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5 Lessons Learned from Website Problems



I am a bit confused.

Most of my readers say my blog looks A-OK. Loading in 2 seconds. Rendering perfectly.

A few of my readers note my blog renders poorly – not reading HTML tags – and takes minutes to load if it loads at all.

What gives?

I have no idea.

Right now we’re talking a 9 to 1 ratio of readers with no issues and readers with issues with Blogging From Paradise.

The select few issue readers have not been able to view a proper version of my site for days.

I suspect the issue has something to do with increased blog traffic and/or CDN problems. But we will see.

I am on it with my web developer but want to share 5 key lessons bloggers can learn from site issues.

1: Surrender

I have no idea what to do on the backend because I am not skilled tech-wise. I don’t do CDN or coding or theme stuff.

Although I did some trouble shooting I surrender the nuts and bolts to my developer and readership suggestions.

Surrender site issues. Even as you solve, let go the worry, fear and anxiety about your site either being down or loading weirdly.

If you cannot control something just work toward a solution and know the issue gets resolved eventually.

Ask your blogger friend network for suggestions while your developer works on the issue. But focus your energies on doing something helpful versus worrying about your blog all day long.

2: Believe in You

My friend Alonzo Pichardo endlessly stresses; believe in yourself. Trust in yourself.

I vibe with him because believing in me – and not my site or any influence outside of me – helps me calmly, confidently and clearly address the issue.

Although I feel clear on my site I do not believe my blog is the source of my success. My success sprouts from within, originating in something bigger than me.

Since I believe in me more than anything outside of me, when stuff outside of me appears to be a problem, or appears to be having issues, I am not disturbed.

Sure you may stress for a few seconds when your readers start emailing you with site issues – as I did for a minute yesterday – because you are human but believe in you over anybody or anything outside of you. This helps you see that your success grows from within, not without, and you won’t flip out when your blog has issues.

3: Create Outside of Your Own Real Estate

Have you visited my Amazon Author Page?

Stop by, do some shopping and treat yourself to a selection of my 126 eBooks.

Yesterday a few readers noted my site had issues. I immediately did 2 things; troubleshoot and promote my offsite eBooks and products through videos and articles on 3rd party sites.

I promoted some eBooks on Facebook. No Blogging From Paradise involved, so no site issues.

I wrote a few guest posts and articles on Medium, linking to my eBooks there. No Blogging From Paradise involved, so no site issues.

Create generously outside of your own real estate. Do not get attached to your blog as a critical point in your sales funnel. Be abundant. Ease your suffering when your site is down.

Most bloggers form a heavy, fear-based attachment to their blog and stake 100% of their online success to one site which is foolish and online suicide. Spread the wealth. Share wisdom across multiple channels. When one site or network has issues – namely your blog – your backup sites will serve you well.

Why do you think this is my 499th guest post on Blogging Tips? 🙂

4: Buy Reliable Web Hosting

I’ve had virtually zero issues with my web host over the past 4 years.

Even if the hosting company cannot handle my blog traffic now – which could be the issue – this is no fault of their’s because they’ve done a smash of job handling an increasing volume of BFP traffic over the past year, specifically. If this is the case I simply upgrade my hosting to a premium package of theirs. No big deal.

Purchasing good hosting helps you avoid so many site problems suffered by bloggers who buy cheap, low quality hosting. If your site does have issues you just email support and get a quick answer, as was the case for me yesterday.

If you need to shop around for solid web hosting read this excellent resource at WHSR:

Web Hosting Reviews – The Best Web Hosting List 2018

5: Do What You Can Do

Even though I surrendered doing heavy weight tech stuff I did stay up until 2 AM last night deleting hundreds of images from my media library. I had trashed hundreds of blog posts from my blog 2 years ago but never deleted the associated images from my library.

I also converted all heavy video embeds to links.

I have enough knowledge to know that deleting unused images places less of a load on my blog as does deleting heavy video embeds and replacing with links. So I went that route and my blog is already loading more quickly on my end.

Do what you can do. Just a little bit of research usually reveals that you can help out a wee bit or even a lot more than you initially thought.

Your Turn

How do you handle site issues with your blog?

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Why Do You Want to Publish an eBook?



