A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started with Pinterest

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Pinterest is a site oriented with images. The main point is placing a focus on something that will be of interest to individuals and businesses. Be creative! Would you visit a site if it looked boring? If the answer is no, you should read further to turn that no into a yes. It takes a good imagination and great pictures. The images can say it all and it is up to you to keep the customer’s attention. Here are a few pointers to getting started with Pinterest on your new adventure.

Getting started with Pinterest

Pictures can say it all. If you have a picture of a clown standing next to a fabulous three-tier cake, would you want to know how to make that cake? The idea is to get the visitor’s attention. You could be selling baking products, but you have the individual’s attention. If you are a plumber, maybe posting a cartoon character with a pipe bursting water all over the place, you will captivate an audience. Do you see where this is going?
Get the viewer to click on an image related to the picture by using key words and descriptions of the product or service your company is offering. Pinterest will attract the customer during the search process, but you need to convince the person to re-pin the product on the company or individual’s board. Use good imaging on every advertisement or blog post.
Take photos of your employees, company events, fundraisers, or products provided by your company. Make them entertaining. If you don’t have a company logo, now would be a fantastic time to create one. Create an image each visitor will want to pin on the company or personal page.

Open a Business Account

At some point, you may have set up an individual account with Pinterest. If you did, you can easily convert it into a business account. Many additional offers are provided including rich pins if you have a company account. These specials are not offered on a personal account.
At the time you join Pinterest, you will need to provide a business name, email and password, website, and the type of business. It will be necessary to choose five interests so a custom newsfeed can be created. For beginners, you can choose interests related to your business. You can change the topics later, but you can fill the feed with posts from users you have chosen to follow.
The next step is your profile page. This will be your showcase board, but you need to fill in the profile section. Add a company description, location, and a logo if you have one. Be sure to confirm your website.

Create the Boards

Each board will be topics that will engage the targeted audience for your business. Be sure to use themes that will interest your prospective customers. You need to boast of your company and its employees. You need to sell your services and products through good imaging techniques. The company viewing your content may be your next client. Be creative and make an inviting image of your business.

Pinning Etiquette

Be sure each link you use will direct the individual or company to a relevant and related site. Remember to give credit for images used if they are not of your making. You will need to be sure to use correct pinning. Guide the person to the right board and you will have a happy customer.
Hopefully, these guidelines will aid you in your first experience with a Pinterest business account. Your future will be brighter with this unique pinning experience. It will also have your clients coming back for more. You will be glad for this great opportunity. Why not set one up today by getting started with Pinterest right now?

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