Ever wonder what it takes to make a blog a success? Not every blog becomes a success. There are many blogs that just don’t make it. But then again, there are plenty of blogs out there that are doing it – successful and are doing quite well. Yours can be too!

Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s. We hope these will help make your blog a great success!

Do: Blog Regularly – This is one of the best things you can do for your blog. If people know that you will post blogs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday then they know to check your blog on these days. If you post whenever you feel like it, well then they have no idea of when to check! So decide on a schedule you like and then stick to it! Our suggestion? Choose a slower schedule at first – say posting 2 or 3x a week and then increase if you are confident you can post more often – say 5x a week or more.

Do or Don't
Do or Don’t

Don’t: Switch Topics All the Time – Now most of us have more than one interest. That is all of us except really dull people! Little joke there…. But seriously, in order for your blog to be successful you need to stay on topic. If you blog is about being the mom to twins, then that is what you should blog about. If your blog is about organic gardening then this is what you blog about. Don’t step in there and blog about something totally unrelated – like retirement planning and investing.

Do: Have a Contest – Blog readers love contests! Contests don’t even have to be big to be successful – just fun – and do remember to stay on topic. If you have a mystery book review blog then giveaway some mystery books or a gift card to a book store. If you have a computer or gadget blog then giveaway computer software. Remember that contests often help to attract new followers as they are often promoted on social media.

Don’t: Be Mean – It is sometimes tempting to share your opinion when blogging. But don’t be mean! There is a big difference between saying you don’t like something or even giving a critical review of that band or restaurant – or saying something that is really cruel. Just think before you hit “Enter.” Most blog readers find opinions interesting but being mean is something that wont attract you many followers.

Do: Connect with Other Bloggers – This is one of the best things you can do to help your blog. Get to know other bloggers who blog in similar topics to yours. If you blog about beauty then get to know people who blog about jewelry, accessories, women’s fashion and hair – as well as other beauty blogs. Not only can you trade links but you can do promotions together and sometimes create contests and fun blog events together as a team.

Don’t: Post “Just” a Blog (with no planning) – Hey, we all get busy! But one of the worst things you can do is to post “just” a blog with no planning or effort. You want to show your readers that you care enough about them that you will do something special for them each time they visit. Check your spelling and grammar. Double check your blog posts for any possible errors. Focus on posting terrific blog posts – you never know which blog post will be someone’s first blog post visiting at your blog!

Do: Use Images & Video – It is easier than ever to add images and video to your blog posts. With the click of a button you can add them. Remember to give proper credit if adding images or video. Images and video often make your blog posts more fun and interesting – and attract readers to them at first glance.

Don’t: Forget Links & Tags – Want to post terrific blog posts each time? Take the time to add links and tags to them! It isn’t too difficult to do. If you are talking about a great site or product, add a link to it. People will probably want to click on what you are talking about to check it out for themselves. Tags are helpful to let people easily find your posts. Use at least 5 or so tags for each blog post.

Do: Have Fun with Your Blog – Boy oh boy, blogging sure sounds like a lot of work! But remember to have FUN with your blog – the whole reason you got started with it in the first place! If you are having fun with it, then it is very likely this will show through when people read that great blog post at your blog – and they will enjoy it even more. If your blog becomes a total grind and a lot of hard work and no fun for you, then your blog just isn’t going to seem exciting, fresh and interesting. So have fun & know that others are having fun with you too!