy links pointing to it.

Wrapping it Up…

The factors above are important in getting you back on the right track. Organic traffic is very important because it’s FREE relevant search traffic that can help boost popularity and visibility of your brand. Write down these factors and keep them on your desk so next time your creating content, you’ll remember to incorporate them into your writing.

It`s important to stay focused and have patience since ranking your website using manual white hat techniques does take time but the overall long term reward is gratifying. Use a step-by-step approach to building links so that you stay clear from Google manual penalties.


Hi everyone! My name is Rizvan Ullah and my blog Ranktactics provides internet marketers with tutorials on traffic generation, social media marketing, product reviews and case studies. Check out Top WebHosting Providers for bloggers, and CDL practice tests to follow another one of his passions.

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How Most People Think Blogging Is and How it REALLY Is



I love my gig. Right now, I blog from beautiful NYC. Quick 9 day trip to Manhattan. Can you imagine how fun and freeing this life is? Circling the globe, seeing places like Fiji, Bali and Thailand, experiencing these spots for years at a time? Amazing journey indeed. I feel appreciative of this fun, freeing life. I also know how most people think my life goes; write a few words, tap a publish button, make money, soar off to Fiji for 4 months. Most human beings cling to a terribly flawed aspect of their personality; ego. Ego sees free people and assumes, to preserve itself, how freedom must be an easy, comfortable journey for other people to take, because ego KNOWS freedom has not been an easy, comfortable objective, for ego.

Most human beings vibe from a dominant energy of fear so most human beings see illusions, appearances, NOT reality, a magic trick, something not REALLY happening. Most humans see me living in Thailand for months and see the illusion of me spending 2 hours to publish a post, seeing me making money, then, flying to Thailand. What fear-filled folks cannot see is the truth of this: me blogging for 5,000 hours – or more – through ups and downs, highs and lows, love and fear, peace and terror, and an even wider range of emotions….to live a life of blogging in Thailand for months at a time. The truth, the reality, of how blogging really is: blog for thousands of hours, make little or no money, then, after blogging for thousands of hours from a generous, calm, trusting, abundant vibe, feeling deep fears here and there along the way, the money flows in freely and you get to circle the globe whenever you want to circle the globe.

Take a look at this picture of me in Lyttelton, New Zealand:

Most people see an illusion: “Ryan is SO lucky! He gets to spend 2 months in New Zealand! I wish I had his life!”

The few human beings on earth who see the truth see this: “That guy lives an amazing life, being in New Zealand for 2 months, because he blogged for 10,000 hours, often times, when things did not appear to be coming together, outlook, appearing bleak.”

Truth seers are rare birds, folks. Why do you think I spend 3 or more hours daily meditating, doing yoga and exercising? I stabilize my vibe, uncover and purge illusory-producing fears and see the truth, more often than not. You need to see the truth to taste freeing, sweet blogging success. Can you taste my life? Imagine how it’d feel to live in NYC for a week? Imagine how it’d feel to live in Bali for 6 months? Fun, eh? Freeing, right? Of course you’d feel free, circling the globe, changing time zones like people change their minds. But to live this fun, freeing life, you have to live the truth of blogging for hundreds to thousands of generous, trusting hours, before you live the life, and, before you experience this level of fun and freedom. Most humans mean well but totally get caught up in the illusion, not seeing the truth because they fill their minds with fears, creating the insanity of luck and the delusion of envy, and the crazy, mentally ill, concept that you can live an amazingly fun, freeing life with a few hours, a few weeks or a few months of lazy blogging effort.

Do you want to step up to the blogging big time? Step away from most people. See the truth. This blogging gig takes serious effort and serious time. Most people live in delusion, in an illusion of fear. You know better. You know how blogging REALLY is. Sure blogging feels scary in moments but the ride feels largely fun and freeing when you follow your fun, generously help people and trust in yourself, and, trust in the blogging process. I know you’re up it!


I have this funny skill where I write entire eBooks based on silly analogies. Do you crave increased blogging success? I can help you with these colorful fruit bat analogies. Buy my eBook here:

10 Reasons Why Fijian Fruit Bats Would Be Absurdly Successful Bloggers

Smash the Twitter and Facebook buttons to share this post, guys. Let’s spread the word to help more bloggers know the truth about blogging.

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Face Newbie Blogger Fears Early to Accelerate Your Success



Do you genuinely want to hit the ground running with your blog? Face newbie blogger fears early. Do not mess around. Do not play around. Never be anchored down by doubt. Face fears, feel fears and you will feel so good, and free, and ready to succeed through your new blog because fear cannot hold you back if you face it, feel it, release it and proceed.

