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65 Free WordPress Themes for Personal Blogs

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Taking the first step to starting a personal blog can be the hardest part and free WordPress themes help in the way.

You have to find a theme that suits your needs.

WordPress has thousands of themes, which can make you stand out among the crowd.

However, it can be difficult to narrow down a list of themes and decide what is best for you.

Here is a list of personal blog free WordPress themes that you may want to consider.

1. Syntax

screenshot of the syntax homepage

You will get uncluttered reading space with Syntax.

This makes it easy for visitors to see your content, and enjoy your blog. Syntax offers a variety of features, including large headers and body text.

This makes it extremely easy for readers to focus on your content.

This theme is responsive, and idea for long blogs.

No matter what device a user is reading your blog on, it will adapt and make it easy for them to read and navigate.

Other features include a fixed navigation menu, which expands when clicked.

2. Twenty-Fifteen

screenshot of the twentty-fifteen homepage

This is a WordPress default theme, and a very good choice for personal bloggers.

Twenty-Fifteen is made with blogging in mind, which makes your content highly accessible to readers.

It is a responsive theme, and fonts are easy to read.

Easily converts for mobile use, has the large feature image capability, left side sidebar and simple design.

3. Writr

screenshot of the writr homepage

The Writr is specifically designed for those wanting to create a personal blog.

This theme is simplistic in nature, and has a Tumblr feel.

Your content will get the center stage, which is great when focusing on a personal blog.

There are six different color schemes available, which includes the default turquoise plus green, gray, blue, red, and purple.

Writr contains typography that is tasteful, as well as a variety of post types, room for your Gravatar, and a left side sidebar.

4. Hexa

screenshot of the hexa homepage

Hexa is specifically made for bloggers. It is lightweight, clean, and fun design.

This WordPress theme features a variety of color schemes, as well as interesting geometrical abilities that can be added to your site.

Other features include large headlines, reader friendly text, and images that stand out.

The format is diverse, post are sticky, feature images can be used, large widget area, social icons, customize menus, customize headers and backgrounds.

5. Drop

screenshot of the drop homepage

Ben Sibley designed both Drop and Ignite, which offers simplicity and are responsive themes.

Navigation is done with ease, and both are ranked among the top free WordPress themes for personal blogs.

Features for Drop include Gravtar display, site taglines, site pages and social icons.

Drop down menus are available in the left sidebar. Large images, bold headlines and stunning fonts are all highlights of this theme.

6. Ignite

screenshot of the ignite homepage

Ignite is a responsive theme that is based on simplicity.

Your content will be the focus of the site, which is perfect for those who want a personal blog.

You have the ability to include large images, custom logo’s, social media icons, and capability of adjusting the sidebar to the right or left.

Other features include 5 different fonts to choose from, ability to customize background color, and a premium upgrade.

The upgrade will give you multiple post formats and comment support.

7. Typefocus

screenshot of the typefocus homepage

This theme is very appealing and simple. Typefocus contains a variety of typography options, which will appeal to the readers visual sense.

This design is created for easy readability, which makes visitors want to stay for longer periods of time.

White space, formatting and subtle colors are all a main focus for the Typefocus theme.

It has responsive capabilities, which means it can be used on a mobile device.

Typefocus has a fixed left sidebar, or you can choose a scrollable one.

8. Hemingway

screenshot of the hemingway homepage

Hemingway is known because it is easy to design, and very attractive.

It has a clean appeal that makes it easy for readers to access your content.

The theme is responsive, retina-ready, has parallax scrolling, SEO ready and overall UX.

It has the ability to be displayed in two columns, and is highly customizable with logos, widgets and scheme colors.

Translation-ready, and a variety of templates to choose from.

9. Omega

screenshot of the omega homepage

Omega gives you the simplicity you want when creating a personal blog.

This theme is responsive, and has the ability to be a parent theme. Omega is coded with HTML5, and is SEO ready.

The framework is very flexible, and you can create your own design.

Omega features a visually pleasing design with large headers, feature images and sidebars.

10. SuevaFree

screenshot of the suevafree homepage

If you are a fan of Tumblr, then you will love SuevaFree. It allows your content to be front and center.

The design is responsive, and very simplistic.

You do not have to worry about frills getting in the way of your content.

It allows you to use a grid-style presentation, which puts your content in front of your readers.

There is no limit to the sidebars, and a premium version is available.

The premium version comes with sliders and two child themes.

11. ParaBlogger

screenshot of the parablogger homepage

For those who write on a regular bases, ParaBlogger is a great choice.

This theme gives you the ability to blog and post quickly without worrying with formatting.

Header images can be added, as well as custom menus and widgets in the footer.

ParaBlogger supports page templates for archives, categories, tags and authors.

12. Tecblogger

screenshot of the tecblogger homepage

This simple blog theme is ideal for those who are wanting to get their personal blog up and running quickly.

Techlogger includes full-width headers, left sidebar, widgets, responsive, simple and clean.

13. Twenty-Sixteen

screenshot of the twenty-sixteen homepage

Leaping ahead, try out Twenty-Sixteen.

