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6 Crucial Automation Tips for Bloggers to Follow



Automation is changing the online marketing landscape. Brands are reducing dependence on manpower and minimizing the number of errors.

Bloggers are not left out. Automation has a lot to offer them. Automation is modernizing blogging platforms. Social media integration, avoiding common blogging mistakes and content curation are now easy for bloggers, thanks to automation.

To get the best out of automation, bloggers need to follow a few tips.

Audience identification

Using automation for the right purpose will give you the most optimized result. For bloggers, the most important thing is acceptability. Writing for the right audience can make them more acceptable.

Automation can help them spot the right audience. Automated blogging platforms have built-in analytics that goes for a headhunt and identifies the audience from social media, consumer referral sites and email lists.

Here’s an example:

You blog on automobile. Your audience are automobile enthusiasts, automobile buyers and ordinary people with interest in automobile. Blogging automation tools can skim through social networks, online forums and other places to find potential audience for your blog.

The more advanced a platform, the better it works. Cutting-edge automation platforms can inform bloggers about what kind of content audience wants to see, thereby increasing the odds of carving a niche reader-base out of them.

Customize the subscription message

Automation arms you with audience details. Taking advantage of those details, however, depends totally on you. The best way to harness the power of audience demographic and behavioral info is drafting customized messages for newsletter subscription. As new visitors sign up for newsletters, the readership increases. But convincing visitors to subscribe is one hell of a task.

Neil Patel suggested some guidelines in his blog. Common guidelines are leveraging QR code for mobile, keeping unsubscribe option open, using catchy texts, etc. While automation takes care of all these, it helps the blogger customize the message as well.

For example, a French reader may want to see “Bonjour” in the beginning of the subscription message. Often, automation tools come with newsletter templates. Such templates show a list of personalized messages to choose from, making the work easy for the blogger.


Social Media and Email Automation

The beauty of blogging automation tools is they unify social media marketing. Instead of marketing individually on each network, the automation platform/s allow bloggers to optimize their presence on different networks from a unique dashboard.

One mistake that many bloggers make is they subscribe to the free version of the automation tool. Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, GetResponse and Hubspot offer cool features, but to avail them, one needs to subscribes to the premium version.

  • Hootsuite offers a 360° social media marketing solution. You can add 35 social media accounts to your Hootsuite dashboard and administer all the activities from a unique and consolidated platform.
  • Buffer app gives you almost all the benefits that Hootsuite offers. In addition, it has a feature called Power Scheduler. The feature lets one schedule the interval during which social media and blog posts will appear through weeks or months. Buffer’s built-in analytics is great and has apps and extensions.

The following two options are perfect for implementing automation into your business.

  • Getresponse supercharges your email marketing efforts. The tool has a visual workflow editor with drag-and-drop feature enabled. Its cutting edge open and response rate tracking along with affordable pricing attract customers.
  • Hubspot requires no introduction. Marketers are familiar with it and its variegated functionality. CTA design, landing page design, analytics and lead management are the strong areas of Hubspot.

Some key benefits of social media automation for blogging are

  • Identifying the right time to post
  • Targeting different users on different networks
  • Tags and filters

Because automation tools come with state of the art built-in analytics, these tools can identify the most optimized time to post. Not all users are equally active on all networks. Some are more active on Facebook while others prefer to be active on Twitter. Automation can identify those users and reach them when they are on the network of their preference.

Email drip campaign

It’s like newsletter subscription automation, with a few extra complexities. Since bloggers don’t sell anything (they do, but the purpose on the surface is to grow their reader-base), they have an easy time communicating with the email list subscribers.

A drip campaign automates the whole email marketing process. To take its full advantage, a blogger needs to:

  • Write clickbait headline. He’d get suggestions from the automation platform itself.
  • Select the best posts on his blog. This selection cannot be made in automated ways. It should be done manually.
  • Put links of those posts into the email body. It’s like advertising. In other words, giving people a convincing reason to visit the blog.

A drip campaign is especially useful for product-based sites that have a blogging page. The blogging page remains instrumental in list building and automation turns the prospects in that list into customers.

Curation screening

In one of my earlier posts, I discussed the benefits and challenges of content curation. Automation makes it easy to overcome the challenges.

Curation through sophisticated tools is more effective, less time-consuming and 100% goal-driven. Automation tools simplify the curation process. The benefits of curation screening are:

  • The blogger is suggested the most suitable content for curation by the software.
  • The tool helps the blogger speculate the possible reaction from audience to the curated content.
  • The tools make it easy for bloggers to add commentaries, either in support of the view in the original content or opposing it.

The reason automation tools work so well is simple – curated content is found mostly on social media and we’ve already discussed social traffic is monitored and analyzed by those tools.

