Why do you struggle to promote your website and earn what you’re really worth?

Maybe you’ve been missing out on these commandments – or perhaps, you don’t even understand what your target audience is looking for.

Over the years, I’ve come to understand that getting quality traffic to your website isn’t supposed to be tedious. What do you think?

If the niche you’re into is your passion, then every activity for traffic generation is expected to interest you.

Of course, you still must work hard to bring the right eyeballs, but your motivation would always be at its peak. And that is a priceless gem!

In this article, I want to show you the 5 simple web marketing commandments.

When you’re done with this, I expect you to take action immediately. Thank you in advance for your obedience. Here are the 5 commandments:


1.      Build a fast loading blog

The first web marketing rule that can help you get more targeted traffic is a fast loading blog. I don’t know about you, but each time I visit a snail-loading blog, I’d click the back button and run away.

When your blog is slow, it can confuse search engine spiders and if they’re not sure of what your subject is about, you’d miss out on organic visitors.

We’ve read several blog posts that talk about speeding up our blogs. But how many times have you done what the author advised? Right now, you can visit your wordpress dashboard, look for plugins that you installed but have never activated or used.

Delete unused plugins and deactivate the ones that are irrelevant to the performance of your blog. For instance, you don’t need to install Yoast SEO plugin and All-in-one-SEO plugin on the same wordpress blog.

Just one of those SEO plugins is enough. Delete one and also reduce the size of your image – you’ll definitely boost your blog’s speed and organic traffic. Discover how to optimize a website fast.


2.      Study your market
web marketing

The first step towards dominating your market isn’t keyword research.

Funny enough, most people start with Google keywords tool with the hope that they would pick up long-tail keywords.

But most of the time, the results you’d get at the end of the day will be meager.

Yes, keywords are powerful and in the third rule, we shall talk about that. But first, you must study your market.

Find out what language your ideal customers are using to find you. Study the desperation.

Get to know the demographic status of your target audience. Are they college graduates or business owners or elites?

Do you know where you prospects and prospective readers hang out? Forums and social media networks might be ideal at this point. Psychology blogs and personal development blogs are good venues, too.

Spend adequate time listening to their words. It’s going to enhance your keyword research and content writing. When you hijack a good keyword and optimize for it, it can send spikes of targeted traffic to you within 24 hours.


3.      Hack your readers’ minds

The best way to hack your readers’ minds is to research the keywords they’re using to find your content.

The major reason why people visit Google isn’t to look for a beautiful website (except on rare cases), but because they’re searching for vital information that can help their lives.

With the information and foresight you’ve gained as a result of market research, you can visit Google keywords tool or use a premium keyword tool to generate long-tail keywords.

I know how powerful this can be, because it’s what I’ve been using to generate keyword ideas for my niche sites.

Before you research keywords and get success at it, you’ve to study your market first. Then use the information – questions asked, answers given and complaints made as your seed keyword for further research.


4.      Take advantage of authority blogs

There are thousands of authority blogs in your niche. What can you do to benefit from the rich, targeted and loyal readers they’ve? I know what you’re expecting me to say right now – become a guest blogger.

But it goes beyond that. It’s good to write quality guest post and sent to them, but how are you going to please the blog owner? Authority bloggers are busy people.

They’re also very smart and could tell when you’re after anchor links and spam. But when you’re genuine and wants their blogs to experience a higher growth, you’ll benefit so much from them.

So, start by cultivating a relationship with A-list bloggers. I got to know Zac Johnson in 2011 because I followed him wherever he goes. When I eventually pitched a guest post topic to him, I got a YES.

And not just that, my guest post stayed on the homepage for 2 days – brought in over 60 email subscribers and 7 affiliate sales at the time. Guest blogging is powerful, but don’t rush into it. Get acquainted with the expert blogger first. That’s where the real juice lies.


5.      Earn authority backlinks

Why is Google updating their algorithm every time?

The truth of the matter is that Google is after authority. You should have seen the handwriting on the wall – right from the first Panda update. Google wants to build a search environment that gives priority to authority.

In other words, when you write content, it should be relevant and accurate – because that’s what experts are known for.

They tell the truth because of their reputation. You wouldn’t expect President Barack Obama to use hype when giving his manifesto.

When it comes to link building, one authority link from a PR4 website would be more powerful than 5 backlinks from PR1 websites.

What this means is that you should publish guest posts to blogs that are active, have social presence and receives comments from people, not robots.

In the eyes of Google, even if you build a link from an authority website, the spider would assume it was EARNED – not manipulated.


Web marketing hacks?

What exactly do you want to achieve with your blog in the next 3 years? Your words, content and actions you take must show your zeal and vision for success.

Stop running after shadows and concentrate on valuable content. Because you can’t GO far in your internet business without quality content. Are you ready to build a successful online business? Take the web marketing course now.