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7 Tips to Take to the Blogging Bank



7 ways to make money blogging

Building a professional blogger career has been the most difficult and rewarding feat for me during my 42 years on planet earth. Which is exactly why I am sharing these 7 ways to make money blogging.

You may feel that making money through blogging is nearly impossible.

I feel you.

It took me nearly 3 years to earn decent coin through blogging but only after I had some really tough, difficult to swallow struggles.

I recall the feeling of terror and panic each time I checked my statement balance at the end of the month, or when I checked my email to see royalty payments or sign ups or what have you.

I genuinely felt more scared observing my financial future than I did battling this deadly, 8 inch long centipede last night, as I did here in Thailand:

The author’s sparring partner.

If you are having a really tough time making money blogging and feel paralyzed by the frustration of seeing no cash flow in for your efforts, I have been there. I also know how to help you experience the relief and fun of increasing your blogging earnings without working yourself to the bone.

Take these 7 blogging tips to the bank.

1:Enjoy the Process of Learning How to Blog

I genuinely love blogging. But it was not always this way.

In the past I tried to ignore the process because I feared losing money. Of course I lost a ton of money and went broke because your life mirrors your predominant feelings/intent back at you.

Enjoy the process of blogging. This detaches you some from money outcomes which helps you manifest more money through blogging.

Money feels so scarce and elusive to bloggers because they devote most of their energies to “getting because they fear losing money” versus “giving because they enjoy helping folks and learning how to become a pro blogger.”

Make that shift. Make more dough.

Do you feel too stressed about money to enjoy the blogging process? I wrote an eBook to help you think, act and be a successful blogger so you can replace the stress with relief. This is a helpful read for developing a winning blogging mindset:

Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger (eBook)

2: Help People by Spotting their Pain Points

Spot pain points. Prosper.

People buy stuff and hire folks to avoid the pain of dealing with some horrible problem.

Make money blogging by helping people see where and how they are suffering. If you haven’t quite raked in that sweet chedda yet, pinpoint how you can better identify and stress how folks are feeling pain in your niche.

Blogging tips bloggers, this means focusing on the pain and suffering bloggers feel at seeing little or no blog traffic and zero blogging income trickle through their blogs.

I was able to retire to a life of island hopping by compassionately feeling the pain and struggles I suffered through, so I could better relate to my readers.

3: Help People by Creating Blog Posts and Products and eBooks and Services Addressing their Pain Points

Become a helper.

Helpful bloggers get paid by:

  • creating helpful free content
  • creating helpful premium content
  • creating persistently
  • helping folks through various channels

Help a bunch of folks regularly to be seen as a helpful guy or gal.

Open income streams based on premium products that assist your readers in solving their problems.

If you are having a Money Problem with blogging, make yourself more helpful. Find ways to render better service, more persistently.

I ran into a blogging block recently so I pulled back from posting on Blogging Tips everyday and will find 1-2 new blogs to guest post on, daily. I will help more folks persistently by taking such an approach.


4: Befriend Top Bloggers from Your Niche

Befriend big dawg bloggers from your niche.

Help successful bloggers.

A few comments on Zac’s blog here and some writing practice on my part helped me land this Blogging Tips guest posting gig.

Not bad at all, simply because I helped out a fellow blogger.

If you feel lost, desperate and hopeless, stop doing things on your own and tap into the power of friendships.

Feel the elation, joy, and utter relief of having a slew of top bloggers promote you, endorse you, hire you and help you on your way to earning a full time income through blogging.

Make blogging buddies by promoting other bloggers through social media and through your blog. Sign up for their courses. Buy their eBooks. Hire them as coaches. Build bonds. These bonds expand your presence exponentially versus the snail’s pace of trying to do things on your own.

5: Persist Persist Persist

Persist like heck, even when you feel like giving up.

If you have blogged for at least 1-3 months you know the feeling of distress, disgust and outright hopelessness when things do not seem to go your way.

Keep going. I believe in you. I believe in your blog. Seriously. We have all been there. Even if you see me and think I sip coconut juice in paradise all day long, and have always had it easy, I have struggled like hell and cried myself to sleep more than a few nights during my blogging career.

But I kept going, no matter what.

Keep going. Follow your passion. Things will come together for you and are already coming together for you. But you need to keep going to earn coin through blogging.

6: Charge Generously and Create Generously

Charge generously and create generously.

Do not write for $5 USD per 500 word article. $50 to $100 are more reasonable, fair, generous rates.

