6 Ways To Overcome Mental Blogging Blocks

By: | Updated: May 14, 2021

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You’re starting a blog, the process can sometimes be frustrating. You may sometimes find yourself sitting there with your hands on the keys and a blank text area wondering what to write about.

It’s happened to all of us and isn’t fun! Writer’s block (or blogger’s block in this case) is a common problem that we all tend to face at some point or another. 

Getting stuck is something you can easily overcome with a few tips.

Step Away

Get off of that keyboard and go do something else for a while. Thinking too much about a topic often leaves us more frustrated than when we first sat down. Nothing seems good enough, nothing seems like something you’d be interested in writing today.

Try to clear your mind and focus on something different, be it another creative activity or exercise. Both actually do help in getting those creative thoughts flowing again because you are able to just let your mind go.

Keep a Notepad Handy

If you can get into the habit of carrying a notebook in your handbag, your car, or wherever else you tend to keep things, it can come in super handy when those moments of inspiration strike.

Having a list of ideas on hand for those times that you are struggling can be a life saver!

Find Your Writing Time

There are different times of the day that our inspiration flows freely and it’s up to you to recognize when those are! Is one of them in the morning when you first wake up? Or is your brain spinning with ideas at night before you go to bed?

If you can make note of these times mentally, you can be prepared to write down your thoughts when they come.

Read Something

Grab a magazine and get comfy or pull your favourite book off of the book shelf. Letting your mind get lost somewhere else in words or photos that are not your own can be refreshing. Flipping through a magazine can inspire tons of new ideas alone.

Start Topics As Drafts

I’ve started doing this recently and it has helped me so much! If I think of a name or an idea for a blog post, I will open up WordPress or Blogger and just fill in the title of the post. I’ll save it as a draft and come back to it later when I have more ideas about the topic.

Sometimes I will start making an outline for the post as well that I can jump right back into when I am having a little downtime. At times, I will have a dozen or so drafts like these created and waiting for me to finish in my dashboard.

Start Writing

Yep. Start writing. Just do it. Write anything that comes to mind, even if it doesn’t make too much sense. Tap into your thoughts and put them onto paper. You might just spark an idea for a post based on what you were thinking at that moment.

How can you take what you’ve written and turn it into something that others might find valuable or interesting? Still struggling? Let us know where you’re stuck by dropping us a comment below.

by Brett Helling
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