As bloggers we all have one thing in common, and that’s establishing a voice for ourselves through our writing. What many of us do with our writing heavily varies. For myself, I always try to write content that engages with my audience, inspires new productivity and business while also ALWAYS increasing my brand reach and awareness. This is my end goal… the more reach I have, the more success for my business.

However not many bloggers can build a steady income by simply trying to brand themselves. This takes a massive amount of time and you really need to become an awesome authority in whatever niche you are trying to master.

A better solution for new bloggers and those who are struggling to find success would be to focus on creating small niche sites that have the sole purpose for making money. Niche blogs don’t need to have a lot of content and they don’t need to cost a lot of money in the process.

Creating a Blog in the Right Niche

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to start creating a successful niche site in seven steps.

  1. Find a quality product (Amazon or Affiliate based)
  2. Do research on what people are searching for (ie: product name reviews)
  3. Buy a domain name around the product name / keywords
  4. Create a one page content piece that is content heavy with 800-1400 words
  5. Remove all distractions (navigation, side bar, etc)
  6. Focus all attention on your content and call to action
  7. Build quality links and content to your site over time

This is really all it takes to get started with a quality niche blog that can start making you money. Obviously the less competitive product you go after, the more likely you are to organically rank for the keyword. The key here is to focus on quality content and providing a legitimate resource that provides value when someone searches for information on a product or service before buying. You are basically building a “pre-sale” site, using a wordpress and blog concept.

You will see a lot of examples of these types of sites in the weight loss and muscle enhancement niche. People will search for product names or the brands/personalities that promote them, then build sites around what people are searching for. These content sites end up pushing the product on a CPA basis and if they are ranking organically, there is no reason why they wouldn’t generate a few hundred or thousand per month.

For a more in-depth look at how to find a quality niche topic and research keywords, be sure to check out my full post on