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9 Ways To Increase The Exposure Of Your Content



Let me guess… You just published a high-quality content and are trying to figure out how to get more traffic to it?

Let’s talk about how you can increase the reach of your content by over 500%.

According to eMarketer, 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each week. But how many of these contents see the limelight?

Very few.

You can’t publish a piece of content and expect the world to see it when you consider the fact that over 2 million blog posts are published daily.

So how can you maximize the exposure of your content?

How can you ensure that your content gets links, shares, leads and sales?

1. Syndicate Your Content

James Clear used content syndication to take his blog from zero to 250,000 unique visitors per month. All in less than 2 years.

Content syndication works like this:

  • You publish a post on your blog
  • Then you republish it on an established site in your niche or sub-niche

For example, James Clear published Lessons on Success and Deliberate Practice from Mozart, Picasso, and Kobe Bryant on his blog.

Then, he tweaked the article a bit and republished it on Lifehacker.

Content syndication is a very powerful promotion strategy that makes your content works harder for you.

2. Do A Pre-Outreach For Your Content

In an AMA chat on, Brian Dean (the founder of Backlinko) confessed to emailing at least 100 people before his post goes live.

And it works for him.

Today, most of his posts rank on the first pages of Google for their target keywords.

Alex Turnbull used pre-outreach to get 1,000+ subscribers from a single blog post in 24 hours.

Turnbull created an influencers list four weeks before launch. He reached out to those influencers and tell them about his first blog post. 83% of the influencers he contacted shared his post.

Doing influencers pre-outreach can increase the exposure of your content.

Influencers hold the key to the readership kingdom. Just a single tweet from an influencer like Jeff Bullas could send massive visits to your blog post.

3. Boost Your Content With Paid Promotion

Most viral posts have thousands of social shares. You may not be aware that most of them were pushed with paid promotion on Facebook and Twitter.

For example, Viral Nova averages 100 million visits per month and was sold for $100 million. This is a business that was being run by just 3 people.

The secret to their traffic is Facebook ads. They create a blog post and push it through advertising on Facebook.

You’ll often see contents with thousands of shares on ViralNova. It’s because they promote their posts with Facebook ads.

Facebook advertising is an effective way to promote your blog post to the right audience.

4. Repurpose Your Content Into Different Formats

Repurposing your content is a new way to breed new life into it. Your content will be exposed to a new set of audience.

There are many ways to repurpose contents:

  • Webinars
  • Combine a set of blog posts and turn them into an ebook
  • Slideshare presentations
  • YouTube Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics

If you’ve written a nice blog post, you can turn it into a video. Doing this will enable you to reach video lovers who might not read your blog post. The same thing applies to other content formats like webinars, podcasts and infographics.

5. Republish Your Content On Medium

Medium is a great community that can expose your contents to a passionate group of people who would share it with their networks.

Benji Hyam said that republishing his blog post on Medium generated 10k views in 4 days.

Smart bloggers are using Medium to get into authority publications like The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

If your content is successful on Medium, you can just reach out to these publications and ask if they can republish your post.

These authority sites are always looking for contents that have been successful on Medium. They believe that if your content is successful on Medium, then there’s a great chance that their audience would like it. It’s a win-win deal for both parties.

6. Use Your Content To Answer Questions On Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform like Yahoo Answers and Stack Exchange. But it has a better community feature than both.

Quora is full of passionate people just like you. It’s a place where President Barack Obama can directly answer people’s questions.

Quora is a nice place to build up your profile and communicate with your target audience.

Many of your ideal customers are posting their questions on Quora. Quora lets you answer these questions and you can even use your blog post as answers. Just copy and paste and link back to your blog. Doing this will enable you to drive traffic and leads back to your blog.

7. Start Guest Blogging To Promote Your Post

Guest blogging is a powerful marketing strategy that helped Buffer acquired its first 100,000 users. It also helped Danny Ivy turned his blog into a 7-figure business.

Guest blogging is a nice way to build a business.

But what about using it to promote a blog post?

Matthew Barby used guest blogging to promote a content he published on his blog. As a result, the post got 247 backlinks from 91 domains. This helped the post ranks for highly competitive keywords on search engines.

You can use guest blogging to boost the backlinks to your blog post. As you know, links remain the number one ranking factor on Google.

8. Contact People Who Had Shared Similar Contents

Nothing beats direct outreach with people who had shared similar contents before.

As you know, Google and Bing uses social shares in their search algorithms.

Some people care a lot about the topic you’ve written about. Why not reach out to them telling them about your content?

It’s much easier to get someone to share your article than it takes them to link to your blog post. They can quickly login into their Twitter or Facebook account and share your link with their network. This exposes your content to more people which would lead to more shares, then links.

If people are sharing your contents, naturally, links will begin to follow.