Hence, blogging automation ensures a blogger gets access to the best content for curation.

Lead scoring

This is a vital part of blogging automation. We know there are several benefits of using marketing automation. The benefits include gauging a person’s likelihood of becoming a loyal customer or at least a subscriber. Both personal and corporate blogs can harness it.

Based on onsite interaction, social media interaction, peer-to-peer interaction and email replies, the automation tool assigns a score to a lead. The lead score is a reliable indicator of the campaign’s progress.

A blogger needs to keep pace with the automated system. If someone is assigned a high lead score, then he needs to pursue that prospect quickly. The campaign’s virality and engagement score normally stay in sync with the lead score. When engagement and virality score increase, so does the lead score, indicating the campaign is on the right track.

It is then when the blogger needs to engage himself in drip campaign and other methods of converting the lead to a loyal customer or a dedicated reader, who’ll keep visiting the site and recommend it to others.

Summing up

What we see here in this article is automation can help bloggers, but not unconditionally. The bloggers need to be active themselves and aggressively pursue the leads and analytics information provided to them.

The creativity-automation combo can result in success.

William Johnson belongs to the most creative field of digital media: web design! Currently, he is obsessed with the latest trends in e-commerce development, search engine optimization techniques, and social media analytics. He has been a regular contributor to leading online portals such as SEMrush, SmallBusinessTrends etc.

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What Is Your Blog Post Publishing Frequency and Why?



From time to time, assess how frequently you publish blog posts. Ask yourself why? Sit. Wait for an honest answer.

I publish 4-5 blog posts daily. Sometimes I publish 6 posts. Why? I share oodles of helpful videos, podcasts and articles but on a deeper level, I intend to get my 124 eBooks in a billion hands or more. Yes; I wrote and self-published 124 bite-sized eBooks. Publishing 6 posts daily allows me to promote 6 different eBooks daily on my blog. I also publish 3 or more guest posts daily to share value and promote my eBooks in more spots. Note; that is 3 or more eBook promotions, in addition to all of my eBooks I promote on social media.

Promoting 124 eBooks daily is no joke. I needed to raise my vibe, practice writing and video and podcasting and get clear on upping my post frequency to drive traffic and business through an approach. I see my blog more as a high volume, blogging news portal, like CNN or Fox News, and less a blog for publishing weekly and leaving it at that. Hey; that is just me, though.

You may be different because all bloggers hold different intents and vibe at different frequencies. Imagine blogging once monthly. Today, you set an intent to publish 5 posts daily between videos, articles and podcasts. Seems foolish, right? Few humans make this quantum leap without putting in years of writing practice and also giving substantial attention and energy to energy management, or, mindset work. Never raise your blog post frequency from energies of fear and delusion; burnout and failure await.

But do bump up frequency if it feels fun, relaxing, prospering and generous to publish more frequently.

On the flip side, pull back on blog post frequency if your current schedule feels heavy, tiring, exhausting and overwhelming.

Only you know how frequently you post and why you post at that clip. You know the honest answer. Be straight with yourself.

Optimal Blog Post Frequency

None exists.

Follow your fun and relaxation.

What feels really good and fun and relaxing, but maybe a bit uncomfortable, to you? Run with it. Daily? Awesome. Weekly? Cool. Twice daily? Great. One post, one day, and 3 posts, the following day? Why not? If readers enjoy your content they read your content, keeping up with what they can keep up with. Trust your gut.

I advise publishing at least weekly in most cases unless you publish a long form post monthly ranking well on Google, genuinely knocking folk’s socks off. Why? People forget you as you vanish from the stream for a month at a time. Blogs are news portals for your niche. News should not be published monthly. Weekly at a minimum works fine for news updates.

Making Money and Frequency

In my eBook:

How to Find Buyers Online

I break down how you find buyers for your business online.

Pondering post frequency, money flows to frequent posters and less frequent posters. Everything money-wise depends on your clarity with receiving money and following your frequency strategy because your energy dictates your income. Feel good, and at peace, and relaxed, about your blog post frequency. Success will find you based on your money energy and life energy, independent of your blog post frequency.

Do the inner work and the outer results expand freely and easily over time.

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Blogging Income Tip: How Do You Feel about Money?



As I promote my eBook:

11 Techniques to Conquer Anxiety

I ponder one massive source of anxiety for most bloggers: money. Most of you grew up with money limiting beliefs. Money does not grow on trees. Money is not easy. Money is hard to get. Money is scarce. If you want money, get used to owning and facing each money fear because blogging full time requires you to work for free, generously, for a while, and no human with money fears works for free. All humans clinging to heavy money fears only work for pay. What is working for pay? Jobs. Working for someone allows you to get paid for every hour you work because being employees guarantees payment, per work, per your contract.

