The line between journalist and blogger in our time is almost worn off. Any journalist who leads a column in the online edition can, in fact, considered himself a blogger. Just like the last one, publishing notes in a personal diary about actual things and events is quite suitable for the description of a certain independent journalist. Blogging, of course, came later than journalism, so some tricks can be learned from it. In this post you will know about 6 secrets from journalists which can help you to create more content, and be useful for attracting visitors.

Use Attractive Title

Journalists know how to write headlines that intrigue the viewer and trigger a desire to read the article. Focusing on the header (tag title), you need to learn how to make it interesting for the readers and search engines. All this, of course, will take time, practice and experimentation. Use metrics statistics Yandex, Google analytics or Liveinternet for analysis of the popular search queries. Consider the comments and observations to your posts, as well as publications in social networks, to gain a better understanding of what your visitors are interested in.

Pyramid Principle

Journalists write using a principle called “inverted pyramid,” where the most valuable information contained in this article, and as you read the article, the content is becoming less and less important. The goal of this method is to show readers the most important moments of the article once and then they can choose whether they want to continue reading to get the minor details. Basically, if they do not read anything other than the beginning of the article, they should still be able to walk away knowing that at the bottom of a lot of interesting.

Write Text which Motivates

In journalism, motivation is the key element. This is usually the first few sentences or the first paragraph of the article, which tells the reader the essence of history. These proposals should intrigue the readers enough to motivate them to continue to read beyond the first paragraph. This technique is worth it to spend a few extra minutes to make sure that you have written enough motivated beginning of your post.

How to get More Interest in the Article

Journalists know how to interview people and get interesting quotes that make boring articles are much better readable and interesting. Some authors specifically allocate these phrases in the text in order to focus on the most important points. Anyway, interview format in the blogosphere is quite popular and “good works.”

Use Productive Tools

FocusWriter. This app is free, easy to use and has clients for all desktop platforms: WindowsMac, and Ubuntu. This is one of the representatives of minimalist editors which cut off all the excess so that you are focused only on the text.

Write! This app is the perfect app for working with text. The program includes all necessary functions for the blogger, journalist, and writer. In creating this application, the developers have taken care of the comfort of the user. Now to create your masterpieces has become much easier.

Poetica. If you cannot edit the text without the usual pencil, Poetica can simultaneously satisfy and improve your habits. With this service you can make notes with a virtual pencil directly in the browser.

Day One is a service for the diary. The writer is very important to write down your ideas whenever they appeared. Day One allows you to do it, as available on mobile platforms. Then all information about where and when was created can be viewed on your computer.

How to Find Exciting Stories

Journalism assumes the hunting for interesting stories. Almost all journalists have the address book with contacts that help them to be the first reporter on the spot where there was an interesting event. With the rapid growth of social networks, thematic and professional communities and forums on the Internet search tools of journalists have increased. They following the news of the leaders of certain subjects and professions on Twitter — for this purpose they reviewing certain related hashtags. Bloggers are also need to be aware of what is happening in the blogosphere.

Bloggers and journalists are always in need of useful information that will help them to become more successful in their business. Use in your activity advices you have read in the post. According to these 6 secrets, you will write more productively, and your texts will be more efficiently. Create your perfect blog post.