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4 Pro Blog Tips that You Should Ditch NOW!



Have you ever thought why do only few bloggers succeed?

They know how to blog and more importantly how NOT to blog.

The tips which worked several months ago might not work now and the tips that you follow now won’t work after some time. So always analyze what’s working for you time-to-time.

Here are few pro blog tips that you should ditch to stand out from the crowd.

1. Post daily

Yes, I agree, posting daily works.

But when?

  • When you’ve loyal readers
  • Adequate no. of subscribers (RSS/email)
  • Active community running on your blog (where you’ll notice at least 10+ comments/post)

If your blog is still finding a momentum and when you’re still in the process of building an active community around your blog, don’t post daily!

What to do instead?

Write daily. Post only when it becomes useful and worth bookmarking. Remember that no post is better than a worst/crappy post.

Walk the talk, don’t talk the talk.

If you want something to achieve from your blog, walk the talk. Know what you’re talking about and write from your experience.

One of the best examples I can include here is: Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is the BEST body builder of all the time. Sure, he has made mistakes but he has walked his talk.

2. Write for the people not for robots

This is the dumbest suggestion for anyone who’re into blogging or online business. You must need search engines help to make your blog posts getting a momentum.

Your readers are important, that’s true. But you should also focus on optimizing the content for search engines to get long lasting traffic to your sites.

What to do then?

Write for both. Write for readers, optimize for search engines. You don’t need to keyword stuff your posts.

Let me tell you the secret of getting organic traffic flowing to your sites.. find the potential keywords before writing even a single word on your posts.

Instead of focusing on short tail keywords like ‘commenting tips’, you can rank better for the long tail keywords like ‘commenting tips for beginners’

Make sure your headline carries the potential keyword, followed by sub heads and image alt tags. For a beginner, it’s always better to learn SEO basics.

Here are few more tips to get organic traffic to your blog posts.

  • Write detailed posts with 800 to 1200 word count (detailed posts always rank higher in search engine rankings)
  • Try to link to the relevant posts (be it internal linking to your own posts or external links)
  • If you’re linking to someone, always link to their specific posts, rather than to their homepage. This way there’ll be a pingback to let them know

3. Write epic shit

Most new bloggers will misunderstand this.. epic shit doesn’t mean a perfect copy.

Just write. Create content that stands for something, you don’t need to run after perfection every time.

Moreover in this crowded blogosphere you can’t create truly unique content. The ONLY way to creating epic shit is to find and solve your readers problems and doing it consistently.

Most professional bloggers say this; focus more on creating high quality contents to make your blog go viral.

But do you think it’s true?

Almost every blogger is creating good content on their blogs. How can differentiate yourself then?

How can you make your blog go viral when no one knows that your blog exists?

No doubt, there’re gazillion of readers out there who’re eagerly waiting to read quality content. But you’ll get their attention only when you reach them where they’re already gathering. You need to focus on building a brand and network around your blog to make your content go viral.

Without having a smart content marketing strategy, you really can’t make your blog posts getting more visibility and attention.

Networking is king in blogging. You can’t take quantum leap with your blog by just having great blog content, you should also have raving fans and readers to read & spread that content. So build a thriving network around your blog along with the content creation.

How can you be everywhere?

  • Use blog commenting
  • Guest blogging
  • Video marketing
  • Forum discussions
  • Conduct interviews
  • Podcasting etc

Focus more on networking with others.. be it influeners or new bloggers in your niche.

If you don’t know about your audience frustrations and problems, you should re-think about your content strategy!

You can’t build a better blog in 2013 without providing value to your readers and customers. Analyze your potential readers, find out their problems and solve them on your blog posts. Reach more bloggers in your niche via social media sites and through guest blogging to get more online visibility.

4. Be the first commenter on top blogs to bring more traffic

How dumb is that?

In general, blog commenting won’t bring you much traffic. Blog commenting used to be a traffic generator, but not anymore! Most online people have less span attention, they always prefer skimming through the blog contents. You will rarely notice people reading blog comments on other blogs.

What can you do then? Should you stop blog commenting?

No.. never do that.

Always comment on other blogs to provide some value. Share your views and thoughts, spend some time to read and comment on the post.

95 out of 100 people will notice if you leave long comments. Do you want a better example??

commenting tips

Harleena Singh always spends quality time in writing long and thoughtful comments on other blogs. Every blogger or content writer loves to get insightful comments like that, isn’t it? What’s more important is, they will check out the commenters blog to know what kind of posts the commenters write about. This is surely a win/win approach for both the commenters and the blog owners.

So always spend some time to leave insightful comments on other blogs. Share your thoughts and experiences, ask questions to the author – this way you can build better relationships with other bloggers by harnessing the power of blog comments.

So how can you achieve blogging success?

Break the rules.

