In the past few weeks I have been called the King of Guest Posting and the King of Blog Commenting.

I just write words. I type away at a keyboard. No big deal.

But in the same regard, I do realize that I have cultivated my energy to such a degree that established bloggers see me as some type of dynamo.

I assure you; even though I am 1/4 Transylvanian (my grandfather was Romanian, from Transylvania, Dracula’s home) I do sleep. 7-8 hours a night. I also nap during the day too.

I am not some mindless machine who works 24-7, 365.

I simply have learned to tap into boundless blogging energy.

When you too tap into that same boundless blogging energy you will be all over the place, guest posting and video creating and blog commenting your way into a successful blogging career.

Follow these tips to boost your blogging energy.

Manage Your Energy on Waking

I spend 40 minutes doing yoga, 20 minutes meditating, 30 seconds in an icy cold shower and I also read and meditate on a paragraph from “A Course in Miracles” before I touch my Chromebook or phone.

Here’s why: when you spend 30-60 minutes managing your energy on waking, you will relax, feel more detached and you will blog with love throughout the day.

You will see around, through or above blogging obstacles. Blog post ideas will flow to you on demand. You will know when to work, when to take breaks and success will find you with increasing ease.

Blogging is an energy game. Consider spending at least 30 minutes on waking to boost your energy. Virtually every single successful and happy person on earth has some morning ritual to boost their energy. Both Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss do the cryotherapy and meditating bit too after waking up.

Blog Mainly for Other People (Not Yourself)

Focus on other people’s needs. Not your own desires. Largely, at least.

Something neat happens; you will experience a major energy surge that inspires you to be generous, helpful, kind and persistent, aiding you in helping folks for hours daily across a wide range of channels without looking for anything in return.

When I focused primarily on service versus just trying to survive, I found an unlimited source of energy.

Blog with Love (Not Fear)

Blog to give. Blog to serve. Blog to entertain. Blog with love. Energize yourself.

Do not blog with fear. Fear saps your energy.

Have you noticed how struggling bloggers seem infected with fear? They focus mainly on themselves and their problems because fear drives them to blog, feasting on their energy.

Meanwhile, even if you haven’t seen the appearance of successful results yet, when you blog mainly with love, you know success is on the way and you keep tapping into greater and greater energies each day.

Have Fun Blogging

Blog mainly for fun, not finances.

Blog your passion, not for profits.

I love blogging. I love traveling. The work is really play. The play is the reward.

Whether I make money directly through this guest post – or the 366 guest posts I have published on Blogging Tips – I do not care. I love writing. I have fun writing and helping folks. So I keep writing.

This detaches me from outcomes which energizes me to be as prolific as I can.

Rest Rest Rest Rest

Most nights I get 8 hours of sleep.

Toss in my naps.

I rest. A lot.

I also spend a number of hours daily exercising, chilling, watching Netflix or when I hit the road, enjoying my time in the tropics.

Resting recharges your batteries.

Resting boosts your energy.



Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

How are you boosting your blogging energy?


Are you ready to solve blogger burnout?

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