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Access a Huge Gallery of Professional PowerPoint Templates with SlideModel



As bloggers and entrepreneurs, it’s often one of the hardest things to keep the attention of your audience while also getting your message across. This is something that many people struggle with, especially when they are speaking to an audience during a conference or meeting.

One of the best ways to keep the attention of your audience and keep them grasping on your every word, is to allow them to follow along with a high-quality PowerPoint slide loaded with visuals, data points and a constant flow of engaging data.

Unfortunately for most people, this is easier said than done. The amount of time it takes to find a quality PowerPoint slide, format it in a design and style that matches your branding or even coming up with a custom template of your own could take several hours just itself.

For times like these, it’s great to have online marketplaces that allow you to quickly browse through thousands of professional and custom designed PowerPoint presentation templates to create slide decks, presentations, meeting discussions and much more.

SlideModel – Endless PowerPoint Presentations are Just a Click Away

When it comes to creating a slide deck for a speaking session or meeting, the process is pretty straight forward. Create a PowerPoint with all of your data points, speak to the slides and watch as everyone in the room starts to fall asleep!

Unfortunately, that’s usually the case and this is usually due to someone choosing a default template within PowerPoint or Keynote and then just plugging their data points in. However, if you were to take the time to prepare for a high-impact presentation filled with colors, branding and data charts, the attention of your audience would be much easier to grasp.

This is exactly what set out to accomplish when they created their online marketplace with thousands of slide templates to choose from. It’s not just about providing a service, it’s about making it easier for people to pick a slide, implement it and present better to audiences — without the need to be a PowerPoint expert.


With this concept in mind, has a very user-friendly interface that anyone will know how to use and navigate within just the first few seconds when using their site. Since nearly everyone accessing their site is likely in need of PowerPoint slides, that’s what they specialize in while making it easy for their audience to find what they are looking for.

The search box at the top of the page is one of the best locations to start. If you are preparing for a presentation on business analytics, financials or even to pitch your startup, simply plug any relevant keywords into the search box and you will find all matching slides on their site.

In addition to the search box, you can use the categories listed on the left side of the page or through the contextual categories on the top menu of all pages. Another great way to browse through the site is to simply click a slide you like, then see all of the relevant slides the site will recommend as well.

Once you do come across a presentation that fits your needs, all you need to do is click on it to see it’s detailed information, screenshots of additional slides and ratings from other users.

To give you an example of why is one of the best slide resource sites out there, we can take a look at their Light Bulb PowerPoint Template,  and walk through the many features and details typically found on any individual slide page.

Each presentation and slide deck on SlideModel includes:

  • Screenshot of all slides available within each template.
  • Slide details with total number of slides and user ratings.
  • Supported versions (PowerPoint, Keynote and supported versions).

What most speakers and individuals don’t realize is that PowerPoint has a lot more to offer than just their basic templates and bullet point features. For example, SlideModel has a great selection of PowerPoint themes and diagrams, such as funnels, process flow diagrams, SWOT templates and more, which are ideal for replacing text rich slides with more descriptive visual representations.


A good example of this would be is someone was describing a process instead of using a bullet list (or built-in smart art), where you can select a professionally designed diagram to replace the text. PowerPoint Diagrams are also a great way to display organizational setups and also help in avoiding Death by PowerPoint.

Dashboard Templates are another useful set of presentations offered through SlideModel, which makes it easy to display data-rich reports or for when you want to use fancy graphs and charts. To see how Dashboard Templates can be used for your next presentation, be sure to check out the quick YouTube video below.


Easily Download and Customize Templates

Imagine purchasing a software or product and opening the files and having it work exactly how you expected? That’s exactly what I experienced when downloading a template through SlideModel and started to customize it’s look and feel to match my brand.

In short, all I had to do was place the order for the template through their site. Download the file. Open it up and watch as it works perfectly in both PowerPoint and Keynote.

You can see a screenshot of the presentation below.

There is good news for Google Slides users, as this presentation tool is also supported. You can either import the templates into a new Google Slides presentation or use any of the pre-made Google Slides templates provided by SlideModel. The elements and text placeholders are preserved.


All slides within SlideModel feature detailed information that display all working versions and compatible software for each file. Be sure to view these data points before downloading or purchasing your desired template.

How Much Do SlideModel Templates Cost?

Nothing is more valuable than your time, and the last thing you want to do is waste it with the editing and formatting of your slide deck. This is especially true if you are the actual speaker or presenter, who should be focusing most of your time on the important data points and message you need to deliver

This is something that every individual, brand, business and speaker needs to consider — especially when you look at the low investment of setting up your own SlideModel membership account. (see plans & pricing page).

To start downloading presentations and slides from SlideModel, you will need to set up a membership account. Access to SlideModel is charged on a timely basis, as in days, months and annual access. The starter plan, called One Day Access provides a download quota of 5 templates for a period of 24 hours  — which would be perfect for anyone who is looking to make a one-time purchase for a rare presentation that they might have to deliver.