Life as a solopreneur feels fun, freeing and highly challenging because you do not possess the resources of more established entrepreneurs or people working for a company. The #1 tool in your new blogger arsenal is a willingness to face, feel and release deep fears related to being a newbie. Do this; be golden. Fun, freedom and expansive success awaits you because your generosity, creativity and willingness to connect just accelerates your blogging success…yes…even as a new blogger. How cool, right? No new blogger needs to struggle, fail and quit before giving themselves a chance, because fear is the only thing standing between you and what you need to do, to succeed. For example, I routinely tell new bloggers to buy courses or eBooks for due diligence material. More importantly, I tell them NOT to rely solely on questions and answers through Quora for their due diligence campaign because free platforms pale in comparison to trusted, premium resources from the top bloggers, in terms of research materials.

What can you do to accelerate your new blogger success fast? Nudge into the fear of spending money on training resources, feel the fear, release the fear and buy the course and/or eBook. Doing this, you begin taking the course and/or reading the eBook, putting your new knowledge into action, succeeding more quickly. Meanwhile, most new bloggers who refuse to face their fears keep asking questions on Quora, relying on strangers, possibly skilled but usually unskilled bloggers to supply them with non-vetted answers for critical blogging research. How in the heck can you rely on this most crucial of information if you have no idea who offers the answers? Can you see why this method is totally unreliable, for getting your blogging research? A few skilled bloggers offer some keen insight but step out of the fear-vibe into the abundant, successful vibe by investing money in a top blogging education.

If you can either pay for a Harvard education or ask some stranger on the street for their free advice, what seems to be the more intelligent decision? Invest money in expert advice? Or save money to get advice from some stranger on the street who may or may not know what they are talking about? Can you see why so many new bloggers struggle, fearing to invest money in the best blogging advice, choosing to get free, unreliable blogging advice from the general blogging public?

Pay up to play up. Invest money in your blogging education to move higher in blogging circles. Be a fear-diver; keep nudging into fears to better understand how to succeed, feeling and releasing these confining, restricting forms of bondage. Face newbie blogger fears early and often to remove the shackles that hold you down. Doesn’t it feel better to dive into fears routinely so you can accelerate your blogging success, even as a newbie?

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How to Promote Yourself without Bragging and Repelling Readers



You do know promoting yourself freely constitutes one pillar of blogging success, right guys? Bloggers need to be clear, confident and relaxed enough with self to appeal to us. Who wants to follow someone with low self-esteem? We seek out bright lights, not bloggers slumming around in the blogging sewer, eh? But self-promoting is a fine art for the discerning blogger to master; go too far, bragging your butt off, and your arrogance repels readers. People despise someone who speaks about self all day long because these over-compensating buffoons, deep-down, fear they are not enough. Bad trait in a leader. I figured it’d be easiest to self promote by simply…..self promoting like the dickens.

Example; buy our new course. Yep, Sue-Ann and I plan to make you happy as a blogging pig in slop with our new course. Do you see how I got right to the point? No beating around the bush. I promoted me, and, Sue-Ann, clearly explaining why you need to buy our blogging course….by saying….buy it, and you will be a happy blogger. Promoting yourself through virtually all content you create is the easiest, simplest way to find the happy medium between being a shy guy or shy gal and being an arrogant, boastful, bragging clown. The real secret is to keep promoting self through all the self-conscious, anxious, money-related, appearance-related fears most of us cling to, before we become clear, confident self-promoters.

Put Attention on Your Readers

Do you feel disgusted with wasting time online? Do you want to drink up sweet blogging freedom, using your time online effectively, powerfully and efficiently? Buy my eBook:

How to NOT Waste Time Online

Let us rewind for a moment, shall we? Time to review how I promoted myself by putting attention on you, you rocking readers of Blogging Tips Dot Com. I promoted self because I promoted my eBook. I make money every time you buy the eBook. Cool. Feels good to me. But did you notice I asked if YOU felt disgusted, and if YOU wanted to drink up sweet blogging freedom, before I promoted ME? This is one secret to promoting your products and services without looking like a dingbat. I helped you by putting the attention on you, making my self-promotion about you and me. We both win. You access a freeing, fun, valued resources and I access an energy we call “money”. Fair exchange, methinks. I never come off as bragging, being boastful or outright being a cocky jerk because I make it about US. See how thinking about everybody, and bringing folks together, benefits everyone? Cultivate your sense of compassion guys; developing this skill helps you go far in blogging, and, in life.

Be Subtle in Sharing Your Accomplishments

Feel free to share your accomplishments if you feel doing so boosts your credibility. But never be a flat out braggart by speaking about yourself in boastful, self-centered, self-serving tones. Why? Doing so turns off folks because braggarts secretly do NOT believe in themselves, and need that facade of boastfulness to even dream of trying to succeed online. Every braggart is broken. Point blank. Even if you achieved immense worldly success and appear to be happy, the appearance is an illusion, as you do not believe in yourself, and people who do not believe in themselves cannot succeed in leading others. Be subtle in sharing your wins. Be delicate in sharing your feats. Humble yourself. Allow other folks to do the bragging so you promote yourself from a relaxed, chill, attractive energy.


Tap those Twitter and Facebook buttons to spread the word on this important topic of self-promoting. Let’s empower bloggers to taste sweet success by teaching them how to promote themselves the right way, shall we?

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