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6 Ways to Promote Your Amazon Kindle eBook Effectively





After writing and self-publishing 100 plus eBooks for Amazon I want to share my eBook promoting tips with you.

As you may know by now, bloggers can establish a steady passive income stream through self-publishing eBooks to Amazon Kindle.

Super branding opportunity too.

If you have an eBook – or 100 – in your library folks tend to do a double take.

Authority builder.

Amazon bends over backwards to promote authors.

But you need to do a little legwork to spread the word too.

In a high energy, abundant fashion of course.

Because desperately pitching your eBook without a sound strategy will scare off sales.


Hey You! Come to SPA!


When my wife Kelli and I lived in Hoi An, Vietnam, we spotted a young, sweet but kinda desperate woman screaming at us as we rode by on motorbike.

Every day she would yell:

“Hey you! Come to spa!”,

to pitch her massage business.

She did land a client in Kelli but mainly because the place was close to the house we rented.

5 more blocks into the center of town and we’d have smiled but ignored her.

Only because:  desperation repels and confidence attracts.

Keep this story in mind as you write, self-publish and promote eBooks.

It’s an energy game, my blogging and author buddies.

Be a confident, relatively detached, prospering Amazon Kindle author by following these 6 tips.


1: Free Giveaway


Every Friday I give away one of my Blogging From Paradise eBooks for free.

Sure this increases downloads, which boosts my Amazon rank, but I figure it’s an abundant act.

I’m an energy guy.

Meaning, if you give off abundant energy, thou shall tune into abundance.

If you are generous, people will be generous with you (increased shares, downloads, sales, etc).

This may be the easiest way to promote your Amazon Kindle eBook.


2: Create a Branded Cover


I brand every cover with a Blogging From Paradise logo and picture from some tropical paradise I’ve visited.

This authentic approach directs readers/buyers back to my blog, strengthening my brand and directing readers to my sales funnel.

Brand every eBook cover.

These are some of my branded book covers in Bali.




Be clear.

Only the brain dead wouldn’t know that a Blogging From Paradise eBook was written by the Blogging From Paradise Guy (aka Ryan Biddulph, in most circles).

Feel free to go another route (create an unbranded cover, etc).

I am just ruthless about branding.

Sure as heck hasn’t hurt me.


3: Build Your Own AStore



I found the concept of astore’s on Amazon a few days ago.

I immediately built my own store.

Note; this one works well if you have 5 or 10 eBooks to promote.

Here I chat about the easiest way to promote your eBooks (tip #1) and mention creating an astore on Amazon.

I broke down how to build a Blogging From Paradise astore here.

Here’s what you do differently: instead of typing in “Blogging From Paradise” on the search step type in “Your Name” (using your name) to add eBooks under your name.


4: Promote Early and Often


I promote my eBooks early.

And often.

Meaning I promote some of my 126 eBooks daily.

I promote the Kindles (and 2 on Selz) through:

  • My blog
  • My blog posts
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • G Plus

I may not devote an entire post to promoting my eBooks daily but I link to 1 or more of my eBooks through all posts on Blogging From Paradise.

Just let people know what you have to offer so they become aware of what you have to offer.


5: Ask People to Buy it


Don’t dance around.

Don’t beat around the bush.

Ask people to buy your eBook.

Some folks never market their eBooks effectively because they never ask people to buy their eBooks.

I’m not bashful.

I ask people to buy my eBooks through virtually all of my blog posts.

My eBooks are valuable resources for my readers.

They gladly offer money to buy valued resources.

Note; ask confident, and clearly.

Check your energy as you ask.

Don’t desperately scream, cyber-style, like the spa girl.


6: Follow the Lead of Amazon Kindle Legends


Guys like Steve Scott know their Kindle stuff.

Follow them to pick golden nuggets from their brain boxes.

Successes simply share how to promote your Amazon Kindle eBook effectively.

I learned about the free eBook giveaway deal from Steve.


Your Turn


How do you promote your Amazon Kindle eBooks?

If you want to poke around my exclusive store on Amazon click this link: Blogging From Paradise Library.

