After cruising 36,000 feet above Thailand I realized that flying can dissolve your blogging struggles quickly.

Learning through analogies helps you uncover successful blogging tips. Most of you have probably flown at least once in your life. I’ve been blessed to fly over 120 times during the last 6 years of circling the globe. Seeing these analogies gives you confidence. If you have flown you can apply these same strategies to your blogging exploits.

Flying can make you a successful blogger because 4 lessons learned by sitting in a steel tube 7 miles above ground level translate beautifully to the blogging game.

If you are disgusted with your blogging results or want to up your blogging game by 10 levels enjoy these lessons.

1: You Get Comfy with Being Uncomfortable (First Class Excluded)

Unless you are a first class kinda gal or guy, flying forces you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Even first class types are not immune from encountering bumpy turbulence from time to time.

Tight seats, varying temperature extremes and the occasional “sharp dip and shake” make flying an uncomfortable experience sometimes.

In order to fly without complaining non-stop you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Prospering bloggers get comfy with being highly uncomfortable. These gals and guys do what scares them to grow like a weed. Inspired folks dive into their fears to create videos, to publish podcasts, to guest post on top blogs and to join profitable business partnerships.

Although each prior activity drips with benefits most bloggers feel terrified to venture into these proven blogging strategies. This is why most bloggers struggle horribly.

Over 2,000 videos ago I felt self-conscious, awkward and terrified to appear in front of a camera for the first time. I am no natural. I just learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I went from “deer in the video headlights” to being relaxed and entertaining on camera because I cultivated the skill of getting comfortable with doing scary, uncomfortable things, blogging-wise and life-wise.

2: Being Generous Makes for a Pleasant Flight

Before any long haul flight I like to invite window-seat passengers to use the bathroom at any time. I am an aisle guy.

Being generous makes for a pleasant, peaceful flight as I avoid the nightmare confrontations that arise when 2 rude people engage in a battle royale during long flights.

I help remove luggage from the overhead compartment for older or smaller individuals. I also thank the flight crew on exiting the plane. Bring good energy to your flight. Good energy mirrors back at you through people and circumstances.

Generous bloggers enjoy the ride and becoming hyper successful.

Observe top bloggers like Zac Johnson. He has made millions of dollar online. Zac regularly features top bloggers through his guest posts on high profile blogs. He also partners with successful bloggers and interviews these big dawgs through his podcast.

Generosity doled out returns to you multiplied. Zac became an online icon by being generous.

Publish hefty comments on top blogs. Publish valuable guest posts. Promote other bloggers freely through social media, by featuring them on your blog and by interviewing them.

Be generous for the sake of serving.

Build a successful blog and enjoy the ride while doing so.

3: Scheduling…..Scheduling

After flying over 120 times I have never missed a flight by being late.

My wife and I allow for ample time to get to the airport. We are seasoned vets, knowing how life intervenes. If you cut things close you will miss flights eventually.

Flying regularly makes you schedule-aware. This is not a rigid form of scheduling. Some flexibility exists but it just means you honor your schedule to the best of your ability on flight days.

Rocking bloggers tend to work on a tight schedule. From writing and scheduling posts to devoting time for guest posting and blog commenting to fitting clients into specific time slots these pros treat blogging like a business.

Check your cyber Rolodex. Is your schedule full? It should be, unless you are already raking in a pretty profit online.

4: You Learn the Power of Perspective

Nothing on earth looks quite like being 36,000 feet above terra firma.

Flying introduces you to a stunning, dazzling, pristine world some 7 miles above land.

7 miles below, although the land may look beautiful it is tough to recreate a jaw-dropping sunset or billowy blanket of cumulus clouds building 36,000 feet over the South Pacific.

You quickly learn how a change in perspective creates a dramatically different experience.

Successful bloggers are masters of perception, These dynamos perceive problems through the eyes of struggling new bloggers or failing seasoned bloggers.

The best bloggers create blog posts, videos, products and eBooks from the pained perspective of a confused, overwhelmed blogger.

Cultivate compassion. Then link the pains of your fellow bloggers to their specific problems. Link those pressing problems to pleasurable solutions.

Rock out your blog. Tap into the power of perspective.

Your Turn

What reasons can you add to this list?