Think out of the box. Always strive to improve your blog posts, writing and the way you interact with others.

No matter how busy you’re spend time to share others blog posts, that’s the way you can actually build relationships and trust with other bloggers.

Over to you:

What do you think? Which pro blogging tip that you never care? Please share them in the comments.



A Multi-Millionaire. Ex-Hollywood Actor. Kidding. A Full-Time Blogger for over 5 years. If you like this post, you will like my oversimplified SEO strategies too. Keep hustling!

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Long Term Blogging Success: Co-Creation Not Manipulation



Every blogger who succeeds over the long haul did so through co-creation.

Two blogger met. Two people make friends. Both friends help each other out, for a co-creation, and see greater success due to the co-creation.

I have seen this happen so much in my blogging life over the past 10 years. I befriended Zac many years ago. He invited me to guest post on Blogging Tips. Years later, all the co-creating I did through 800 plus guest posts helped:

  • increase my blog traffic
  • increase my blogging profits
  • increase my DA
  • increase my brand exposure

Think about it guys; all top bloggers make friends with other bloggers, both parties help each other, and we all win. You win, I win, and our fellow bloggers win.

No Manipulation

You will never create long-term blogging success by trying to manipulate people through fear, smoke, mirrors and other silly tactics, because doing so is like building your blogging business on a house of cards. Even the smallest breeze of resistance knocks down the cards, and your blogging business with it. Bad idea.

What do I mean by manipulation? Imagine you write a blog post filled with bold promises of how to make 6 figures a year, telling bloggers you know the way. You share no specific strategies for making 6 figures. Nope. But you do make big, hyped up claims, filling the 1000 word post with some hefty, silly promises. What are you trying to do? Manipulate humans into following your blog, buying your stuff and giving you money. Your intent is to use fear, greed and desperation to GET money from people. Using fear manipulates people into doing what they do not want to do, for a temporary income boost, for you. But again, imagine a house of cards. A barely detectable breeze knocks down the house, and a seemingly tiny detail knocks down and destroys your blogging business.

When I was a new blogger a LONG time ago, one blogger who claimed to be a 6 figure earner admitted he was lying. He disappeared instantly. His blogging business died because he lied about making 6 figures, because he wanted to manipulate people into giving him money.

Co-Creating Benefits All over the Long Haul

If you guest post on other blogs, you and fellow bloggers create helpful content that promotes lasting success. Imagine building a house on a rock solid foundation, on a granite mountain. Wow! That is a serious foundation. Nothing moves that home. Even a decent earthquake barely makes the house shake. This is what it’s like to co-create content with fellow bloggers.

You both create something together – through a shared post and shared domain name – that is good, and leads to something good and beneficial. Fear and manipulation? No involvement in this process. Love and abundance and service, this is it, and this is why you become successful in building a rock solid foundation, and, in becoming a pro blogger.

How Can You Co-Create?

A few ideas:

  • guest post on your blog
  • guest post on other blogs
  • create joint videos
  • create joint podcasts
  • create joint business ventures

Ultimately, you can co-create with fellow bloggers in countless ways. Being creative is your only requirement.

Think of how the co-creating benefits all of humanity. Think of all the people you can help through your co-creation. Put people ahead of your immediate needs and also, bring other bloggers on board to see the greatest impact over the long haul.

Be generous, help people, make friends and gain exposure. Build a viable, long term, meaningful blogging business. Observe manipulative, flash in the pan bloggers come and go. I have seen thousands of these types die a quick death, like moths flying too close to the flame-temptation of quick, easy riches.

Co-create to out last virtually everybody else in your blogging niche.

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Do You Need to Make a Huge Blogging Shift?



Sometimes, you get bogged down with your blogging routine. Routines feel comfortable, right?

But blogging is a feeling game like life is a feeling game. All flows based on your emotions. If you feel really good – first – then you take good feeling blogging actions and over time, with patience and trust, see good feeling blogging results.

Unfortunately, most humans give almost zero thought to their emotions before diving in to a blogging routine. Bloggers believe you need to do something or follow a set routine to succeed, to drive traffic, and to make money. Day after day, year after year, most bloggers follow a routine without giving zero thought to how they are feeling, if they enjoy blogging, if they have fun following the routine, and if they feel detached, patient and trusting in the process.

This is the only reason why as of about 7 years ago, 80% of bloggers never made more than $100 during their blogging careers. If 8 out of 10 humans can not make $100 through blogging over 1, 2, 5 or 10 years, 8 out of 10 bloggers clearly give zero thought to their feelings BEFORE blogging. Feel bad, and you see no money. But those 2 out of 10 bloggers who feel really good make lots of money over the long haul.


Maybe it is time to make a shift, guys.

