Sometimes something’s are just too overwhelming to avoid. While you start blogging you are too overwhelmed and want to make it the best and earn money out of it. But mistakes you make can be avoided and it is best to avoid them in the initial stages of your blogging.

I have gone through most of the things and here are 5 things I want to ask every new blogger to avoid at the earlier stages of blogging.

Stop Checking Statistics every hour
For every new blog the stats mean quite a lot but why check it every hour? This will not make your stats grow larger. It will only depress or impress you that your blog is doing so good or bad.

Get over it, if you are successful you are if you are not your time will come soon. Stop worrying about traffic.

Setup your statistics service to send you a email about stats every week or less preferably every day. Spend less time on monitoring your blog traffic and do more things that are productive like thinking about new ideas to write about.

Don’t Signup with Too Many Directories

You want your blog to do well, so you sign up with numerous directories and place their icons on your site just with the expectation that they will send you more traffic. Huh.

The only gainer in the deal is the directory itself, you send back links to them they do not send it to your blog. They are the ones gaining more coverage not you. If they were the one’s sending traffic to your blog don’t you think every top blog will sport their badges? They don’t help you they make use of you.

In the first two months of my blogging career I had 25 such badges on my site and they only contributed towards making my blog look cluttered with little or no traffic at all. Today I don’t sport even one.

I do use Technorati and Alexa due to their prominence. Well my blog is a top 10K blog in Technorati and touching 50K in Alexa so I sport those. The difference is that I show off I don’t expect anything in return.

Don’t Abuse Advertisements

It is easy to get accepted into advertisement programs, but it is better you do not abuse them. You may have just started blogging and want to make money, so you send an email to your friends asking them to click on your ads so you can make some money.

Remember such tactics can get you banned forever and you lose the chance of making money when you are established. When I started blogging I luckily made few cents every day but over time I made much more and am happy with the income. Making my first $100 with AdSense took me more than a year but now it is paying me more than enough to keep my blog up and running.

So do not send out that email and ask friends to click on your ads. If you want to make money when your established strictly refrain from such tactics. Money will eventually come, it may take time too but do not do anything illegal to make money out of your advertisers.

Don’t Leech Content

I have seen many new bloggers leeching content and branding them as their own. This definitely hurts your chances of becoming someone unique. If you want to write and make references it is fair and good enough. But copying someone else will make you lose your identity. You will always be writing in someone else’s style.

As far as possible in your initial few months, do not copy or write referencing any other content. Just write in your own style, it will help you in future. Your style of writing is what will set you apart, remember there are millions of blogs and you are one of them. You have to set yourself apart from the others and create a unique style from the start.

Don’t Envy Anyone Else

So what if someone else is getting more attention than you, so what if they are featured on some top blog. Envying someone for this reason is dumb. Remember you will be getting the same attention one day and other’s will envy you too.

So stop looking like a loser that someone else got more attention than you even though you both are the same. Everyone has their time in the limelight and you should rejoice it and not envy on it.

If that was the case why are only handful of the population celebrities, why not all of us? Take it with a pinch of salt and start working on things that will get you noticed. Envying someone else is a loss of energy, in fact you should learn from them and see what made them better than you and try and better it.

Blogging is a experience you can relive and someday you will be giving better tips to other people about it. You will eventually reach that position. Some do it fast others faster.

When I started blogging there was no one to tell me these things but here I am telling you things that should be avoided. Do bash me up in the comments I love both love and brick bats at the same time.