Ditto for sponsored posts.

If anybody reaches out to me about placing a sponsored post I charge $500 and up going forward. No exceptions. That $500 and up rate is based on the time and energy I have devoted to learn my blogging craft over the past 8 years. I do not see it as a transaction of how much my blog is worth to advertisers, although I do appreciate their viewpoint. I hold energetic posture, knowing what I know, which is a highly valuable commodity I have shared through my blog for 8 years.

Do not undercharge, even if you feel highly uncomfortable or nervous or even arrogant charging higher rates. Be bold. Make money blogging by being clear on the value of your offering and the value of your expertise.

7: Open MSI

Open multiple streams of income to avoid the nightmare of depending on 1 income stream.

If you know the terror or relying on 1 or 2 channels to earn your daily – or monthly – bread, chances are you are ignoring this simple, powerful concept.

Open multiple streams of blogging income like:

  • self publishing eBooks on Amazon Kindle
  • self-publishing audio books
  • offering freelance writing services
  • offering freelance coaching services

Diversify. Prosper.

More than anything, be pulled by your love. Blogging your passion helps you follow these tips more easily.

How are you making money through your blog?

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How to Get Over the Fear Nobody Will Buy Your Product



Ship. Publish.

Promote the heck out of the product. Unearth fears. Feel fears. See fears come true. Release fears. Sell your product. More and more folks buy your product only if you face, feel and release fears aligned with the product. If you hold the fears ya ain’t selling the product. Even if you publish a blogging product – like my blogging course – and sell it for a little bit you will not generate big sales until you fail enough to finally feel fears triggered by failure. Feeling fears clears fears which clears resistance which helps you inspire more people to buy the product.

Getting over this fear is messy. Do you enjoy feeling like a complete loser? Nope. Do you enjoy feeling like a complete fraud, or huckster, or embarrassed or ashamed? Nope. You hate trying so hard and then, no freaking people buy the course you promoted 10,000 times but doing so and feeling fears triggered simply makes it easy to promote the product, because feeling and getting over the fear makes you promote the product like you breathe. Being in that space, plenty of people see the product and more folks buy the product.

I promoted my blogging course to the tune of 8,000 page views before someone bought it. 8000 page views was nothing. I had to clear fear-resistance during the 8,000 page views to show the world how fun, freeing and inspired this course was. Fear cleared, more people bought it at 10 times the initial price versus the initial cheapy price. Raising the price ten fold? Yep; another fear for me to conquer. But I did it, and far more people bought it at $350 than at $36. See how funny fear works? You fear something, refuse to feel the fear, and struggle. But feeling the fear and doing it anyway leads to increasing success. Buy the course for a fun, entertaining, inspired blogging guide. Tis the season for celebration and joy and love and fun, helpful blogging courses.

I have no tips for nudging into fear save meditating and doing yoga frequently. Following each habit expands your awareness which helps you become intimately aware of your fears, so you can feel fears and release fears. Feels rough but this is part of the blogging journey if you want to get over the fear of selling your stuff. Hey; do you want to hurt people, mislead people or lie to people with your blogging product? No? Then just sell the thing already. Ship it. Publish it. Fear is so insidious. Fear makes you do what you do not want to do, if you trust fear. Fear causes you to tune into an alternate, illusory universe, where nothing is true and everything is lies, smoke and mirrors. Do you really want to take that road? I did not think so.

All I can do is be a cheerleader. You need to be the athlete on the court, not the fan on the sidelines. Get on the court. Publish your product. Promote your product. You will eventually face, feel and release all the fears you need to release to become a successful blogger and to sell your product successfully, too. Get in the game. People will buy your product when you get clear on it.

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Pro Blogging Tip: Release Expectations




Am I asking you to be a Blogging Buddha? Nope. Not really. No one save enlightened beings completely releases expectations but us mere mortals clinging some to a worldly life can largely release expectations, to become successful and to enjoy the blogging journey. 10 minutes ago, I checked my email. I received a few. I clearly make it difficult to get in touch with me through email because I want to give most attention and energy to building a passive income empire. Every second I spend in email, I could be spending creating content and building connections. Knowing this, it feels good to receive few emails because it helps me scale and move forward from an abundant energy.

