As I was writing my newly-released eBook I focused on most of the blogging tips for beginners I’ve read online.

Most new bloggers struggle horribly because they stray from “simple” to “complex”.

You may be completely disgusted, overwhelmed and confused with your lack of blogging progress so far because you’re looking for that magic, secret, sophisticated technique that will bring you quick blogging success.

I hear you.


Blogging Tips for Beginners


During a recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey I spent hours watching fisherman catch sardines from the Bosphorus Strait.

Sometimes the fish flipped out of the pail onto the sidewalk, flailing about, gasping desperately as they lay dying, outside of their water home.

I felt like those fish during my early blogging days, flopping about in my death throes.

But I’ve since figured out how to build a successful blog from a beginning blogger’s perspective.

If you want to breathe life into your new blog by sticking to simple, powerful, fundamental strategies follow these 7 tips.


1: Blog Your Passion


Forget dollars.

Follow your passion.

Blog your passion.

Passions lead to profits.


As a newbie blogger you probably want to rake in that sweet chedda but making money your predominant driver totally undercuts your blogging campaign.

You can’t effectively give value (blog posts, podcasts, guest posts) if you’re obsessed with getting money.

What can you talk about all day long?

Blog about that topic.

Note; make sure there is a distinct pain point you can address by blogging your passion.

Match your passion with reader’s problems to build a successful blog.

If you already chose your domain, hosting and niche be brutally honest about your blog: do you feel passionate about covering this topic? Honestly?

If so, continue down that path.

If not, eat the domain and hosting cost and start from a passionate, successful space.


2: Write 1,000 Words Daily (for Practice)


Write 1,000 words daily to develop your most critical skill.

Develop your confidence by honing your writing skills.

If you can inspire, entertain and inform readers you will attract traffic to your blog steadily.

Most beginners struggle for months because they don’t practice writing.

Find a quiet spot.

Open a Word document.

Write 1,000 words every day, in private.


Perhaps you can publish 1-2 blog posts weekly but never miss a day of writing practice.

Hands down, writing 1,000 to 10,000 words daily accelerated the growth of my blog like no other practice.


3: Comment on High Profile, Relevant Blogs


As a newbie blogger you better expand your online presence through easy to use channels.

Blog commenting is 1 such channel.

In essence, you share your opinion for free to build bonds which lead to prospering partnerships.

Create in-depth, long form, thorough, personalized comments on high profile blogs relevant to your niche.

Check out a recent comment (partial, it’s longer) I created on Pro Blogger:


Go in-depth.

Create a mini guest post sized comment to build your online reputation as a beginner blogger.

Blog comment to build relationships, to establish your brand and to add value to a blog post.


4: Promote Influential Bloggers Aggressively


Promote blogging big dawgs to promote yourself.

Most new bloggers totally mess this one up.

They believe you need to promote yourself to spread the word.

You only have a few – if any – readers as a newbie blogger.

But by promoting influential bloggers on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

…you open the doors for friendships to develop.

As you make buddies with successful bloggers some of these folks will:

  • Ask you to guest post on their blogs
  • Promote you on their blogs through interviews or features
  • Hire you
  • Buy your products and endorse your products to their followings

Persistently promote successful bloggers to accelerate your growth.

Make friends in high places.

5: Guest Post on Relevant, Authority Blogs


Leverage your presence.

Tap into large, targeted audiences as a beginning blogger.

If you’re writing 1,000 words daily for 1-2 months you will be able to submit and place guest posts on top blogs from your niche.

Build friendships with top bloggers (tips #3 and #4). Either ask if you can submit guest posts to them or accept their invite to place guest posts.

Write thorough, 1,000 to 3,000 word, helpful posts which address the audience’s pain points.

Do your best work.

Make an impact.

Enstine Muki built a successful blogging business in part through frequently guest posting on well read blogs related to his niche.


6: Build an Email List


Build an email list to get in your reader’s inboxes.

Tap into this convenient, proven marketing channel to boost your page views and blogging profits.

The money is not in the list.

The money is in the ease through which you can share helpful blog posts, products and services with your email subscribers.

Mail Chimp, Aweber and Get Response are 3 common mail services for you to research.

Decide which service best matches your needs.

Sign up with the proper service.

Post an opt in form on your sidebar.

Offer an enticing free giveaway.

Grow your list.


7: Monetize Your Passions


What do you enjoy doing most?


Hamming it up in front of the camera?

Monetize your passions.


If you love writing consider:

  • Self-publishing eBooks on Amazon
  • Creating a freelance writing business

Monetizing your passions helps you detach some from money outcomes.

Detaching a bit from money outcomes helps you build your blog from a high energy, helpful space.

You’ll learn income streams inside out and master these channels when you feel genuinely passionate about working these streams.


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