9. Get Your Content Featured In Weekly And Monthly Roundups

Weekly and Monthly Link roundups are a great place to get links while exposing your content to a new group of people.

For example, Ana Hoffman publishes weekly roundups on her blog, the Traffic Generation Cafe. This is a great place to get links assuming you’re in the marketing niche.

Getting featured in a link roundup helps you establish yourself as an expert in your niche. The more you’re getting featured in roundups, the more people would start to pay attention to your blog.

Michael Akinlaby is a Freelance Writer and SEO Consultant. He's the founder of RankRain, a marketing agency that specializes in Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

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Every Blogger Walks a Different Path



Neil Patel walks a different path than I. I walk a different blogging path than you. Just like no two snowflakes are alike, no two bloggers walk the same exact path. We take different routes. Different journeys require different strategies, detours, tactics and strategies. Neil walked an SEO-rich path. I do not. I chose a prolific, SEO-free path. No one mimics a fellow blogger perfectly because no two humans have the same experience. We succeed by differentiating. Never believe you need to walk the same path as some blogging pro to succeed. Of course, doing so proves fruitless because no two bloggers walk the same blogging journey. Never try to do the impossible. Stop believing you need to do the same things top bloggers do to succeed like top bloggers. I broke many traditional blogging rules to circle the globe as a pro blogger. Of course I created a blogging course, eBooks and audio books. Content? Check. Connections? Check. I honored fundamentals to succeed but never tried mimicking the same journey as any top blogger.

Walk your blogging path. Take your blogging journey. Your blogging path separates you from the herd. My travel stories and blogging lessons make me different from any blogger. Ditto for you. We all have different experiences to call upon for becoming a successful blogger. Respect your uniqueness. Find your blogging flow. I do not enjoy doing SEO to drive Google traffic. Why would I force a blogging journey trough some strategy I disliked working?  I should just work a job if I did something for money versus working for passion. Of course, I never took a path like Neil Patel because I do not enjoy SEO-optimizing posts. I succeeded through another strategy. Never believe you need to walk the same path as pros to become successful as pros. New bloggers swing and miss daily by believing success is writing 4,000 word, SEO-optimized posts dominating competitive keywords on Google. Are you nuts? Neil Patel dominates competitive keywords on Google after 10,000 plus hours of practice-work-creating-connecting. You have 5 or 10 hours or maybe 100 hours of practice-work-creating-connecting. Relax. Slow down. Calm down. You have another 10,000 hours of blogging work to do before being skilled, creative and connected enough to dominate page 1 of Google for 1 – let alone 20 – competitive keywords.

But you may dislike SEO all together. Take a different blogging path. Find tactics resonant with you. Perhaps building bonds with bloggers and creating helpful content feels fun to you. Take that route. But know your path differs from any blogging path because we each fly solo and learn different lessons for specific parts of our blogging journey. No two bloggers walk in the same blogging shoes. No two bloggers walk the same blogging path. Two bloggers may walk similar blogging journeys. Bloggers sometimes walk similar blogging paths. But nobody walks identical paths because bloggers have different experiences to learn from during our blogging journey.

Respect your path. Honor your progression. Accept how you blog in the perfect place, at the perfect time, now. Do not resist your blogging path. Everything brought you here to this point now. Accepting your present state of blogging growth reduces resistance to future growth. Surrender serves as a powerful concept. Be completely at peace with your blogging growth now. Hug your progress. Walk your blogging path. Of course, note wins. Celebrate success. Avoid comparing yourself to bloggers. Bloggers experience different situations to benefit from different circumstances. We all have different lessons to learn on our respective blogging journeys. Honor this truth. Cultivate peace of mind. Position yourself to succeed. Walk your one-of-a-kind blogging path to experience your greatest success.


Do you want to build a loyal blog community? Buy my eBook:

6 Tips to Grow a Rabidly Loyal Blog Community

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Hobbies Change for Habits to Change



Over a decade ago, I woke up, watched TV, grabbed breakfast, hit the gym for bodybuilding and returned home to watch a DVD movie. At 2:30 PM I prepared for work. I drove to my security guard job. By 10:30 PM on most nights I drove home. Evening movie. Sleep. Rinse, wash and repeat the following day. I worked a security guard job. My hobbies consisted of lifting weights and watching TV. But my hobbies and habits changed the moment I became a blogger. Morning breakfast vanished. I stopped going to the time-consuming gym. Watching movies every day? Fat chance. My bodybuilding workout and movie hobbies had to change for me to begin the habits of meditating, doing yoga and expanding my awareness daily. Hobbies change before habits change.