This is also a default theme for WordPress users, but highly effective for bloggers.

Using white space gives the design an appealing and easy to read look.

The fonts are crafted to stand out, but are easy for readers to read.

Other features include large headers, sidebar, responsive, custom color schemes and multiple post formats.

14. Microblog

screenshot of the microblog homepage

For those who like to post more than once per day, Microblog is a great theme for you.

You can add small tidbits of news as they happen.

This theme uses a Tumblr-style, which allows your content to be front and center.

You can also display tweets automatically.

Features of this theme include a simple design that contains enough white space to make it easy for your readers to read, user friendly, expandable menus, left sided sidebars, supports Gravatars, and sign-in with Twitter account details.

15. Origami Paper

screenshot of the origami homepage

This theme happens to be a child theme for Origami. It is very simplistic, but has a number of customizable features.

These include a variety of background images, such as wood paneling.

This can add a cozy feeling to your site. It can be utilized in a number of ways, and is not restricted to those who want to run a personal blog.

Great for business sites and landing pages as well.

16. Nouveau Riche

screenshot of the nouveau riche homepage

Nouveau Riche is simplistic, and a great choice for those wanting to run a personal blog.

Theme features include custom headers, and posting formats, which includes galleries, asides and videos.

Colors are easily customizable. Has the ability to have full-width headers, which is appealing to the eye.

Avatars can be custom made, which gives the theme a personalized feel.

Other features include oversized feature images, read more button, and expandable menus.

17. Publication

screenshot of the publication homepage

This theme is adaptable for blogs and magazines. Publication is a great story telling theme, because it contains large full screen header image, overlaid article headlines, teasers, and pleasing typography.

This theme is great for any niches, and is easy to use.

18. Readit

screenshot of the readit homepage

This theme is all about making it easy for your reader to read your content.

It has a clean and simple design, which will allow you to feature images that catch your reader’s attention.

Readit has right sidebar options, including a widget area.

You have the choice of post types, and contains the essentials to create a fantastic personal blog with ease.

You will not have to worry with a lot of frills with this theme.

19. NEBlue

NEBlue allows you to develop a site, without losing any of its highlighted features.

Customize headers, add social icons, feature images and right hand sidebar.

NEBlue is responsive, contains custom backgrounds, sticky post, threaded comments and is translation ready.

20. Imaginy

screenshot of the imaginy homepage

Imaginy is made for a variety of purposes, including personal blogs, personal portfolio, and small magazine.

It is a responsive theme, and has Bootstrap build into the framework.

Also, built-in customizations make it easy to get your site up and running in no time.

Other features include sidebars, four widget areas, integrated with 12 different social platforms, large feature images, eye pleasing font, custom logos and favicons.

21. Seasonal

screenshot of the homepage screenshot

Simplistic in nature, this theme has enough flare to stand out among the crowd.

Features include visually pleasing typography, large feature images, left hand sidebar, and site taglines.

What really sets this theme apart from the next is the use of solid background colors, or image background for the sidebar.

This is visually appealing, and will set you apart from other blogs.

You can customize the width of the sidebar, as well as have control over post formats and unlimited color schemes.

22. Trope

screenshot of the trope homepage

Trope is very flexible, and works well for personal blogs.

It is responsive, and can be used for a number of purposes. Easy to navigate through, as well as simple design elements.

You have freedom when it comes to color options, which is a huge bonus when wanting to give your theme a personal touch.

Other features include multiple widget areas, SEO optimization, translation ready, custom logos, and social media icons.

23. Zoomify

screenshot of the zoomify homepage

Zoomify is very simplistic, and there is plenty of white space to make the design easy for readers to read.

Typography is carefully chosen with this theme, as it affects the readers experience.

Very clean and sophisticated, and a great way to display your work. You will not have to worry with features that take away from your content.

Other features include large headlines, center screen text, and read more buttons.

24. Keepwriting

screenshot of the keepwriting homepage

Keepwriting is the ideal theme for those who want a dumping ground for their thoughts and feelings.

This WordPress theme offers blog templates that will focus on your content.

You will not have to worry with a bunch of features that you will never use.

There are not a lot of bells and whistles with this theme, but it certainly gets the job done.

You will have a fresh and clean website, that is appealing.

Features include nicely laid out typography, lightweight, fast load times and responsive. Great choice for a personal blog.

25. Topcat Lite

screenshot of the topcat lite homepage

TopcatLite is mentioned because it does a great job in highlighting your content.

All focus will be placed on your blog, which is a goal for most personal bloggers.

It is a responsive theme, which means it adapts to any device your user may be using.

Custom backgrounds and headers are a bonus.

There are widget areas in the sidebar and footer areas.

Other features include feature images, social media integration and multiple post formats.

Now that you have an idea of what WordPress themes can offer you, you have to make the decision on what matters most when setting up your blog.

Here are some other free WordPress themes that may appeal to you, and help you design a personal blog based on your needs and likes.

Check them out.

Bookmark this list of free WordPress themes and rock the blogging world!

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