All companies invest in online advertising. This virtual world allows them to better connect with future customers and also to receive a fast feedback. But how far would you go in order to put the business’ name out there? The right answer would be: As far as possible or even impossible.

Today, we will be talking about branded keywords used for SEO-campaigns. First of all, let’s see a simple definition of this concept.

Actually, branded keywords represent nothing more than your company’s name. For example, if I had a company called Daisy’s Flowers, my branded keywords would be Daisy’s Flowers.

So during a SEO-campaign, my company would pay marketers to have the branded keywords like Daisy’s Flowers and variations of them appear as often as possible on the internet.

Now let’s see the reasons why one should invest in such marketing methods.

Using Branded Keywords with SEO

1 – Branded keywords increase the conversion production

There is one thing every manager should know – branded keywords don’t cost a fortune. Actually, this service is really cheap. And in return, it brings in a great advantage for the company – it increases the conversion production.

SEO alone it does not recover all the traffic. It is has been proven that if a company turns off branded keywords usage, competitors start gaining customers immediately. Researchers have shown that competitors’ clicks can go up with even 21% in this case.

So, if Daisy’s Flowers wouldn’t pay for branded keywords, other business will be out there collecting more and more clicks. As a consequence, my company will lose clients and, of course, money.

Taking into account the low costs of branded keywords usage, it would be foolish not to keep them on all the time. The income brought by online popularity is worth paying this insignificant expense.

2 – You can fully control the message

Online environment is very unpredictable. Today, Daisy’s Flowers can be praised and appear on the top of all searches; but tomorrow the company can disappear or can unfairly be associated with disgraceful terms. By using branded keywords, I can avoid this happening.

SEO-campaigns that are employing branded keywords transmit a very clear and strong message. This message is created and controlled by my company. Furthermore, in this way, managers have the possibility of quickly introducing updates, promotions, new products, contests, and so on. It is useless to say that all these official campaigns will cover a pretty large online space. People will see that the company cares about its image and wants to always stay in touch with its potential customers. And when the business gets involved, clients get involved too.

In conclusion, with the help of branded keywords, Daisy’s Flowers can stay on top of the market. My company’s campaigns will be visible and accessible to any internet user. Now, I just have to come up with better offers than my competitors, who are also using this marketing strategy.

3 – Be out there, or others will take on all the clicks

If your competitors use branded keywords, it is mandatory that you use them too. Otherwise, all the clicks will go to their company. As a result, your business will have low incomes, will not be known by the market, and will slowly go down.

People buy what they see out there. It is obvious that if they don’t know that Daisy’s Flowers exists, they will use other service. But my SEO campaigns with branded keywords say that the business can even deliver flowers to customers and dear ones. With just one click, busy individuals can make a pleasant surprise to the loved ones. In this way, online users hear about my company, are attracted by the offer, and react. Now, if they want to steal my clients, competitors have to work harder and come up with more appealing offers.

4 – Dominate the online space

By employing branded keywords, you can control better the search engine results page. This means that the company can choose by what terms it can be found on searches. In order to come up with the best words, marketers must conduct a research process. They should find the most typed in words in searchers related to your kind of business.

For example, I’ve said earlier that Daisy’s Flowers makes deliveries to both the buyer and the one who is meant to receive them as a gift. As a result, I have to introduce this aspect into the branded keywords. Only so, people who are looking for flowers’ delivery services can find my company. So now, the keywords become Daisy’s Flowers – fast deliveries. As you can see, I didn’t have to introduce the word flowers anymore, because this one was already there, in the company’s name (and it will be included in the search results).

5 – Clients expect to see you there

People who already know about your company, expect to see you out there every time they go online. Loyal customers want to be in touch with the latest products, discounts, offers and even ads. Managers should not disappoint them. If these ones don’t receive permanent updates from the business, they will soon find another brand to be passionate about. And losing clients is definitely not an option.

In conclusion, branded keywords are a great investment: they are cheap and bring in more clicks and sales. It is important to use them as to be more visible and better communicate with the clients. Also, don’t forget that loyal customers want to know the latest updates and SEO campaigns with branded keywords are the best way of displaying them.

Michael McPherson is a graduate student from Boston University, freelance blogger and a regular contributor at You may follow him on Twitter.