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Our A2 Hosting review is a promising web hosting service, which has served over 100,000 websites.
It is believed that 97 % of the customers would recommend A2 Hosting to their friends.
A2 Hosting is a favorite web host for Developers and Software Providers.
They might not be the first ones to pop on the Google search bar like Blue Host or Host Monster, but they promise to boast speed up to 20 times faster.
They had started almost a decade ago in 2001. They called themselves, Iniquity those days. They are all over the globe- all over USA, Europe, and Asia.
WhoisHostingThis conducted a survey and awarded A2 Hosting a 4.6 ,that is quite extra-ordinary and accomplishment in itself.
There is a few big review sites like ours that rank A2 hosting review as a top notch selection.
Here are the reasons to pick up and share our A2 Hosting Review:
1- Best Uptime of 99.99%
Uptime determines the major pedestal of choosing between the best web hosting services.
A survey was conducted by the most popular 30 Web Hosting Companies and none of them was able to give 100 % uptime for 12 months.
A2 Hosting is the only web-hosting company that has an uptime of 99.99% for 12 months, which is extra ordinary in itself and an excellent reason to pick them right away.
2- 20 times faster than Competitors
A basic indicator of generating a large number of visitors is on the website depends upon how much time it takes for a website to load.
Ideally, it should be within a few seconds. A website that takes more than a few seconds immediately loses 50% of its customers.
A2 Hosting is 20 times faster than her competitors are. It is super fast in loading and has an easy interface for the customers.
The company makes use of the latest technologies in order to keep up the pace with others.
It has less scope of flaws and errors due to its close monitoring on all aspects of there servers and support staff.
3- Efficient Customer Support
The customer service is another factor, which determines the choice of web hosting service.
Web Hosting is never a onetime affair, the users would need support all the year round.
There Great uptime and fast loading time would take a back seat when users would need help in website maintenance and there is nobody to help.
The Customer Support Team at A2 Hosting is available 24/7 all year round. They can be reached through phone calls, live chat, emails, and tickets.
They are fair and unbiased in their approach to all customers.
It has generated thousands of reviews by honest customers who swear by its customer services.
4- Safety from Hackers
A2 Hosting provides its users with one of its kind, safety from Hackers.
Hack Scan is a free service by A2 Hosting that serves as a shield against the hackers.
24/ 7 secure monitoring at no cost to the customer.
You can have similar benefits of safety from hackers and other miscellaneous issues by paying a hefty amount to the web hosting companies.
A2 Hosting, on the other hand provides the safety at no cost to its customers. Once you register at A2 Hosting, you can live a stress free life.
5- Free Site Migration
Migrating to another cloud can become a never-ending task for many people and businesses.
Sometimes when a user has to move the site to another domain, it becomes a hassle for them.
It requires scrutiny and technical support, which A2 Hosting provides to its customers.
They would charge you a minimal fee for migration whereas its competitors can charge a heft amount for the similar kind of work.
The risk of losing important data is one of the major problems involved in migration.
The Company guarantees hassle free migration without any loss of confidential data or relevant information.
6- 30 Day, Money Back Guarantee
A2 Hosting is a proud owner and offer money back guarantee if case you are not satisfied with their hosting after a month of usage.
Many other companies would not be able to refund the fees once you have registered with them, they could even force you to continue for at least 6 months.
The hosting companies usually ask the customers to register him, herself yearly, or half- yearly without giving them the opportunity to test the web hosting prior to purchasing it.
If it matters less to you that your Hosting Website should be the No.1 on Google Search, Go for A2 Hosting and you would not be disappointed.
The Company has been for a long period and has served over 100,000 websites.
Thousands of loyal customers who recommend A2 Hosting to their friends and families trust them.
The Company is received well by its customers worldwide and has reached heights by genuine customers and their word of mouth.
Email me your opinion of our A2 hosting review and what your thoughts are.

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