Nowadays the feed subscribers has become the new identity and proof of how popular or successful of your blogs are in the blogosphere. While the Alexa rank and Technorati authority are no longer be the standard as they are both tricked and damaged by link trail and paid traffic. TechCrunch currently charges $10,000 per month for a 125×125 ad spot not only the grand authority but also it owns 587,000 incredible feed readers base.

1. Niche Is Everything!

There are more than thousands bloggers write about “make money online” and “blogging tips” daily, so it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd and achieve success while you are not Darren Rowse or John Chow. Frankly, why people would subscribe your blog feeds if you are not an expert or superstar at the field you blog. Therefor, try to focus on a specific topic you are interested or strong and get the long tail traffic. The fresh blog got almost 2500 subscribers within one month, check out to understand the importance and power of a right specific niche.

2. No Resembled Content

Being original, quality, fresh and interesting writing tons in your field will definitely get your readers. Never write resembled posts if you don’t have anymore innovative ideas or thoughts.

3. Highlight Pillar Posts

Pillar posts encourage people to bookmark and subscribe to your feeds for further reference. It is a very important source of your daily traffic. Try to write some resourceful or linkbait style posts like “20 SEO Tips for New Bloggers” and this post now you are reading 7 Practical Tips to Increase Your Feed Readers as your highlight posts at sidebar or header section.

4. Use Google Reader

You might probably notice that most of the feed subscribers you have are Google Reader users, right? No doubt Google Reader is better than Bloglines. It is convenient and easy for your visitors to subscribe to the feeds because all people own Google account and no registration need completely. Place the original feed and Google Reader subscription links only and please don’t add anymore options to disturb your visitors.

5. Create Animate Slogans

It is an usual technique that bloggers add a slogan or sentence at the end of posts to encourage visitors to subscribe blog feeds. But it is really boring and no creative honestly if you still use this type of slogan such as “Please consider to subscribe to my feed to stay updated if you enjoy this post, thanks for your supporting”. How about the two slogans? “Get updated is easy, subscribe now!” and “Want more? Go ahead subscribe the blog feed.”. Create an animate, short and remarkable slogan is the fast and simple method to increase your feed readers within several days.

6. Switch To Full RSS Feed

Please switch to full blog feed immediately if you are still using partial feed. The partial RSS feeds definitely cannot represent the whole concept of article by quoting a few words only and always force your readers to visit the blog for full article. It absolutely is an antipathy idea and no difference with the pop-up ads. Problogger raised a great debate before about full or partial RSS feeds, check out here for reference.

7. Hide Your Feed Counter

It is proud if you have hundreds feed readers currently like Blogging Tips and there is no reason to hide the counter. But if you are new or only own a tiny amount of feed readers, why not to turn FeedCount off while you are always aware that new visitors are more likely to subscribe to the blog depending on the total feed readers base but not the content.

Well, i have already shared all the “secrets”, now let me know yours. Besides, suggestions and complaints are always appreciate.