Earning backlinks for your blog isn’t as easy as it used to be. Google has clamped down on link building practices and webmasters are less willing to link out to websites fearing they may become subject to penalties. There are still other ways to earn valuable links that can drive authority and web traffic to your blog. The SEO experts from Online Marketing Gurus suggest implementing the following link building tactics for your blog.

Clever Ways to Build Backlinks

Blog commenting on related websites

Blog comments are a great way to engage in online discussions and to promote your website. Like all things, there is a right and wrong way to go about it. Any commentary should add to the discussion on the blog. In a way, you might end up posting a ‘micro blog’ as a response to the discussion. You can share your link to your website’s content that should add to the discussion. For example, this might include blog posts, tools, infographics or videos. Do not engage in web spam activities whereby you post links that add no value to the discussion. Also, check the blog to see if hyperlinks are ‘Dofollow’.

RSS feeds

Submit your blog’s RSS feed to RSS directories to give your content the best chance of getting picked up by other relevant websites.

Get featured by other bloggers.

As you build relationships with other bloggers in your industry, you can ask them if they would be willing to feature your blog as a recommended resource on their blog. Recommended blogs tend to get site wide recognition and it can send additional traffic to your website.

Contribute to web forums

Check web forum discussions to see if there are threads that would be interested to view your blog content. Most forum threads show the amount of replies and views that a thread topic receives. By simply contributing to the discussion and sharing the link to your web content, you could earn several more visits a day to your website as well as a link.

Guest blog

Guest blogging is more than just gaining links. Guest blogging allows you as a blogger to gain exposure to a completely new audience. Review the most active blogs in your niche and reach out to them to see if you can publish content on their platform. Your publication will add to the credibility of your web profile and create the opportunity for your blog to earn more traffic as well as backlinks.

Reference your own blog on Q and A websites.

There are several Q&A websites online like Yahoo Answers and Quora. Find threads that cover topics related to your niche and provide an answer while referencing content that you have published on your blog.

Roundup people or posts in your niche and let them know about it.

People love to have their work featured. By creating a roundup of people’s posts, content or contributions and letting them know about it, they will be more likely to share the content (and maybe even link to it!).

Review products or services and let them know about it.

Similar to the tactic above, product or service reviews can also work well. Simply give a thorough review and share it with the product or service provider on social media and via email. Your content may get linked to directly from the product or service providers, as well as other sites in your niche that are also interested in reviews.

Broken link building (Moving man method)

Broken link building can be an extremely effective way to improve the SEO visibility of your website. The method involves finding websites that link to content that is similar to your own blog and reaching out to the webmaster if the content is no longer live or is outdated. Webmasters tend to be appreciative if the content is good and it will allow you to earn a link from an authoritative web page.

These are a few ways to earn links to your blog that will help amplify your SEO presence as well as generate traffic to your blog. Try out these tactics and see what success you can gain from your link building activities today!