One subsection of my eBook on writing eBooks is:

Know Why You Want to Publish an eBook

Knowing why gives you clarity if you write to free yourself and to free your readers. But if you write just to make money or to be well know, clarity lessons. Fear invades your mind because you write mainly to get, not to give. Shifting from fear to fun intent-wise just takes a little decision on your part. Small potatoes really. But this shift does feel a bit uncomfortable if you are new to the eBook writing process because you need to face fears. Who wants to face fear? Nobody, really.

But facing fear is one tax to pay for being successful in blogging and life. Ditto for your self-publishing journey. I largely faced fears to be who I am today, although I keep uncovering fears along the way. Part of the journey. I am cool with that. I had to ask why I wanted to publish an eBook about 4 years ago when I went on a tear, but even before, in 2014, I asked why I published an eBook in the first place? Simple. I created a new blog and brand in Blogging From Paradise and just believed having an accompanying eBook would help me be successful. I only had one eBook in mind. I never thought beyond the single eBook. But someone told me I deserved to write another eBook so after my first, I wrote and self-published a second eBook. I caught the writing bug.

100 plus eBooks later, here I am, writing eBooks for years, and now, promoting the eBooks effectively. The why, the emotion I chose in writing eBooks, propels me forward because I do what I do to have fun, to spread love and to help you, largely. One small part of me wants to make money online too. This is OK. As long as it is a small part of what you do, eBook-wise. Moving that money aspect mostly to the side gives me the energy to keep writing and to keep promoting, should I choose to write another eBook. Now I am all about promoting those suckers.

Why did you consider writing and shipping an eBook? Be honest with yourself. Think through your driver. Money? Fame? Sweet passive income stream? Each primary driver saps your energy because money, fame and passive income flow to you years or minimum, months, after publishing your eBook. What do you do during that zero dollar time? Money drives you, but you see no money. Since you lose your motivator, you quit. This is why so many authors fade into obscurity. Poor driver. Sell 3 eBooks, get flustered because you made $4.35 over 6 months, and quit, because money drove you but you made no money. On the flip side, bloggers and authors who choose a fun, freeing intent promote and write every day for their online career because the work is the reward. All else feels like a bonus, gravy, extra, or icing on the cake….including money.

Be straight with your eBook driver. Do not bother writing an eBook if you mainly want money because you quit and fail when money does not arrive. Even in rare cases if you make money pretty fast, you lose your heart and feel bad reaching money goals because we are mainly designed to have fun and help people, not to make money.

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Do You Believe You Deserve Blogging Success?



My friend Alonzo Pichardo sent me an interview recently.

Pay close attention guys; one concept behind the video can be destroying your blogging success. Sure killed my career, for years.

Boxing legend Evander Holyfield went bankrupt, it has been claimed, as of 2012. He lost/spent $530,000,000 USD, 530 million dollars. Allow that idea to sink in. I read how Mike Tyson reportedly went bankrupt after spending/losing over $300,000,000, 300 million dollars. Most of these ideas astound people because we do our best to manage money effectively. I could live 40 life times on 500 million dollars. Anyway, a recent Mike Tyson interview highlighted one reason why he went bankrupt after amassing 300 million. I deeply suspect Evander blew through 500 million largely due to the same mindset. Iron Mike noted how he believed he did not deserve the big bucks. He saw himself as a broke kid from a rough neighborhood who did not deserve money, because he loved fighting for free, and also, clung to the past, keeping the same self image from when he lived in poverty.

If Tyson believed he did not deserve 300 million, the quickest way to get rid of 300 million is to spend like mad and blow the money irresponsibly. Most humans say he is foolish but this is not true; HIS BELIEF SYSTEM ensured he would do everything to get rid of the 300 million he did not deserve…and it became so.

Blogging and Deserving

Do you genuinely believe you deserve $10, or $100, or $100,000 through blogging? Most bloggers do not believe this, so they never make much money. Other bloggers make some money but lose it quickly through poor financial decisions, ensuring that they do NOT keep the money that they believe they do not deserve. Blogging, money or financial conditions have nothing to do with the money woes. The blogger’s belief system concerning money is 100% the root cause behind the problem. Change the deserving issue, and you change the income. Or cling to deserving problems, and keep slamming into blogging financial problems.

