Paid posts or sponsored posts are one of the best ways to monetize a blog; not just any blog but those with 2+ PR (optional!), good Alexa, DA, PA, reader community, social presence and MozRank.

What are Paid Posts?

Paid posts are basically sponsored posting where the advertiser expects any of the three things:

  • a full-review of their business product/s
  • a link back via author bio
  • a contextual link back

We bloggers charge for this sponsorship. Sometimes we have to write these paid posts to suit the requirement of the advertiser.

Paid Posts


5 Ways to get more Paid Posts

Here are my personal recommendations:

1) Navigate on Social Media Platforms

My personal experience says that social media platforms are the best way to get more paid post offers.

When you are active on social networks, people come to know about your blog/s and it may so happen that someone or the other will offer you a paid post opportunity.

2) Craigslist Listings are Awesome!

In January, I did a little experiment and floated a “paid posts on offer” ad on Craigslist via a US friend to target US advertisers.

Initially, there were no responses. I created 4-5 more ads and floated them. Within 2 days, I had 10 offers for paid posts in my inbox!

They ranged from $50 to $275 per post. I declined and selected some.

The point is craigslist works. Try it!

3) Contact your Guest Contributors

If you have a multi-author blog, check out their bio and see the sites they have linked with your blog.

Most of the time, those sites won’t be theirs. In other words, someone paid them to guest post on your domain.

You can do two things:

  • Contact the guest authors and tell them you’re offering paid posts. The guest authors might get you some $$$ through their clients.
  • Directly contact the owners of those domains the guest authors linked with your blog. Lay down your proposal. If they have more businesses or if you have more than one blog, paid posts will definitely come your way.

If you want to guest post here, check out the guidelines.

4) Paid Posts via Guest Blogging

I don’t have much success with this method but it does work, sometimes. It has so happened in the past that I have received paid posts opportunity from the owners of sites I guest blogged.

Some worked out; some didn’t so you should try this too.

5) Convert Guest Blogging offers into Paid Posting

All bloggers are aware of this situation.

We get guest blogging offers from SEO agencies wanting to post on behalf of their clients. Instead of allowing them to promote their clients’ site for free, ask them to go for paid posts.

It’s worth trying.


A high volume traffic blog can easily make more than $1000 per month in paid posts. All you need to do is think out of the box.

What’s stopping you?

Or, share with me your best way of getting paid post offers. Will you? 😛