Unfortunately, most bloggers have heavy expectations when it comes to receiving email. Bloggers expect a chock filled inbox, with all types of clients, Paypal payments and sponsored post deals. What happens if you get 3 emails daily, all responses to comments? Your expectations not being met levels you, depressing you, making you sad, sapping your energy. If you expect some sweet outcome and reality is not delivering you the outcome to fulfill the expectation, you eventually lose your blogging motivation and quit. Or you make the massive mistake of quitting after seeing your expectations fall short, then, you begin blogging again, quit again after expectations are unfulfilled, and you suffer through this vicious cycle until you fail and quit for good.

Release expectations. Begin blogging with an intent to live your dreams but let go the anchor of expectation because either you feel hopeless after not getting what you expected or you feel average when expectations line up or you feel super high and excited after exceeding expectations, leading to an imminent crash after your emotions settle down. Expectations are anchors, pulling you down, holding you back, preventing meteoric blogging growth. I expect little to nothing blogging-wise because my day is about having fun helping people to blog successfully. I cannot go wrong whether I sell a copy of my blogging course or not because I have no expectations; I just promote the course in a seeming billion places (coming soon) and leave things at that.

If anything, allow a little part of yourself to desire some expectation but make it tiny. Why? If the expectation does not come true quickly, you will keep blogging from an energetic, relaxed, abundant vibe, positioning yourself to succeed. Harboring wee expectations means you remain unstirred if the expectations do not manifest; no crushed, hopeless feeling. Meanwhile, most bloggers with grand, wild expectations often slam into tons of resistance because no spectacular dream comes through and manifest overnight. Living your dream life through blogging requires years and thousands upon thousands of hours of generous service.

Blog for an absolute love of blogging. Be passionate about the blogging process. Release largely on outcomes because weighing yourself down with expectations slows you down. Imagine desiring big blogging bucks only to see an empty inbox for the next 3 months? 90 plus days, zero dollars. After the 90th day, most bloggers quit blogging for good, because they came up so short on their expectations, being frustrated, disgusted, and tired of wasting their time.

Fall in love with the process – not outcomes – to fuel yourself for your blogging journey.

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Are You Trying to Rank or Help People?



Check the intent behind your blogging actions. What are your drivers? Some bloggers desperately want to rank, to place articles on page 1 of Google, to drive sweet, passive search engine traffic. Good luck with that. Nobody succeeds ranking until you give virtually all of your attention and energy to helping people with your blogging efforts. The rank comes after the generous help and that generous help often spans years of your life because developing page 1 Google skills is no joke. If it were easy, everybody would rank on page 1, right?

But you would be surprised by how many folks struggle blogging because the focus on rank over help dominates their minds. I never fell afflicted to this common limiting belief because I give scant attention to ranking on Google. Most of me could care less. I help people through my guest posts, blog posts, course and eBooks. My intent is to help people not to try to get traffic and money through manipulating things. Be honest about the big difference between the two because making this shift will improve your life tremendously, along with positioning you to experience increasing blogging success.

Focus heavily on people and little on things to discover the secret of blogging success. Bloggers succeed by generously helping human beings for sustained periods of time. Imagine some blogger who appears to be all over their blogging niche. Study this individual. Guaranteed, this bloggers generously helped people for years, hours daily, through multiple methods of helping people. Imagine guest posting, blogging, broadcasting live on Facebook and podcasting. See how the top bloggers always seem to be assisting people from a generous, genuine energy? Be that person. The tops never obsess over ranking because doing so attaches you to outcomes. Attach to outcomes. Feel fear. Attachment is fear. Any time you blog from a vibe of fear, you will struggle, fail and quit eventually. Top bloggers feel fears but release the energies versus panicking and bailing on generously helping readers. Everybody else panics, bails and tries to manipulate things to get traffic and money, failing horribly over the long haul.

Nobody gets ahead trying to manipulate things because money flows through humans mainly, then, through things which act as receiving channels. Imagine if I sell a copy of my blogging course. Generously helping human beings instills trust in the person who bought my course. Money flows from them to me through Selz, and my bank account, from their credit card or bank account. The things – Selz, bank accounts – are receiving channels, facilitating the sending and receiving of money, but generous service and trust put the financial transaction into action.

Stop trying to rank before all else because dealing with things solely – SEO and Google – moves you out of the realm of reality, into thing-ality. Bloggers who succeed keep helping folks generously and keep promoting themselves, realizing the things are just tools humans use to connect with each other, to help each other and to prosper each other. Focus on helping humans, not trying to rank on page 1 of Google, to uncover the secret to successful blogging….and to uncover the secret of ranking on page 1 of Google.

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