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Are You Trying to Rank or Help People?



Check the intent behind your blogging actions. What are your drivers? Some bloggers desperately want to rank, to place articles on page 1 of Google, to drive sweet, passive search engine traffic. Good luck with that. Nobody succeeds ranking until you give virtually all of your attention and energy to helping people with your blogging efforts. The rank comes after the generous help and that generous help often spans years of your life because developing page 1 Google skills is no joke. If it were easy, everybody would rank on page 1, right?

But you would be surprised by how many folks struggle blogging because the focus on rank over help dominates their minds. I never fell afflicted to this common limiting belief because I give scant attention to ranking on Google. Most of me could care less. I help people through my guest posts, blog posts, course and eBooks. My intent is to help people not to try to get traffic and money through manipulating things. Be honest about the big difference between the two because making this shift will improve your life tremendously, along with positioning you to experience increasing blogging success.

Focus heavily on people and little on things to discover the secret of blogging success. Bloggers succeed by generously helping human beings for sustained periods of time. Imagine some blogger who appears to be all over their blogging niche. Study this individual. Guaranteed, this bloggers generously helped people for years, hours daily, through multiple methods of helping people. Imagine guest posting, blogging, broadcasting live on Facebook and podcasting. See how the top bloggers always seem to be assisting people from a generous, genuine energy? Be that person. The tops never obsess over ranking because doing so attaches you to outcomes. Attach to outcomes. Feel fear. Attachment is fear. Any time you blog from a vibe of fear, you will struggle, fail and quit eventually. Top bloggers feel fears but release the energies versus panicking and bailing on generously helping readers. Everybody else panics, bails and tries to manipulate things to get traffic and money, failing horribly over the long haul.

Nobody gets ahead trying to manipulate things because money flows through humans mainly, then, through things which act as receiving channels. Imagine if I sell a copy of my blogging course. Generously helping human beings instills trust in the person who bought my course. Money flows from them to me through Selz, and my bank account, from their credit card or bank account. The things – Selz, bank accounts – are receiving channels, facilitating the sending and receiving of money, but generous service and trust put the financial transaction into action.

Stop trying to rank before all else because dealing with things solely – SEO and Google – moves you out of the realm of reality, into thing-ality. Bloggers who succeed keep helping folks generously and keep promoting themselves, realizing the things are just tools humans use to connect with each other, to help each other and to prosper each other. Focus on helping humans, not trying to rank on page 1 of Google, to uncover the secret to successful blogging….and to uncover the secret of ranking on page 1 of Google.

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Why Blogging Jealousy Is a Damaging Emotion



I spent today enjoying lunch and a hike through the forest with my wife. But like the past goodness knows how many years, I will work 6-8 hours daily….or more. I put in an hour or so this morning. Now I get to work a bit before 5 PM. People love my travel photos. Folks often tell me how jealous they feel, envying our life. We are so lucky! We are blessed. We are aligned. All that jazz. But the same folks NEVER feel jealous or envious of the fact that I worked 6 hours daily for the past goodness known how many years of my life. I tell folks about my workload sometimes; most look at me like I have 3 heads, people proclaiming themselves lazy and definitely, believing I can have this workload because working long and persistently is not for them.

Before you envy my movie-worthy life, envy my movie-worthy workload. Before you jealously bust my chops about my photos in Fiji and Bali, be just as envious and flat out jealous of the 20,000 hours I have blogged over the past decade of my life. You cannot have the sweet fruit unless you patiently water the seed and allow for it to thrive, during growing season. Likewise, you cannot have blogging success unless you patiently, persistently and generously work, to succeed.

