I recently published guest post #600 guys on Blogging Tips.

I am not big on numbers; my main intent is to help you.

But I want to share 5 blogging lessons I learned to help promote your blogging success.

1: Numbers Do Not Mean Anything But People Do

I only wrote and published 600 guest posts over the past few years because I did not care about reaching a specific number of guest posts published. I did care about helping people, though.

Caring about people energized me to think of ideas, to write guest posts and to publish guest posts.

If you want to be prolific, be people-oriented. Hold an intent to serve humans and you will become wildly successful in any endeavor.

2: Take Bloggers Along for the Ride

Some days I could not think of blog ideas from my personal experience. But I’d think of an experience Alonzo Pichardo had or some wisdom he shared to fuel my creative energies.

Your blog post idea well never runs dry if you hang with buddies and help buddies and learn from buddies and gain inspiration from buddies.

Take bloggers along for the ride. Help your readers by tapping into their gold mine of experiences while giving your buddies credit with a link and a mention.

3: Face Your Fears

Face your fears guys.

If you want to live your dreams.

Helping people to the tune of 600 guest posts on one site alone forced me to face fears like:

  • is anybody reading this?
  • is guest posting here the best use of my time?
  • what will I write about today?

Of course many folks read this blog and guest posting here has been a wise use of my time and I always found blog posts ideas but sticking around to feel these uncomfortable fears and doubts helps make you more fearless, energized and successful.

4: The Well Never Runs Dry

We live in abundance.

Writer’s block is an illusion.

Fear is an illusion.

After sitting with my fears I eventually nabbed a blog post idea. Every time I decided to sit down and write a guest post I sat down and eventually wrote the guest post.

The idea well never runs dry.

Decide to write and publish a blog post or guest post today. Make a blanket decision to do so before midnight. You will, because ideas and limitless, and because the Universe surrenders to your loving, fun, generous intent.

5: Successful Blogging Is a Marathon Not a Sprint

I recall sitting in Costa Rica a few years ago when Zac invited me to guest post on Blogging Tips.

Amazing to think how years have passed by as I went from 1 to 600 guest posts.

Too many bloggers try to sprint through each day, doing their best to rush to the finish line. But all of these folks burn out while the patient, persistent, calm, energized blogger actually builds more success momentum daily, versus burning out.

I recall creating 1 piece of content daily years ago. Today I create 7-10 pieces of content effortlessly. How? I patiently and calmly developed my blogging skill set over a decade online. I also developed a long term mindset to successful blogging, realizing that the top bloggers on earth took the slow and steady approach to becoming wildly successful.

No way I write and publish 600 guest posts on a single blog if I tried to plow through the process because I would have burned out 60 days into my guest posting campaign on this blog. 2 years later I am still going strong, publishing guest posts regularly because I’m the tortoise, not the hair.

Wrap Up

Take a deep breath guys.

Be patient.

My 600 guest posts on Blogging Tips started with a single guestie.

Take a long term approach to become prolific and to become a successful blogger.