As I am diving full bore into my eBook promoting campaign I want to help boost your blogging eBook sales with these tips.

Finding the right spots for promoting eBooks feels confusing at times. You want to know where – and how – to share your read to both help folks and to increase eBook sales.

Why write an ebook in the first place? Here are a few good reasons:

  • increase your blogging authority
  • boost your trust factor
  • increase passive blogging income
  • serve your readership

Use these strategies to promote your blogging eBook.

1: Guest Posting

Guest posting is a simple and powerful way to increase eBook sales. Think leveraging; guest posting gives you a platform through which you serve folks and share your eBook freely for a big, targeted audience.

Note; write content rich blog posts, not running eBook promotions. Devote your call to action to promoting your eBook but make the rest of the post about solving some pressing issue.

2: Blog Commenting

Write in-depth comments. Craft 3-4 paragraph, thoughtful, valuable masterpieces. Or at least write 1 paragraph, being genuine, personable and polite.

Toss in a reference to your eBook if it applies. I work in eBook references regularly because a blogging tips eBook works nicely with many blogging topics I regularly read and comment on. Do not make the comment an eBook promotion guys. Just share value, be genuine and work in a quick hitter on the eBook if it feels aligned and appropriate.

3: Warrior Forum

The other day someone on the Warrior Forum noted via private message how he was impressed that Yaro Starak endorsed my eBook. No doubt he found my eBook easily because I link to the read in my sig file.

Share valuable answers to pressing questions on Warrior. Gain some pop by being generous. Be persistent on the network; this ain’t a 1 night stand deal. In time, you will generate some interest on the forum. Just link to your eBook in your sig file then include one clear cut benefit to boost clicks and eBook sales.

4: Quora

Ditto for Quora. Treat the network like Warrior; offer helpful answers aligned with your niche then link to your eBook via your bio. As with Warrior, the more you give freely the more you get on this social network. Big time traffic flows to Quora. Just indirectly promote your eBook by being generous with your time and talent to increase clicks and eBook sales.

5: Snap Cover Images and Promote on Social Media

Note the featured image for this blog; I snapped that image of my hardcover in gorgeous New Zealand. Sharing such images on social media drove my eBook sales by whetting reader appetites. Promote the hardcover version by snapping shots of the hard copy to draw in readers. Share on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

I originally shared the above featured image on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to get some sweet pop.

I converted my eBook to paperback through Create Space but you can do this quickly and easily through KDP Select these days. After converting you need to order a proof copy for a couple of dollars to make sure the paperback looks good. Hold onto that proof copy for branding gold and eBook promoting opportunities.

Your Turn

How do you promote your eBook? Where do you promote your eBook?

The eBook

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