Stop Telling Me About Your 6-Figure Launch!

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I’m pissed off.
If I see one more blogger telling you about their $234,500 launch, I’m going to scream!
I get so mad when I see popular bloggers sharing info from their latest “$450k launch in 14 days” or posting an income report (who thought that concept up?) saying “my launch earned about $275,000 in revenue with 419 sales”.
It’s SO unrealistic to compare yourself and your newer blog to experienced bloggers that have blogged for years.
And it doesn’t motivate you. It just makes you feel crappy.
Do you know what misery is?
Misery is comparing yourself to other people.
Whether it’s a younger woman’s great skin when you’re in your fifties. Or the 6-pack abs guy when you’ve just started going to the gym.
[socialpug_tweet tweet=”Reading income reports also creates misery.” display_tweet=”Reading income reports also creates misery.”] You are NOT doing anything wrong. Those experienced bloggers have a team – a copywriter, a virtual assistant (or two), a launch manager, an affiliate manager, etc. They can have, what I call, a Rocket Launch. They have tested their idea with their audience, have built a big list and are ready to rocket their income.
All you want to do is just make money – reliable, consistent money.
$1000 a month to start.
And down the road, $4k to $6k a month.
That’s realistic. You CAN be making a full-time income in less than a year with your blogging business.
This is how it works…
Instead of a Rocket Launch, I want you to have a Pocket Launch™. I’m a huge believer in having a tiny launch to a small portion of your list when you are just starting out.
This is how it works:

  1. You need to have a blog with at least 3 posts, an About Page and a Contact Page. (if you don’t, check out my Website In A Week experience).
  2. You will have already started collecting email addresses from your blog visitors and have the beginnings of an email list.
  3. And (key step) you solve a problem for your readers.
  4. Then you can do a Pocket Launch™ to part of your email list, just like I teach my clients to do.

Definition of a A Pocket Launch™: It is a tiny launch where you sell a new offer (your product, eBook, course, freelance service, or coaching) to your hyper-loyal fans (people that are either open all your emails or that you have connected with on social media).

When I did my first Pocket Launch™ 5 and 1/2 years ago, I had 324 people on my list and made $5,400 in a week.
When my client Jaime did his Pocket Launch™ last week, he made $5,825 from getting just one new client. When Eli did his Pocket Launch™, he made $2,500 in just one month.
The Pocket Launch™ lets you test your offer to make sure:

  • It solves an important problem for your potential client.
  • It is what your potential client really wants and they will take out their wallet, buy it, and become a client.

Then you can grow that offer. You now know the offer works and people will pay you for it. Now, expand the offer – teach more modules in your course. Create more chapters in your eBook. Or raise the price of your coaching since now you have had clients and can put some testimonials on your website.
And then when you launch that offer again, you can make close to $7,000, like my client Shannon. Or $14,500, like I did on my 2nd launch.
Let’s be realistic.
A newer blog doesn’t make $7k in its first month. But your blog can make $1,000, then $2,000, then $5,000, growing your income consistently and reliably that first year.
And that makes you a very successful blogger.

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