For the individual who might need to sporadically throw a presentation together, the “One Day Access” plan might be best for you. However for experts who continually find themselves speaking at different events throughout the year and for brands or businesses of all sizes, the “Annual Unlimited” plan was created just for you.

Maximize your return on investment by having access to unlimited downloads, access to priority support, direct uploads to cloud accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive) and 10 seat licenses to provide access to your team.

If the “One Day” or “Annual Unlimited” plans seem to small or large for your needs, SlideModel also has an “Annual Basic” plan for everyone in between. With this plan you will have access to a high quota of downloads that will never disappoint. This plan also provides access to the SlideModel support center where professional designers will reply to your questions and presentation needs.


No matter what business, industry or profession you are currently in, there is always going to be a need for high-quality presentations and slide decks to deliver your message. Having seen the wide selection of presentations and features available through, we highly recommend using their site for all future presentations, webinars or data sharing of any kind.

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at, as well as the founder of You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook

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Why Trying to Learn Blogging through a Free Website Is a Massive Mistake



Go ahead. Try it. Try to learn blogging through Blogger. Give it a shot. Have you mastered Blogger after a few months? Maybe after a year? Good. Now that you are ready to be a serious blogger you can buy your domain and hosting and begin blogging on a WordPress dot org blog. Ouch! You are in trouble. Some basic blogging principles apply but blogging on wp dot org is a full 180 from blogging on a free platform like Blogger. The set up is light years different on dot org. Monetizing and branding potential? Limitless. Complete game changer, which rocks, but you realize you made a massive mistake learning blogging on Blogger.


Blogging on a free platform ain’t blogging!

Learning how to blog on a free blogging platform is like learning how to ride a Ducati by riding a kid’s bike with training wheels. Please re-read that statement. Totally different experience. WordPress dot org has so many more moving parts to learn and master that you see the skills you learned, honed and developed over your year on Blogger go into the cyber trash – largely – the moment you begin blogging on WordPress dot org. Sure the basics remain constant. Make friends. Create value. But all the sweet details, the difference makers, differ dramatically between both platforms.

Imagine if you learned how to blog on Blogger. After buying my course and listening to my advice, you quickly learn any serious, legitimate blogging course is fully designed to speak to WordPress dot org bloggers, not free platform bloggers. Blogging on free platforms is not even blogging because you do not own the domain and hosting. You are just a user on Blogger, not an actual blogger. But if you own your domain and hosting you can call yourself a blogger. Huge difference.

Can you see why learning on Blogger or other platforms is a major league error when it comes to blogging successfully? Virtually every serious blogger owns their domain and hosting and tailors their teaching to a self-hosted crowd. Back in the day, high school students actually spent time and energy learning Latin. Maybe this skill could have been beneficial hundreds of years ago, but 30 40 years ago, this was a foolish exploit, learning an outdated language, developing a skill no longer in demand, or useful. Learning on Blogger is similar because all ins and outs become useless and you need to learn about a whole new, robust, valued, professional platform in WordPress dot org.

Do not even bother guys. Learn blogging by buying your domain and hosting. Get on WordPress dot org immediately. Learn how to blog the right way. This way, you won’t waste precious minutes, hours, days, weeks and months learning how to blog on a platform that will take you nowhere of note. Even if you buy your domain, you give up so much branding, monetizing and pro blogging potential the moment you forego WordPress dot org and choose instead to blog on Blogger. People need to learn blogging on the proper platform. Why? Why not? Why would you avoid positioning yourself for future success? If you want to learn blogging, learn blogging on the proper platform. Go with a self-hosted, WordPress dot org blog or do not even bother.


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3 Ways the Sony Xperia 1 Mobile Device Can Make You a Better Blogger



How many times have you already looked at your mobile device or cell phone today? It’s probably already been close to 50+ if it’s early in the day. By the end of the day you will likely have already picked it up and looked at it more than a hundred times!

With all of this in mind, it’s crazy how much we are all using mobile devices to do more than just make phone calls and access emails.

For site owners and bloggers, cell phones can make a huge difference in the type of content we create, and may even allow us to run our businesses from anywhere.

As new technology and devices are coming out all the time, today seemed like a great opportunity to take a look at the Sony Xperia 1, which is loaded with all of the latest technology, tools, features, and security settings to make running your business and brand from anywhere easy.

1 – Access Everything From Anywhere

No matter if you are running a website, a blog or even an online business, you need to make sure your mobile device is not only fast running and loaded with all of the latest tech trends and features — but also so it’s running on a super fast wireless platform and operating system as well.

This is all possible through the use of a Sony Xperia 1, as it has one of the most powerful processors and operating systems out there, while also being associated with all of the top brand name mobile carriers and also having 4G LTE speed.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
    The octa-core processor and 6GB of RAM deliver outstanding overall performance for opening and running applications, flipping through menus and more.
  • Android 9.0 Pie OS
    Adapts to you and the way you use your phone, learning your preferences as you go. Your experience gets better over time, and it keeps things running smoother and longer.
  • Compatible with GSM carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon
    It also works with GSM SIM kits, including Cricket Wireless, Tracfone, Net10, H2O, AT&T Prepaid, and Simple Mobile.*
  • 4G LTE speed
    This Sony Xperia cell phone provides fast web connection for downloading apps, streaming content, and staying connected on social media.

