“What new fact can you reveal about keywords?” Aren’t you mumbling along these lines on reading the title? Well, I do agree that we are all quite the experts when it comes to SEO and optimizing our blogs to the best possible keywords related to our niche. But think again. Is SEO the only way in which keywords can boost your blog traffic? Allow me to do the heavy lifting for you (if you don’t mind). Here are 4 more ways to make keywords work overtime in giving a major boost to your blog traffic.

1) Use Keywords to Monitor Twitter

Bloggers can use keywords to find out what tweets are being re-tweeted the most. Topsy is a search engine that displays tweets related to chosen keywords. You can input your chosen keywords (that relate to your niche of course) and see what is getting the most attention on Twitter. The search results display the tweet, associated link and also the info about number of re-tweets received. Take a long good look at those tweets that received maximum re-tweets.

Use this info to craft your blog post on a related topic for the day and tweet something catchy with the links to Twitter.

2) Use Keywords on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a hub for business networking and there is more to it than just adding LinkedIn users to your connections. If you look closer at the options in your LinkedIn profile, you will see “more”. Click this to see a pull down menu that displays multiple items. Amongst the items is an option called” Answers”.

You can use this section to find answers on any keyword/ s of your choice. If there are any questions that do not have sufficient answers or if you want to redirect LinkedIn users towards your blog, you simply need to chip in with your answer. The best way to do this is to search only for open questions and then answer the question very concisely (within 50-70 words) followed by a link towards your blog post that tackles the remaining details.

3) Use Keywords to Create YouTube Videos

By now, the entire world knows how popular YouTube is. Bloggers and website owners also know how
easily YouTube videos get indexed by the search engines. Make a killer video blog on your chosen topic and upload it to YouTube. Remember to use your chosen keywords to tag the video so that viewers get directed towards your video easily.

Videos that provide real value to viewers without being overly promotional receive the most views on YouTube, so make sure that you provide extremely useful tips / resources to your viewers.

Don’t forget to include a link back to your blog though. You can either put it as part of the video or in the resource box. If your video content is of high quality, your blog will definitely see a rush of traffic getting redirected from YouTube.

4) Use Keywords on Pinterest

Pinterest is our favorite social media website of the year (well if you are not so sure, it certainly is my fav). Most of us enjoy the time spent there, browsing through the images, repining and liking them or posting comments on them. You can put your beloved keywords to work on Pinterest too.

As a blogger, you can benefit hugely by a single but powerful symbol, while pinning images that link back to your blog. Place the mighty hash tag (#) shrewdly before the keywords related to the pin. This simple trick will help other Pinterest users to find your pin easily. Use images that are attractive to entice Pinteresters to click on it and visit your blog. It goes without saying that the images need to be copyright free.


At the end of the day, what each blogger wants is traffic towards his/ her blog. What better way to get traffic than redirecting it from the top 48 most popular and hugely visited sites in the world?

Consider this: YouTube is at # 3, Twitter at # 4, LinkedIn at # 12 and Pinterest is at # 48 on the Alexa rank. Using your keywords to propel a major portion of the traffic enjoyed by these sites, towards your blog is a shrewd way to boost your blog traffic. Don’t you think so?

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This guest post was written by Dr. Kavita, a passionate blogger, expert freelance writer, fledgling online entrepreneur and a compassionate doctor all rolled into one. She enjoys sharing useful tips on blogging, freelance writing and various make money online methods, with her blog readers.