It happens to nearly every blogger at some point. There’s not too much going on in your area of interest and you’ve run out of great ideas “in the bank”. It’s time to write a post, you’re staring at a blank screen and nothing is racing to mind.

While it’s a great idea to find inspiration on the Web, for which our own Ben Spark has some great suggestions, sometimes you just need something now that will be quick, easy and still of good quality.

Well, if you find yourself in that situation, here are five easy post ideas that you can do right now and get a good post up in a very short period of time.

1. The Devil’s Advocate Post

Do you commonly take a single stance on your blog? Do you have a strongly-held belief that you write about regularly? Flip it around. Write from the other perspective listing arguments and view points from that side.

You can offer gentle rebuttals, but the point is mostly to represent the opposing side in a bid to understand it better.

This can be a tricky balance to strike if you have a very rabid following of your current viewpoint, but if you make it clear what you are doing, these posts can be great fodder for comments and discussion. Best of all, since you should be readily familiar with the opposing arguments, you should have no trouble brainstorming or writing this post.

2. The Top 10 (or 5, 7, etc.) List

What is something related to your blog that people are always arguing about and debating? Find it and create a top ten list based on it from your viewpoint.

Even better, the top ten doesn’t even have to be a “good” list, but rather, can be a “top ten worst” list or anything else. It’s just a matter of putting things in order and giving your readers something to think about and debate.

Best of all though, these posts are often great link bait, drawing in readers who don’t normally visit your site. Not only are these posts easy, but they can be invaluable in growing your presence.

3. The How-To Post

Know how to do something others don’t? Describe how to do it. Break it down into easy-to-follow steps and include images or video if at all possible.

Even if you think it is something that most people know how to do already, you might be surprised how many people don’t and might find the post useful.

More importantly though, these kinds of posts are very powerful for search engines and having a post rank high for even a somewhat common “how to” search term is a great way to expand your traffic.

Once again, unless you pick something complicated, these types of posts are very short and sweet, usually only requiring a few steps to explain just about anything.

4. The Review Post

Did you buy something recently? Then review it. People love reviews and routinely search for them when they are looking to buy a particular product, making such posts very compelling for search engine fodder.

These types of posts can be very time-consuming if you obtain a product and use it specifically for the purpose of writing a review but, if you instead write about a product or service you used anyway and are already familiar with, it’s very easy to do.

In short, writing a review can be a fast post that will have a lot of long-term benefit for your site.

5. The Anecdote

Everyone has a story to tell, tell a part of yours. Focus in on just a tiny scene, a conversation or an incident that happened. Keep it short but write in a fair amount of detail to make it more compelling. It doesn’t have to be terribly personal but it does have to relate, somehow, to the content of your site, even if only philosophically.

Though anecdote posts aren’t great link bait or search engine fodder, unless the story is just that good, they do let you connect with your established readership in a new way and can make you seem more human in an age where everyone can seem like a faceless name on a computer.

Bottom Line

If you need a quick post but nothing is leaping to mind and you don’t want to post garbage to your site, one of these ideas might just be the ticket you need.

However, if you have something else you want to write about, I would definitely consider saving these ideas for days where you do need something quick and put other, more timely, story ideas in front of them in the queue.

Otherwise, you just might waste your emergency reservoir of ideas and just find yourself in the same position a few days later.