New bloggers often struggle because newbies cling to old, worn out, failing hobbies like:

  • watching TV for hours nightly
  • mindlessly cruising the internet for hours nightly
  • mindlessly gossiping on the phone or with family for hours nightly

These low-energy hobbies need to change pronto for you to develop fun, freeing, higher energy habits like meditating, doing yoga, blogging generously and engaging in some form of exercise. Picture those 4 hours you waste on watching TV each evening. How do you find time to engage in different habits? Change your hobbies. Out goes TV, or, TV just consumes 45 minutes per evening. Enter 20 minutes of meditating. Release some hobbies. Fill the time with different, empowering, freeing, sometimes uncomfortable habits. Imagine watching the idiot box for 3 hours nightly. 3 hours pass. Nothing profitable, productive or empowered happens watching the television. But for you to be a pro blogger you need to spend those 3 hours meditating for perhaps 10 minutes and blogging for the remaining 2 hours and 50 minutes. Change your hobbies to create space for changing habits. Changing habits accelerates, colors and influences hobby changes too. My hobbies went from watching TV to circling the globe on meditating more deeply, doing more yoga and spending more time in serious introspection. Life became more uncomfortable but far more fun and freeing as my hobbies and habits changed. I preferred to wander around Ubud, Bali versus watching an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. My hobbies changed for the better. I respect how we all travel different paths but if your hobbies and habits never changed, you are either enlightened, and never needed to change your meditating and yoga habits, or you have been making fear-driven, comfortable, confining choices wasting your life.

I have yet to see a genuinely happy, peaceful, powerful, prospering person who watches more than 2-3 hours of TV every single night. People call TV the idiot box because television makes you an idiot. Mindless, bland, non-stimulating TV watching does nothing for your growth, happiness, fulfillment, peace of mind and overall abundance. Empowered bloggers cannot spend 5 seconds on idle, mindless, dingbat-style activities. Stop spending hours watching TV each evening. Start spending hours blogging and working on your abundance mindset. Buy a blogging eBook. Surround yourself with pro bloggers. Learn from these pros. Mimic their ways. Gain inspiration from their example. Fill time not with garbage but with goal-achieving, fun, freeing and sometimes scary blogging actions. First, the hobbies change. Gone goes watching TV, gossiping and wasting time on low energy actions. Habits change with the hobby vacuum being void. Begin meditating. Start doing yoga. Awareness-expanding activities unearth fears, nudge you toward love, amplify your generosity and accelerate your blogging success.

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Contact Page: Yes or No?



Should you post a contact page on your blog?

In most cases, yes. In few cases, no. Let’s dive in.


For almost all bloggers, posting a contact page on your blog allows readers to contact you quickly and easily. Before traffic and business grows you need to connect with readers fast. Seamlessly connecting with you allows readers to grow your blogging traffic and profits. Picture a potential client with questions about your services. How quickly can the person ask questions and get answers to make an informed decision? Publish a clear, easy to see and easier to use contact page to give clients an easy way to get their questions answered. Clear clients who vibe with your services hire you. Making money online becomes easier if people connect with you quickly via contact pages.


But in a few cases, not posting a contact page actually grows your business. Incredibly busy bloggers with huge, engaged readerships need to cut down on spam and other non-relevant emails. Removing your contact page instantly cuts down on spammy submissions. Publish a contact page and you waste precious time sifting through emails littered with spam, unsolicited pitches and other time sucks. Even if you have not made millions yet, removing your contact page may be a springboard to greater success. Devote time and energy spent sifting through emails to guest posting, genuine blog commenting and promoting fellow bloggers on your blog. Leverage.  Spend time intelligently. Reach bigger, targeted audiences by releasing time-wasting activities. Removing contact pages works for incredibly busy bloggers slowly being overrun by spam submissions sent via contact pages. Spend this saved time growing your blogging business through leveraging.

Trust Your Intuition

Intuitively, my gut told me to remove my contact page months ago. I became busier but noted a high ratio of spam submissions through the page. Lazy, non-targeting, struggling entrepreneurs mindlessly click on contact pages and send generic emails, wasting my time and their time. Removing my contact page instantly lowered these spammy submissions by 70% to 80%. Most people who email me now seem to be serious entrepreneurs. These people want to work for me. Gone are lazy bloggers and outreach specialists who wish not to do the legwork of finding my email addy on my About page. I want people to work a little bit to contact me. Of course, working a little bit proves individuals genuinely want to connect with you to discuss business, to ask questions or to simply connect. Build posture. Do you want lazy, mindless people to contact you? Or do you prefer serious, genuine people to contact you?

Ultimately, trust your intuition. I suggest most bloggers to publish contact pages because the majority wants to be easily reachable for increasing your blogging presence. But being busier after building your blogging business makes you think twice about allowing people to connect with you easily.

I wanted to add how even though I publish no contact page, people reach me easily via Twitter and Facebook. I respond to DMs on Twitter, I scan @replies and also respond to Messages on Facebook, including my Message Requests.


Do you feel lost working at home? Buy my eBook:

6 Tips for Work at Home Entrepreneurs

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