New bloggers; I have worn your shoes. I know what it feels like.

10 years ago I too was a new blogger, wondering what I got myself into. Excited and nervous, happy and worried, my emotions seemed like a roller coaster.

Among this maelstrom I forgot the basic blogging rule: your #1 blogging skill to develop is writing. I wanted to make money and gobble up traffic but never realized the sponsored posts and ad revenue and all blogging money flows to skilled writers who honed their craft after hours of writing practice.

You see endless posts on blog traffic and blog profits but SO few on how to improve writing skills. Cart before the horse stuff guys, because if you cannot write, forget about traffic and profits.

Keep these 4 writing tips for new bloggers in mind.

1: Practice Writing 500 Words Daily Offline

Practice in private. Shine in public. What a simple way to get clear as a newbie.

New bloggers tend to feel deep fears related to their writing skills; doubts why anyone would read their blog, fears of criticism, all that jazz. Writing offline helps you dissolve fears in private, prepping you for public posting.

Write 500 words offline in a Word document. Trash the document. Practice writing and practice detachment.

2: Hit 600-800 Word Posts Maximum

I read many guest post pitches from new bloggers who come in 1000 words too long. Posts are wordy, bloated, riddled with commas and various forms of filler, using terrible words like “thus”, “hence” and other not necessary adds bloating posts. Why? Newbies believe long posts mean better, more valuable posts. Totally untrue.

Short, crisp, snappy, clear and confident posts sans filler mean better, valuable posts. Capping all posts at 600-800 words forces you to:

  • think clearly before you write
  • trim fat
  • cut bloat
  • economize
  • be confident
  • be clear
  • be short and punchy
  • be snappy

Go short. Or go home.

3: Read Wordsmiths

Henneke at Enchanting Marketing displays serious writing skills. Reading her posts feels effortless to me. Mark of a brilliant writer. Follow her. Study her posts. Observe how she uses the minimum number of words to make a maximum point. Wordsmiths know; less is more. Less is powerful. Sue-Ann at Write Mix for Business is another writing pro. Carefully study her posts. Learn from skilled writers.

Watch genuine pros in action. Sponge up their writing mojo through osmosis.

4: Do Not Give Up!

I am hardly a Hemingway but after 10,000 hours and millions of words…..I can write. Far from a purist, I just connect with my readers solely through writing practice and persistence.

Do not give up guys! Blogging feels tough sometimes. Netflix seems to pull you from writing practice, if you attract 3 stinking visitors daily to your blog after 3 months of writing practice and weekly posting. I do not care. Write. Write some more. Keep writing. Practice for years. Newbie bloggers need to pay a clear tuition; practice writing your butt off when tumbleweeds make up your readership. Prunes out greedy, desperate or selfish bloggers to allow passionate, genuine newbies to rise to the top as the rising stars of blogging.


If you can write you stand out from most bloggers. The blogging masses rarely practice writing, churning out a lifeless 500 words here or 2,000 words there for a blog post, not writing again until 7 days from now.

Newbies who run laps around other new bloggers in their niche write like mad.

Follow these writing tips for new bloggers. Write some more. Develop the #1 skill you need in your blogging arsenal. Write!