I recall not believing I deserved more than 99 cents for an eBook. I slammed into financial issues, sold few eBooks, then decided to face my deserving issues and deep fears concerning money and my self-worth. I eventually rose all my eBook pricing to $6.99, $9.99 and $20. Why? I deserve to sell 7 to 20 dollar eBooks. People buy at these prices – far more than at the dirt cheap prices – because I BELIEVE I deserve to make sales at those prices. Why? I faced deep fears concerning deserving. But if I never faced deserving-fears, I never make the money. Plus I would quickly lose money I made because if I still believed I did not deserve much money, my subconscious mind would find a quick way to lose my money. My belief system creates the experience. Ditto for your belief system; even if your ego does not agree with this point.

Like I say in my eBook:

7 Smart Monetizing Tips for Hungry Travel Bloggers

you may leave your comfort zone if you learn new, scary techniques for monetizing your blog effectively. One scary and uncomfortable tactic involves observing your money limiting beliefs in the light of truth. If you do not believe you deserve money, you never make money or you make money and lose it incredibly quickly. Belief created the experience. You believing you do not deserve money creates the experience. Clear the fears, release deserving issues and money will flow to you more easily. Plus you will keep the money, too. Pure win-win, if you ask me.


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All Bloggers Begin at Zero



“I felt like a famous person had just called my home.” ~ Expert Admirer

“If only this person had known I made $5 the prior month through my online exploits.”

These are the first 2 lines of my eBook:

How to Become an Online Expert with Little or No Experience

We all begin at zero. All bloggers start at zero. Even when some of us see some success, exposure-wise, the money comes later. I had a decent name 8 years ago as far as folks knowing me. Money lagged a bit. My earnings seemed slow to grow. Par for the course. All people who work jobs tend to think if an entrepreneur gets pretty well known, millions flow in. Nope. Money tends to lag being noticed.

Anyway, this vignette from my eBook sums up the concept of this post; every blogger you admire, every genuinely rocking blogger, every super star, started blogging with zero blogging traffic and zero blogging profits. We all begin at zero. Nobody begins luckily with $20,000 or 43000 people visiting their blog daily. I began at zero. Nobody visited my blog. I made zero dollars blogging. As a new blogger, I began at zero and worked my way up, from there.

Gary Vaynerchuk had zero followers on all of his social media accounts as a new user. Ditto for every successful, famous online entrepreneur. We all begin at zero and work out way up, from there.

Never Assume

Never assume successful bloggers walk an easy, simple, fear-free path. Stop it, because we all began with zero followers, zero traffic and zero profits. If you made a penny, have 1 follower and 1 blog traffic aka visit, you are farther along than I was 10 years ago because I was at all zeros, across the board. Do I seem lucky now? Nope. You are beyond where I was. But top bloggers do not assume, or figure top bloggers before them, had it easy. Nope; top bloggers know as newbies that all bloggers begin at zero and start from there.

I did a little assuming myself 10 years ago. I figured top earning bloggers had it easy and never needed to face my fears, pain and struggles. I was right; their fears, pain and struggles were 10 TIMES WORSE. You only reach the top by facing all fears and pains most bloggers refuse to face. I began at zero and faced plenty of uncomfortable moments along the way, to become successful.

You begin at zero, like me. We are on a level playing field on day 1. Do you know what makes the difference? Top bloggers follow their passion, trust in the process and generously help people for free during this journey, working daily, not panicking and seeing the journey through.

We also…..feed the hog.


Blogging Course

I am super excited to join my friend Sue-Anne Bubacz in releasing a fun, entertaining and valuable new blogging course.


Watch the video introduction here:

Blog Hog Grand Announcement with Ryan from Sue-Ann Bubacz on Vimeo.

I’m sharing because it perfectly embodies this “we all begin at zero” type mindset that newbie bloggers should adopt.

We will be walking you through your successful blogging journey; yes, you can and WILL succeed if you learn from pros and work generously. We believe in you, and know success is your right. The key is to follow your fun, to practice simple blogging tips, to develop your emotional intelligence and to generously help people.

Enjoy the video AND the course guys.

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