1. Eliminate unused or under-performing widgets

It’s always a good idea to review your widgets and sidebar areas every few months. Sometimes it’s easy for a blog to get cluttered with widgets that you really don’t need. Re-evaluate which ones are the most important to you, and the ones that really don’t need to be there. Do you really need that Twitter widget if you’re not actively posting on the social site? Are the essentials all present and easily accessible by visitors?

2. Update your About page

About pages tend to go a little stale after a while. Remember to review your bio and make changes as you grow. Maybe you have some new achievements you could mention, or additional content to add. Remove anything that is no longer applicable to your blog to keep things fresh. Wonder what your About page should contain?

3. Take a new head shot

Does your blog contain a profile photo of yourself? If so, it’s always a good idea to keep it current. Take a little extra time to snap a new portrait and make sure it matches the vibe of your design. New followers always like to see what a blog owner looks like as it helps to put a face to the writing!

4. Create a new header image or change fonts

A new header image can be a simple design improvement. On my Wonder Forest blog, I created a post all about creating a header image that looks good, even if you have little skills. A new header design can change the entire look of your blog, or just keep it updated. Perhaps all you want to do is try out some new fonts for a different feel, or add some additional graphics.

5. Revise posts links

As you blog, the number of posts you create obviously increases. It’s time to go through your posts and see where you can include links to past posts within the text. Including links in new posts to past posts, or past posts to new posts helps to keep visitors on your site and provides them with an easy way to click through to related articles.

Want to make even more tweaks? Check out my tutorials for Blogger or WordPress.

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