A blog doesn’t survive without traffic. Doesn’t it feel awesome to see 20, 50, 100, 1000 of people visiting your blog and praising it for its awesome content. The worst thing is that even if we know how to start a blog, most of us are unaware about how to maintain it, aka, about bringing traffic and retaining it.

5 Ways to Build Blog Traffic

Here are 5 suggested ways:

  • Create a Smashing Bio

A blog bio has two roles: (a) you can optimize it to sell services via portfolio and a dedicated service section; (b) a blog bio encourages reader engagement. When I visit a new blog and I happen to like what I read, its a natural response to know who’s behind that blog and if the ‘About’ page reveals nothing, it will be a huge disappointment and loss for the blog owner.

  • Avoid Self Promotion

One of the reasons business blogs do not succeed that much is because of the propensity to boast or discuss their products and services rather than adding anything beneficial for the readers and consumers. Blogs that are appended to a business website are rarely updated and they tend to be negatively self promotional. Avoid it.

  • Add Pillar Posts

This is an often recommended traffic strategy and it still works, believe. Take any top blog like Income Diary, Basic Blog Tips and this one too, there are minor and major pillar posts to draw huge traffic.

  • Add a CTA

CTA or “Call to Action” is a must have for any blog. You could have a CTA for adding comments, sharing the post or becoming a subscriber. A visitor does not have a “blog map” to know what to do and what not. It is your responsibility to direct the reader and build engagement; therefore, use a CTA.

  • Add Content…More Content

Seth Godin, the marketing guru once said to Geoffrey James, a columnist on Inc.com:

“Comment less, contribute more, retweet none. We need you to be generous, not Dan Rather.”

Even if you are blogging once a week, make the content count. It should add meaning, solve one or more problems and engage the reader. Adding one blog post per week that fulfills these purposes is much better than publishing daily without any returns.


Before you start making your blog pretty and finalizing content ideas, think about how you can draw traffic. Don’t you think?