One day or other, almost every blogger have nothing to write on a particular topic on that day. What if you face this when you must write something? If you are a freelance writer, you have to keep up the deadlines and what if you don’t know anything to write? Here are 6 places where you can look for content ideas both for your blog and even for the blog where you freelance:

1. Forums

Forums are the best place where you can find many topics to write on. In my opinion, forums can give you new content ideas for at least 2 posts a week. When I started as freelance writer, I had to write many posts that I hunted in forums for content ideas. There are forums for almost every niche. Go to Google and search for “(your niche) forums”. If you blog about internet marketing then do a search for “internet marketing forums”. Join many forums and look out for content ideas.


If you have your own blog and get many comments, one or two of them will turn out to be a question. Note down these questions and blog about it when you are not getting any content idea on a specific day. Darren used to have posts called Reader Questions a couple of months back. So I learned the idea of generating content by reading the comments from Darren. Answering the readers’ questions with a link back to their blog will increase your popularity amongst your blog readers leading to increase in subscriber count.

3. Email And IM

In my previous post I said “Chat with a blogging friend in IM and you will get content ideas”. I have indeed got many content ideas after having a chat in IM or by exchanging mails with my friends. I have also seen bloggers stating in their post that what they have written is inspired from the IM chat they had with their friend.

4. Social Websites

Social websites give a kick start to writing a blog post sometimes. I browse through StumbleUpon everyday for at least half hour. I read 25+ articles everyday and few of them turn to be an inspiration for me to write a post. I prefer StumbleUpon because the quality of articles being promoted by users. If you are a Digg fan, then browse Digg everyday and find content ideas.

5. Archives

Again, if you have a blog, then take a look back at your archives. Read the posts which you wrote a couple of months ago and recycle it. You might have written an excellent article and it would have gone unnoticed by readers. These posts needs some kind of appreciation. So modify the posts and write them. Surely your blog’s new subscribers wouldn’t have read that post.

6. Technorati Tags

If you go to Technorati and look at their popular tags, you find many keywords. Try to write articles related to that tag. If the single word is not helping you in any way, then use a keyword tool and enter the tag. You will get many modified versions of the keywords which might be of help to you.

How do you find content ideas for your blog when you have nothing to write? Do you search at forums? Which is the single best way that has worked for you?