2 – Take Better Photos and Videos

If you want to be a successful blogger or someone worth following on social media, you are going to need some great visuals, photos and videos to grab the attention of others. In today’s day and age, there is no excuse for not having the highest of quality images or content. With the Sony Xperia 1, creating such type of high quality content has never been easier.

Take a look at the following benefits and features of the device when it comes to video and images.

  • 6.5″ 4K HDR OLED touch screen with 3840 x 1644 resolution
    The extra-large screen is matched with a slim body to comfortably fit in your hand. The 21:9 extended display ensures easier multitasking and immersive viewing. Gorilla Glass 6 resists shocks and scratches.
  • 12.0MP triple-lens camera system
    Offers 21:9 cinema ratio, 4K HDR movie recording, and 2x optical zoom to capture details without losing quality. Also includes an 8.0MP front-facing camera for self-portraits and videos.
  • Motion Eye
    Lets you capture slow-motion videos at up to 960 frames per second for staggering films.
  • BIONZ X image processing engine
    Powerful digital image processing produces even more vivid colors and ensure contrasts are high.
  • Optical SteadyShot image stabilization
    Keep your images free from motion blur with SteadyShot image stabilization.

3 – Cool Features and Extra Security

For anyone that is already using their mobile device to run their websites or online business, then you will already understand and appreciate the need for cool features and heavy a secure device that others can’t hack into. These are all elements that you will find in the Sony Xperia 1, as it’s loaded with the latest technology, features and fingerprint security settings.

You can take a look at each of these highlights in full detail below.

  • 128GB internal memory plus microSD slot
    This cell phone provides plenty of storage space for your contacts, music, apps and more. Expand your storage by up to 512GB by adding a microSD card (sold separately).
  • Sony’s audio expertise always by your side
    Hear music as the artist intended with high-resolution audio. DSEE HX™ improves the quality of low-resolution music files. The smart amplifier delivers a loud, rich sound through the speaker.
  • Your fingerprint keeps your phone secure
    Hold your finger on the fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone.
  • IP68 rating
    The phone is protected from dust and can also withstand being submerged in 4.92′ of static water for up to 30 minutes.

Running Your Site and Business from the Palm of Your Hands

When it comes to your mobile device, it’s no longer just about making phone calls and accessing the internet — it’s now about being able to do everything from anywhere.

This is exactly what site owners, bloggers and business owners are looking to accomplish when choosing a new mobile device or looking to make the upgrade to a new brand or technology.

If this happens to be the situation you are currently in, be sure to read through each of the tech specs and highlights mentioned above to learn more about the Sony Xperia 1.

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Advanced Blogging Tip: Have a Poor Link Memory



I create oodles of content daily. One tip to being prolific is to have a poor link memory. I forget what I published content-wise and link-wise to keep publishing content frequently. Do you know how most bloggers publish one blog post, include a link to a product and/or service, and keep checking the post again and again, to see how the link performs as far as clicks and conversions and sales and profits and money? I never do that. I have no time and energy to check how my links perform because I have a terrible link memory. I am always on to the next piece of content to create and the next link to place and the next person to help because I have a poor link memory. I forget links. This works perfectly for me; makes me super duper prolific.

Most bloggers attach to and cling to particular business links. What happens if you attach to a link? You give attention and energy to checking the link again and again instead of creating more content from a generous, prolific energy. How can you appear to be all over your niche if you check links regularly throughout the day and if you are not creating helpful, new pieces of content? You cannot be super successful if you are not prolific and you cannot be super prolific unless you have a poor link memory. Be generous, abundant and detached by forgetting links you place in posts; especially links pointing to business opportunities.

I link to my blogging course quite a bit but never get attached to any one link or blog post or guest post through which I link to it. Why? I have more fish to fry. I have more content to create and more bloggers to bond with and more folks to help and more bloggers to connect with and heck, after converting 50 more of my eBooks to paperback, I will have over 200 products about on Amazon, under the Blogging From Paradise umbrella. That is a lot of products to promote! We need to have a poor link memory to forget the prior link we promoted so we can move forward and promote more links, more content and greater blogging success. Envision yourself having an abundant mindset. What happens if you do not feel like anything seems short, scarce or running out? Being prolific is what happens. Being generous is easier if you are not burdened by any link to promote, to review and to assess regularly. I am not opposed to scanning metrics if doing so feels good and relaxing but most bloggers never take the time to assess their genuine feelings when it comes to how they feel promoting links.

I do. I am ruthless in assessing, observing, embracing and moving along my energies because watching your energy is the key to blogging success. Blogging from abundance, relaxation and trust leads to success while blogging from fear, scarcity, tension and anxiety leads to failure.

Which road do you prefer to take?

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