Tools for bloggers come and go on a regular basis, so there always seems to be something new to try out. This also means that there’s often many tools that go unnoticed because they’re overshadowed by more popular tools. It’s unfortunate that this happens, since it makes it hard to keep up with all of the wonderful tools out there for bloggers.

So, today we’ll discuss 4 useful blogger tools that you may not know about. Even if you do know about them, maybe you’ve forgotten about them and this list will help to refresh your memory.


More than likely, there are times when you just don’t have the time to blog or maybe you’re going through writers’ block. With MyBlogGuest, you can fill in those publishing gaps by using free exclusive content. MyBlogGuest has a lot of features, but my favorite is their Articles Gallery. You can look through it and shop for free guest posts to publish on your blog.

MyBlogGuest - Free Exclusive Content For Your Blog

However, it’s not quite that easy. You do have to send an offer to the author and then wait to hear back and see if they accept. If they do accept your offer, you can then publish (or schedule) the article on your blog.

Do you like to post infographics on your blog? One of the best things about infographics is that they only require a small amount of text (1-3 short paragraphs usually does it). So if you’re in need of a little content writing break or need some inspiration, check out for an interesting infographics and data visualizations. You can also share your own infographics and get free exposure (if you create them yourself). - Infographics and Data Visualizations. – Infographics and Data Visualizations.

When you find something that you like, just copy the embed code and add it to your blog post. Additionally, even has a free tool called Visually Create, that lets you customize infographics in seconds.

I’m sure you probably already have a service that you use to automatically feed your new blog posts to Twitter, Facebook, etc, but I bet that service doesn’t have as many features as It can feed your blog content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, SatusNet and MySpace. - Get your posts in front of more interested readers with Promoted Stories.

Plus has many other features like: real-time engagement stats; integration; Google Analytics integration; it can measure and track your friends and followers across your social networks; lets you add unlimited RSS feeds; automatically adds hashtags to your posts; provides customizable short links; and much more!

SEO Blogger

This awesome tools allows you to optimize your blog posts as you write. The only downside is that it only works in Firefox. This tool sits on the side of your content in the browser sidebar and lets you do keyword research, in order to optimize your content. You can search for keywords, see how popular they are, select them and then see how many times you’ve used them in your post.

SEO Blogger - Optimize Your Posts as You Write

So, SEO Blogger is also great for perfecting your keyword density. This in turn helps to boost your search engine rank and increase your traffic.

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What is your favorite blogger tool?