7 Possible FriendFeed Replacements.A lot of FriendFeed users are outraged by the acquisition of it by Facebook. I have heard a lot of these users threaten to stop using the service altogether because they do not feel that Facebook and FriendFeed will mix well together. Even worse, many feel that FriendFeed will be “absorbed” by Facebook and lose its geekiness.

Since many are looking for a new place to call “home”, I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a list of possible FriendFeed replacements. This list is compiled from others’ claims as to possible replacement as well as a few of my own recommendations. Other additions are welcome in the comments.


Introducing social gadgets for iGoogle.

With the new social gadgets that have been added to iGoogle, many are speculating that it could give FriendFeed a run for its money. You can now keep up with what your friends are doing, collaborate on projects and more. In addition, there’s also the superior Google Wave that is going to be launching soon, and lets not forget that Google Reader has also received a lot of social upgrades lately. Google is definitely trying to take over the social world.


I actually reviewed Streamy here on Blogging Tips last week. This is the service that I see most people are calling the “FriendFeed replacements”. It is definite a favorite of mine and my top pick on this list since it is more than just an aggregator – it’s also a feed reader. It has unique sharing features, supports widgets, and can even serve as a Digsby, Meebo or Trillian competitor with it’s multiple IM support.


Stream your life with Lifestream.fm.

Lifestream.fm has been around for awhile and I wrote a thorough review of it on my Social Web Tools blog if you’d like to learn more about it. This one really reminds me of FriendFeed the most since it has a very similar setup to the way FriendFeed was in 2008/early 2009. Unfortunately, it seems like development has halted on the once very active aggregator. Still worth a try if you’re wanting to test the waters.


Personally, I really love Posterous but I didn’t really think that it could be a FriendFeed replacement until I read this post by Svartling. He makes a lot of good points as well as a few suggestions to take Posterous one step closer to being like FriendFeed. Posterous is not only a great way to share content across network but it’s even better for discovering new content from others.


Arktan - Connecting your digital activity.

Here you can create channels and keep up with your friends’ content while sharing your own content. Artkan also has the ability to instantly discover new content that you may have created on other sites by simply entering your most used username(s). The colors and design of the site are not too appealing but it does have potential.


Have you seen the new Yahoo homepage? It looks like they’re following the iGoogle social widgets trend with their own (very interactive) apps. If you can’t find what you want in the Apps Gallery, you can add your own site or feed and give it a name. They have apps for everything from Facebook to MySpace to Flickr to MyBlogLog. Surprisingly, there is no Twitter app yet; I’m sure there have already been hundreds of complaints about that……..


Strands - People powered discovery.

Here’s another one that has been around for awhile but is often overlooked. Strands has a lot of the same features as FriendFeed as well plus they even reward you (with actual prizes) for inviting your friends. You can also add widgets (kind of like iGoogle) in order to keep up with other things such as weather, users nearby and events.

So now it’s your turn to share which site you think will be FriendFeed’s replacement (if any). I personally think that FriendFeed will be just fine, though many beg to differ. Would love to hear your take on it.