2-3 months ago I made one shift. 1 month ago I made an even bigger shift; quite huge, for me. But what I did differently made almost zero difference. How I chose to feel marked the big shift, then, I moved into different blogging actions.

For example, I faced some deep fears, felt the fears, and instantly, after feeling pretty crappy for a short time, I felt better and better. Choosing to face fear, clear it, and feel better, helped me see things clearly. I tired of my blogging schedule, my social sharing groups, blog commenting and heavy cross promotion. In truth, I hated it. I did have some fun with each for a while but the passion long left me. Since how you feel before and while you blog means everything, my mindset-feeling shift told me I’d have so much fun guest posting. So as of about 3-4 weeks ago – maybe less – all I do is guest posting because I have fun guest posting and guest posting comes easily to me.

Making the shift involved facing deep fears of failure, loss and struggle. I had to feel the fear of letting go lifeless activities for me – at the time – to clear out the fear, and properly release these strategies, and to move forward so I could feel good, then, decide what blogging actions would feel fun and easy and enjoyable to me.

All shifts happen emotionally first, by your choice. After feeling some muck and then feeling better, you clearly and intuitively feel through the next fun-feeling, enjoyable step.

What About You?

Do you need to make any shifts with your blogging campaign? Or do you need to make one big, sweeping, all-encompassing shift?

Getting caught up in blogging routines feels comfortable, familiar and safe, sometimes. But do you feel good before you begin the routine? Do you feel good working the routine? Do you feel detached, relaxed, trusting and like you are cared for, and prospering, while following your blogging routine?

Be honest to make a necessary shift. If you love following your routine, cool. Proceed. But most humans are taught – me included – to follow some routine (no matter how you feel) to get something, specifically money, so you can avoid failure, struggle, poverty, going hungry, illness, and embarrassment. This is exactly why most humans work jobs. Follow a routine to get money even if you feel really bad or terrible following the work-routine; aka, even if you hate your job and it feels lifeless, or soul-less.

May be time for a big shift guys.

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Why Comedians Teach You a Powerful Blogging Lesson



Last night I saw a funny comedian perform in Atlantic City.

Chris Delia charmed the audience with his silly, somewhat absurd, level of humor.

He also explained how comedians need thick skin to become successful. Humor is a very personal, subjective topic. Some people find some comedians hysterical but never laugh at other comedians. As you imagine, bombing feels terrible to most comedians. At least until they develop a thick skin.

I once read how Kevin Hart often waited until 1 AM to work an open mic. Sometimes he waited until 1 AM and the place closed down so he never got the chance to do his set. Imagine how thick-skinned you need to be to not let that bother you? Is it any wonder why he is now worth $150 million? He became immune to criticism, failure and rejection. As a matter of fact, after developing a thick skin, he likely did not see criticism, failure or rejection.

All those evenings of 1 AM sets in front of 1-2 lifeless people or all those nights of being told to go home at 1 AM after waiting for hours to do his act purged the fear of criticism, failure and rejection from his being. Void of these fears, he rose up to being one of the most famous, wealthy and powerful comedians on earth.

Bloggers Need Thick Skin

I once promoted a course to the tune of 8000 page views before I sold one copy. Did I quit promoting the course? No. I developed a thick skin during the process. I did not see 8000 rejections. I only saw meeting and helping more human beings through my blog. Even during moments when I felt like giving up I trusted in myself and believed in the blogging process. Quitting and failure were no options for me. But in the same vein, I needed to be thick skinned to see through criticism, rejection and failure.

I needed to be aware of opportunity amid the appearance of nobody reading my blog. Toss in being patient and persistent in helping folks during my most trying times and you have a pretty thick-skinned individual.

Do Not Care What People Think

Chris Delia shared how he could care less what people thought about him. He dressed down a few hecklers during the show.

Comedians succeed because they care less about what people think of their acts; being heckled, ignored or criticized had nothing to do with their belief in self and their belief in their comedic style.

As a blogger, give no thought to what people think of you. Guess what? You cannot control your reputation. No matter how long and hard you work in life to maintain a positive reputation, you can never physically control what people think of you. I am largely a nice guy 99.99% of the time yet some people genuinely hate me. I cannot control their demons. Plus I know we see the world as we see ourselves so if someone hates themselves I cannot do anything about that self-loathing.

Focus on yourself. Focus on what you think about yourself because this is the only thing that matters. Being comfortable in your own skin aligns you with loving, loyal followers who appreciate you for who you are. Let go everybody else. Critics form an energetic yoke if you care about their thoughts but dissolve into thin air when you could care less about what they think of you.

Bloggers become successful because these few folks who have thick skins shine brightly in a world of thin-skinned bloggers who fear criticism, judgment and rejection. The few who step it up do wonders because we all want a piece of free spirits who march to the beat of their own drum without caring what people think, say or do, in response or reaction to them simply being themselves.

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