Most people love images; free images are even better. How about high quality images that are free? Even better.

Humans are visual creatures; our brain simply processes images quicker than plain text. You would see almost every content marketer and blogger use at least one image in their post.

Why? To simply grab attention, break up the content, engage the viewer and get more social shares. Content with images get shared more often than those without.

Most blogs that talk about blogging related topics like how to blog and how to make money with a blog always have at least one post on where to find free images.

The irony is that none of these blogs have a visual guide, so we went ahead and created one. So here it is without further ado a visual guide to finding free images online.

28 free image sources

A Visual Guide to 28 Free Image Sources – An Infographic from

  1. Pexels– This is one of my favourite sites with quality images that are creative common zero (CC0) licensed. This means you can use the image without any restrictions even for commercial purposes. No links required.
  2. Wikimedia Commons– A bit of a hit and miss in regards to quality and engagement levels of images.
  3. GettyImages – With over 50 Million images that are searchable. You will need to copy an embed code to use the image. The embed code includes the proper attribution link.
  4. Public Domain Archive – Images collected by bloggers with both contemporary and classic images.
  5. Free Images– In my humble opinion a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to quality and variety of free images.
  6. Open Photo – Great pictures of nature and more. Tags from arts and weather.
  7. New Old Stock – Awesome for vintage, black and white pictures. Use only for personal or non-commercial use.
  8. Picography– Great high resolution pictures with CC0. No categories but has a handy search feature.
  9. Creative Market– Free weekly images, themes and fonts with a paid service.
  10. Stokpic – Free images, videos and vector files for both personal and commercial use.
  11. Foodies Feed – The name says it all. Food bloggers take note.
  12. Stockvault – Modern images rich in colour. They are not all free so do check the license.
  13. Unsplash– Great for travel bloggers with iconic locations such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Statue of Liberty. There is no search feature and at times it is hard to find exactly what you want.
  14. Photopin– Searches Flickr creative common images and provides attribution links.
  15. A Prettier Web – Free images and themes targeted at the female population. As they say ‘everything is prettier in pink’.
  16. Picjumbo – Image categories range from animals to wedding and everything in between. Easy to navigate site with tags and a search feature.
  17. SplitShire – A bulk image download option that lets users download 500 images is pretty cool. Images can be used for personal and commercial use with no attrition or links.
  18. Death to the Stock Photo – Free monthly image packs on email or get access to the complete image library for $15 a month.
  19. Gratisography – Quirky images that are outside the box is what Gratisography is known for.
  20. Morguefile– Another source for quirky images that are of high quality. Some images require attribution and a link back to the author so do check before using them.
  21. Dreamstime – Well known for their paid image library. Check out their free images tab, free logos and banners.
  22. Pixabay – Great collection of free images and vector files for designers. Categories range from architecture to travel.
  23. FreeFoto – 3,640 image categories to choose from. All images require attribution and a link back.
  24. iStock – Free stock files every week that include audio, video, cartoon and animated image and multimedia files.
  25. Boss Fight – Great image collection that can be used without any hooks. The objective of this site is to be the boss of all image collections in one place.
  26. Flickr Creative Commons – Check the creative common licensed images and some pictures will need an attribution link. Flickr can be great source for vibrant images as anyone can contribute to their image gallery.
  27. Stock Snap – By now you must love the term ‘creative commons zero’ or CC0 – that’s exactly what you get here with great high resolution images.
  28. Google Images– Good old Google, be aware of licensing restrictions as not all images are free. If you click on ‘Search Tools’ under Google images then you can select a ‘usage right’ that suits your need.

Wrapping it up

There are many ways you can spot a new blogger; one way is to look at the quality of the images they use – traditionally the image quality is not great. New bloggers normally depend upon Google image search without knowing not all images can be used free of cost or restrictions.

I am sure you will find at least one site that satisfies your free image search ‘taste bud’ from the list. Images are not only good for user engagement but they also have SEO value, think about Google search where images are listed for most searches you perform. Use the image sources wisely as some may be better for certain niches than others; some require attribution and links.

If you like it, share it.