Webinars are quickly becoming a chosen tool to drive leads, create engagement and initiate a sales pipeline. A 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report talks about specific pointers that made webinars a successful business model for the respondents.

In blogging, webinars could become a valuable method to connect with the blog subscribers, and for creating an influencer persona. If you are interested in webinars but do not have the budget for a paid tool, her are five free webinar recording tools for you.

#1 Ekiga

Ekiga, previously known as GnomeMeeting, is available on both Linux and Windows. It is an open source VoIP softphone app and features the video conferencing tool. The tool exists since 2001. The best part is that the user interface simplifies the usability. The seamless SIP communication and the user-friendly features make it an excellent easy-to-use and safe Webinar recording tool.

#2 OpenMeetings

With OpenMeetings, you can set up conference calls and record webinars. There is no limit to its usage or the number of people participating in the webinar. You can share desktop documents, plus, the possibility to share desktop helps in recording meetings as well. Download, install, and setup the system on your device in a couple of minutes.  The recorded sessions can be downloaded via AVI and FLV files.

#3 Vyew

Some startups use this webinar recording software. Vyew can include up to 10 participants in one meeting. The free version includes the display of ads during the webinar, and for the ad-free version, you need to go premium. The users need to download and install the software before starting off with webinars as it is a browser-based tool. You can host LIVE conferences and work collaboratively over other mediums like Excel, PDF files, PowerPoint, audio, images, and video. There is built-in text chat too.

#4 Mikogo

There are three plans offered by Mikogo and out of which one is free of any cost. Though the tool is intended for non-commercial use, it does have most of the webinar features. Things such as whiteboard, recording and desktop sharing are included. Plus, up to 25 attendees can join the conference and communicate. You can use the free tool for business purpose as well. Participants connect via the web browser, no downloads necessary. You can schedule sessions, and the tool offers IT support.

#5 AnyMeeting

Perhaps one of the finest free webinar apps, AnyMeeting offers a lot of features for free. However, the presence of constant advertisements can be bothersome to many. Those who do not mind the ads bothering their meetings can opt for this easy to use pocket-friendly webinar app which allows a whopping number of 2000 attendees in a single meeting. Other features include video broadcasting, recording, conference call and screen sharing as well, without any additional costs. It is a good webinar hosting platform with generous features which most startups can enjoy easily.

Webinars have become an integral part of business meetings in the modern world. Now meetings do not call for elaborate conference rooms and boardroom drama. A simple click on the computer screen can help in getting the job done. Plus, the fact that it is free is icing on the cake!

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