As a blogger you spend a lot of your time at your computer, pounding out sentence after sentence, racing to meet deadlines and researching the latest news in your industry. We all find it hard to balance life and work, to carve out the time to relax and unwind. Wouldn’t it be great if there were tools to help make blogging easier and quicker? I know, I know, silly question right? That’s why you’re reading Blogging Tips –  to make your work more efficient, enjoyable and, hopefully, profitable!

In this article I’m going to share 7 of the best WordPress Plugins that will help make blogging easier for you – so you can get more out of your day, write better articles and secure even more work. Let’s not wait around any longer – here are 7 WordPress plugins to make blogging easier:

1. WordPress SEO

A lot of of bloggers rely on the excellent ‘All in one SEO’ plug-in for WordPress, which does a great job of laying out the necessary on-page SEO criteria that need to be added for each post. However, Yoast’s WordPress SEO plug-in takes it up a notch with advanced features such as XML sitemap creation, robots.txt configuration and RSS optimization. It comes with a great ‘tips’ feature to take you through each element so you fully understand why each step is so important, and for bloggers serious about gaining traction, WordPress SEO makes life easier by allowing you to import and export your data.

2. After the Deadline

Ahhh. The beauty of digital. No more hard-copy headlines with embarrassing grammar mistakes heading out to 10,000 subscribers and no way to change it. These days a correction can be made with a ‘couple of clicks’. But no matter how efficient it may seem, there’s always one-or-two little buggers that evade your keen eye – and that’s why a bog-standard spell-check won’t cut it. After the Deadline is a WordPress plugin that uses artificial intelligence to check spelling, grammar and style and make sure that those ‘couple of clicks’ don’t come after your post has been read by 90% of your audience!

3. Blogging Checklist

Sometimes the simplest tools are the most useful. Have you ever thought that having a check-list to tick-off for each post you write would come in handy? Maybe you already have one – in the form of a billion yellow post-it notes randomly stuck around the office, or a half-scribbled list jotted down in a scrappy notepad. Stop. Make your life easier with Blogging Checklist, a dead-simple WordPress plugin that lets you define a check-list and have it appear on the ‘Edit Post’ page. Now take a deep breath and relax, calm in the knowledge that you’ve avoided the dreaded ‘Edit, Preview, Sigh, Re-edit, Repeat’ cycle:)

4. Editorial Calendar

Ok, that Top 10 post is in the bag. Then you’ve got to do a ‘Reasons Why X Is Killing Your Y” for next Wednesday, and after that it was… Hmmm. Just like the having a blogging check-list, a calendar of upcoming posts integrated directly into WordPress is dead-simple yet so useful. Start managing your work-flow and make blogging easier with ‘Editorial Calendar’ – a slick plugin that helps you schedule your upcoming blog posts and gives you the ability to drag-and-drop dates, check the status of posts and manage drafts.

5. BlogVault

You’ve written your latest, greatest post. You’ve been building up a dedicated readership for months, and you finally feel like all of your effort is starting to pay off. And then it happens. The server dies and you lose everything. No problem – you’ve backed up, right? Right? Don’t put yourself through this agony – one of the best yet most overlooked ways to make your blogging life easier is to make sure you’ve backed up your blog – and I don’t mean just the posts – I mean everything. Right now, the best plug-in for backing up a WordPress site is BlogVault. Although it’s not free, with test-restoration, multiple Amazon S3 backups and the ability to handle ultra-large sites, this should be number 1 on your to-do list.

6. Instant Weekly Roundup

Every week you’re adding new content to your blog, and it’s often a good idea to create a ’round-up’ of recent or popular posts to help introduce new readers to what your blog is all about. Don’t waste time doing all of this manually – make your blogging life easier with ‘Instant Weekly Roundup’, a WordPress plugin that largely automates this process and gives you control over time-spans, individual posts and even the look and feel of the round-up with custom CSS.

7. WP Insert

WP Insert is a simple-to-use yet powerful ad-management system for your blog. You don’t want to waste time mucking around with ad-code – you need to be doing what you do best; writing. WP Insert makes your blogging life easier by providing a user-friendly interface that includes the ability to control the placement of ads and copy/paste the ads from any number of ad-platforms, so you can stop worrying about how to generate revenue and get back to writing that killer post!

+1:) P3 Profiler

Okay, okay – I said there would be 7 WordPress plugins to make blogging easier, but I couldn’t help myself, I have to give you guys one last little tip. While all of these plugins can definitely streamline the process and improve your productivity, they can also come at a cost – bloating your blog so that it runs too slowly for anyone to actually appreciate all of the excellent content you’ve been writing. That’s where P3 Profiler comes in – it measures the performance of the plugins on your site and lets you know if any of them are adversely affecting the speed. Make that the last plugin you use and welcome, my friend, to a new world of blogging made easy:)

Have you had any experience with these WordPress plugins? Are there any other plugins that you currently use that are making your blogging life easier? Share your tips in the comments section, we’d love to hear your suggestions!

This post was written by Jacob E. Dawson, who is a blogger, entrepreneur, and online-marketing ninja with a passion for making the most of every day!