There are millions of blogging tips out there, but you have to crawl the web like a spider for a whole week to pick the best. What if I can show you 50 of the best blogging tips from the experts. Did you say 50 tips? That’s going to take a whole afternoon to read. Wait, what if I said it’s an Infographic that is easy on the eye. Sounds interesting you say…

What if I told you the tips are from expert bloggers like Pat Flynn, Jeff Goins, Amit Shaw, Ana Hoffman and Corbett Barr who are the celebrities of the blogging world? Enough said, check out this Infographic by Cent on which lists 50 Blogging Tips by the Experts.


Reading an epic list of tips like this gives people goose bumps but they don’t last long, do they? If you want it to last long then you need to do something with the tips. The worst thing to do is ‘I will get to it later’ and forget about it. The best thing to do is to create a list of things to improve in your blog. Add items that are applicable to you. You see some tips have consequences, like adding a Facebook like button, which is an awesome idea but it may increase your page load time. If you are a professional blogger you can get technical help to implement this, otherwise make sure you test these things out. Guest blogging is a great way to build authority and traffic but what are its pros and cons? So pick and choose carefully and don’t try to bite more than what you can chew.

Here are some bonus tips only for readers:

– Have a test site & auto backup – Have a test site to implement new plugins and updates first. This is also good backup site with all your settings and plugins, just in case. Remember to auto backup your site. Use a plugin like BackWPup to backup to DropBox. It’s safer in the cloud as they say.

– Set aside some time every week to read and learn – A minimum of 4 hours a week is recommended for new bloggers. You don’t want to be left behind or obsolete.

– Run your blog like a business – Record everything from income to expenses every month. This will also help tax time.