No I am not trying to insult everyone, but the fact is, youth holds a lot of advantages when it comes to certain things, blogging being one of those. This article came to mind over the holidays as I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend plenty of quality time with my 2 year old daughter. It is so fun to watch them grow and learn, and for us to experience the little surprises that they hold, when they just blurt something out, and you can’t help but wonder where they learned that.

According to my daughter, my official job title is a “boggger”, which makes me laugh every time I hear it, she walks up as I am typing and says “daddy are you bogging on your compooter”. So although she does not pronounce things as they should be pronounced and her vocabulary is of course not as extensive as ours, she does hold several qualities that would be of great importance to us in the blogging world, here is what I mean.

  1. Rewards and personal gain are of little importance to my baby girl. Just try and offer her something for picking up her toys, it won’t work. Probably because she doesn’t understand the principles behind rewards yet, if you offer her a cookie, she doesn’t want it after she picks up toys, she wants it now or she forgets about it and moves on to something else. This quality would be valuable to us, because often times we become blinded by personal growth and financial gain rather than truly focusing on the here and now, which is most important. I admit that I am guilty of this, it can be very difficult to devote countless hours to a project and not hope or work towards gaining something in return.
  2. Time means nothing to a toddler. This is the one trait I wish for the most, and it is probably the most valuable to us all. I can not speak for those of you in other countries, but here in the U.S. there is never enough time, everyone is in a hurry to get to the next task. Lunches are to short to enjoy them, dinners are often late and thrown together, and of the course the most painful of all, family time is often limited due to the constant battle of work and the common rat-race to accomplish everything. All of these time constraints inevitably overflow into blogging, since they seemingly touch every aspect of many of our lives. This surely leaves our posts shorter than we would like, our commenting and self promotion is at a minimum, but what if some how we could take this absence of time from a toddler, imagine how glorious our lives would then be, without the worry.
  3. A toddler can share their opinions and their thoughts without worrying about repercussion. If their happy, unhappy or just don’t like something they let you know it. We as bloggers often harness our feelings deeming it inappropriate, when in fact our feelings and emotions are often what sets us apart from others in this sometimes un-glamorous line of work. Not everything can be great all of the time, some things are just meant to suck, I guess for a lack of a better word and sometimes you have to let that be known.
  4. Money means nothing to a toddler. This kind of coincides with number one, but is important enough to include in its own here. My daughter doesn’t care if mommy and daddy has money, she doesn’t know the difference, she doesn’t know what money is or does or even why it is of any importance to anyone. This could be so important to us, because many times our decisions are influenced by money. Maybe you are unsure if you should allow this new advertiser, but at the same time your decision is biased because you need the extra fifty bucks or what ever it may be. Money is very influential to most of us and really its rightfully so, after all we do have rent and mortgages, the grocery store doesn’t give everything away for free, but imagine blogging with no concern for the common dollar, blogging would then become about the blog itself and not the advertisers or monetary value.

With all of these in mind, it is important to work toward some of these values. Many new parents are excited about teaching their kids, imagine how much they can learn from you. But sometimes you as the parent need to become the student, because there are so many great qualities that we can learn from them, that will help us in not just blogging but all aspects of our lives.