Jealousy and Damage

Most bloggers never realize the intense jealousy that damages their blogging campaign. Why does jealousy hurt you and your blog? Delusion, that’s why. Take my Fiji or New Zealand or Costa Rica pictures. Most people who see the pictures envy my life because most folks CHOOSE to work a 9-5 job and CHOOSE not to travel. In the same breath, after expressing intense jealousy at me living a cool life of travel, I advise the person to begin blogging, to engineer a similar life for self and family. In an instant, most bloggers complain about having no time, no time, and no drive to design such a life of fun and freedom. Why? Being jealous of bloggers immediately places you in a “they have it, but I cannot have it,” type victim, non-empowered, weakling energy. If you believe only I can live this life, and envy me, and you foolishly believe you cannot life this life, you make endless excuses to cling to your belief system. Said excuses guarantee your unhappiness and comfort.

If you envy my life of travel, envy the 6 to 10 hours or more I have worked every single day of my life over the years. Do you envy working 8 hours every Saturday and Sunday? Are you SOOOO jealous that I will work 6-7 or more hours today, after being out of the house for about 6 hours, hustling into the evening? Nope. I did not think so. Few human beings envy someone who works generously, diligently and persistently because most people hate doing the very thing that sets them free. Why? Doing the thing that sets you free forces you outside of your comfort zone, to face deep, pulsating fears. Facing these fears seems highly unpleasant. Nobody enjoys facing fears, but you need to face fears in order to grow, to succeed, and to live a life of movie-worthy levels, you being the object of blogger envy.

Stop being jealous. Get to work, admire industrious bloggers who live their dreams, and you too will live your dreams.


Do you need to face deep fears on your blogging journey?

Buy my eBook:

11 Techniques to Conquer Anxiety

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How to Ride out Traffic Swings



Traffic swings occur for every single blogger who ever blogged.

Literally, nobody is immune from seeing traffic stats swing high, low, back, medium and all over, in between. How do you ride out these swings? Blog for the love of blogging and see traffic as an extra, a bonus, or some add on to your blogging campaign. Make the blogging work, the reward. See all else as extra, or a bonus, and you become totally chill in response to inevitable traffic swings. Way too many bloggers become obsessed with traffic stats. Even more make the foolish mistake of obsessing over traffic stats on a daily basis. Guys; this is nuts. How can you focus on daily traffic swings when you know all good, lasting things take time, energy and a willingness to have a vision? Relax. Slow down. Calm down. Trust in yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Good things take time and generous service.

Imagine if Jeff Bezos panicked over day to day traffic and sales numbers on founding Amazon over 2 decades ago? Imagine how doing so would have crippled his campaign? Everybody experiences swings – usually, wild swings – as a newbie entrepreneur and blogger because no growth is perfectly linear. Over time, with generous effort and a blanket trusting in the blogging process, you traffic increases month over month. But day to day analysis is a silly way to assess how you are doing. How in the heck can you honestly make a blanket assessment of your blog over a 24 hour period? It’s only 24 hours! We measure success in thousands and tens of thousands of hours…..not 24 hours. Come back down to earth. Get your head out of the clouds. Nothing of meaning, of lasting value, unfolds in 24 hours. Please be gentle with yourself and be even more gentle with your silly mind because the mind wants fast results but your heart knows; successful blogging is a long term gig.

Check Stats Infrequently

Do you have an absolute blast checking stats? If so, check stats monthly. Allow momentum to gain by generously helping people daily, over a monthly period. Observe your traffic stats to iron out any kinks and to not be swayed by the day to day fluctuations leveling most bloggers, creating a roller coaster wave of emotions in mind. I barely check metrics because if I love what I do, trust in the process and trust myself, the more generous service I put into blogging, the more blogging generously serves me. Simple equation here. Why in the heck would I assess my success based on 24 hour increments? Blogging success hinges on thousands of hours of generous service, not 24 hour blogs of work, right?

Pump your breaks guys. Get uber busy helping your readers by creating as much quality content as humanly possible. Be generous. Focus heavily on giving, not getting, to allow your daily stat checking obsession to dissolve just a wee bit. Blogging become uncomfortable here and there but does get easier and easier the more often you give freely of your time and talents. The challenge is not to panic when you resist checking stats for a few weeks as most folks go bonkers mad, ready to explode, once they try to detach from frequent stat checking.


Do you want to make more money blogging by managing my energy?

Buy my eBook:

Law of Attraction Series: How to Make Money

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