Guess what? Blogging is a different animal. Nobody gets paid to be an individual, business-owning blogger because blogging is a business. Business is about building something to boost skills and exposure to where your streams of income yield cash for you. Complete 180 from being an employee because you need face money fears, release fears, and proceed from a generous energy to gain skills and exposure enough to earn a full time income through your blog.

How do you feel about money? Does money feel scarce to you? Do you fear running out of money? Be honest guys. Being straight with yourself allows you to make money because before you make money through your blog, you need to face, feel and release money fears. Why? You never move into actions required to make money being burdened by the heavy fear of losing money, a yoke that saddles most of humanity.

I have noted how Gary Vaynerchuk did 2000 YouTube interviews before he began to get major media and TV coverage. He worked for free for 2000 interviews because he was not burdened by the terror of losing money, vibing abundance and generosity and trust. Most of humanity is so scared to lose all of their money that they never give one interview for free; these people work jobs to guarantee they get money for what they do work-wise, but sacrifice their fun and freedom in the process. You cannot live your dreams through blogging if you have no vision for the future and you cannot create a vision if you feel weighed down by the fear of money loss. How can you dream big dreams if you secretly feel terrified to lose it all? The fear of losing it all dominates your mind, body and actions so you will just work a job to get money and you will treat your blog casually, because your blog does not yield money, like your job.

Of course, your blog does not yield money because you vibe a poverty consciousness and poverty-vibing folks never do the generous giving – working for free, for a sustained period of time – to position themselves for success, a’la Gary Vee and his 2000 YouTube interviews. I have written and published nearly 1000 posts on Blogging Tips. Nobody paid me directly for writing and publishing these posts but the traffic and links and money I gained indirectly through these nearly 1000 posts helped me live a neat life. I began giving generously the moment I faced my money fears.

Expect to do the same if you want to live your dreams through blogging.


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What Few Bloggers Understand



I live a pretty sexy life. I have circled the globe for the past eight years through blogging. Pretty cool, right?

But my blogging duties are seemingly mundane, not too sexy at all and in moments, quite boring. I genuinely love blogging. I have fun doing what I do. But I am also a human being experiencing a wide range of emotions on an hour to hour basis. Sometimes, I just want to go to sleep for a little bit because I feel tired and a bit bored with the blogging process. But if I intuitively know it is time to write a blog post I just write the blog post. In these moments, blogging feels boring and mundane and plain and not too sexy. But doing the seemingly mundane things in boring moments lays the foundation for living a spectacular dream life through blogging.

Few bloggers understand this basic fact of sometimes boring activities laying the foundation for a spectacular dream life. Most bloggers believe I do exciting, inspired and amazing things all day long to live an amazing life. This is 100% not true and nothing could be further from the fact. Blogging is fun for me most of the time but sometimes blogging feels boring. Even when blogging feels fun I am not doing anything earth-shattering or jaw-dropping anytime I write and publish blog posts and comment on blogs and promote one or all of my 100 plus ebooks. Does tapping a retweet button and sharing one of my eBooks on Twitter seem earth-shattering? Nope. Simple. East too. But few bloggers understand simple blogging activities lead to great blogging success.

Most bloggers believe you live your dreams through blogging by trying to knock the ball out of the park with viral blog posts and partnerships with the top bloggers on earth. Nope. You live your dreams by simply publishing helpful content, building friendships with top bloggers by being generous and asking for nothing, and by opening multiple streams of income from an abundant, trusting energy. Each of those steps is simple to put into action but sometimes taking each of those steps feel scary or highly uncomfortable. Nudge through the fear. Take the step. Simple, generous actions eventually lead to spectacular results because all meaningful blogging ventures begin with simple, generous actions. Do not believe top bloggers hit home runs everyday. We hit singles again and again and again and again for 10000 to 20000 hours until all those singles add up to something dazzling over the long haul.

Think in terms of tiny impressions made multiple times daily. I could have tried to write a viral guest post on this blog 3 years ago when I first published posts here. But I just chose to do a solid job writing a simple post some 900 times. Now I have written and published 900 + guest posts on this blog which means on a single blog alone I have 900 links or more, based on the ebooks of mine I link to as well. 900 + links leads up to something pretty sexy and spectacular but it was the simple, generous actions I took daily over 3 years of my life that led to the stunning long-term success. Blogging is doing simple things generously for hours daily for years of your life to build something special and meaningful.

Never believe that top bloggers hit home runs every day for a few weeks before they made it big. Anybody who makes it big does seemingly little things with love and generosity every single day over the course of years of their lives. Imagine 10000 to 20000 hours of doing simple things and you get an idea of what it takes to live a spectacular dream life through the medium of blogging.


Do you want to make money blogging?

Buy my eBook:

How to Build a Profitable Blog from the Inside Out

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