The white screen of death.

The plug in that screwed everything up.

The theme that broke, all of a sudden, out of nowhere.

Server issues.

Hosting issues.

Tech crises can stress you out. Even if you are a techie-loving, left-brained blogger.

I am allergic to tech. I appreciate the backoffice side of things but have no desire to learn or apply concepts to fix my blog. Nor am I comfortable doing so.

You may feel the same exact way but when the techie poop hits the fan and you feel entirely lost about what to do next follow these 5 tips to handle your crises:

1: Google It

It’s amazing how few folks actually Google search key phrases to get a handle on some tech problem with your blog.

Even if you take no actionable steps through your blog or backoffice it helps to gain confidence and clarity in sharing the problem with a skilled technician.

How you do it: whatever the problem is, simply Google search based on a short phrase like “blog loading slowly” or “screen all white on blog” or “no formatting on blog.” The more you can think and write like a caveman the better, especially with Google placing a premium on semantic search.

Googling the problem helps you convey the issue to the proper parties. Or maybe you can find an easy solution through Google, one that even a tech allergic guy like me could use to solve the problem.

2: Ticket It

Open a support ticket with your hosting company whenever something appears to go wrong on your blog.

Things like:

  • slow blog load times
  • various errors like the 501 error, etc
  • non-existent formatting

The process varies with your host but simply look for a “support” tab or menu, click it and submit the ticket.

The technician will get back to you in a timely fashion.

If your blog has crashed or is offline for more than a few minutes most hosts allow you to add a priority rush on the support ticket so it moves toward the head of the queue.

3: Ask Social Media Friends and other Bloggers

This is one of my fave methods for digging into a tech problem on my blog.

I ask my social media and blogging buddies – via social and email – if they have encountered the problem. Since I have a wide range of blogging buddies I can pinpoint the problem through this method most of the time.

Friends may not be tech experts so I’d run their suggestions through qualified technicians before acting on solutions. Have faith in their knowledge but go to the pros before doing something that could break your blog.

4: Hire a Web Developer

This is the smartest thing to do.

Hire a web developer. Let the specialist handle the issue.

My developer has gotten me out of quite a few pickles in my day.

Work with a pro to outsource, and to make your life easier.

5: YouTube it

Although Googling a phrase may lead you to helpful videos dig a little deeper and vary the length and depth of your solutions by searching on YouTube for intuitive, easy to follow videos which point you in the direction of the problem and solution.

Like the Google tip, in many cases you will get a better handle on the problem so you can convey the issue to your hosting tech support specialist or to your web developer. In some cases you will receive an easy solution to your problem by searching for appropriate videos on YouTube.

Your Turn

How do you handle tech problems on your blog?