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AccuWeb Free Trial: Length, What’s Included & How To Extend

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Websites are essential these days.

Whether you’re looking to host a business page or put up a portfolio of your work, it’s hard to get by without them.

An AccuWeb free trial might be the right choice for your needs, but it won’t fit every need

Here’s what you should know to decide if AccuWeb is right for you.

Is Accuweb Free or Paid?

Both. Although most of AccuWeb’s services require payment, it does have some free options for users.

Does AccuWeb Have a Free Trial?

Technically, no.

Free trials are time-limited offers that companies use to let you test a product or service before you commit to paying for it.

AccuWeb’s free version is more of a free tier.

For convenience’s sake, however, we’ll continue calling it a free trial of their system.

How Long Is the AccuWeb Free Trial?

AccuWeb’s free trial is available for your lifetime.

Unlike some other companies, they don’t put a time limit on how long you can test out their free version.

This is great if you only need a small site and don’t expect many visitors, but you will need to upgrade if you get more traffic.

Does AccuWeb Require a Credit Card to Activate a Free Trial?


AccuWeb’s free trial is available without a credit card, though you will need to add payment information before upgrading to a higher tier.

How Much Is AccuWeb After the Free Trial?

AccuWeb’s pricing varies depending on what plans you need.

If you’re sticking with WordPress, their dedicated plans range from $3.99/month to $7.99/month.

Note that they charge yearly, so there are other options if you’re looking for month-to-month web hosting.

If you’re looking for affordable non-WordPress hosting, AccuWeb’s cheap plans range from $1.99/month to $5.99/month for a three-year term.

These can be a good choice if you’re starting up a site and want to keep costs low before upgrading as you grow.

What Comes With the AccuWeb Free Trial?

AccuWeb’s free trial for web hosting gives you a simple WordPress site.

While this isn’t as fully featured as any paid plans and doesn’t offer access to things like cloud hosting services, it is an excellent way to test their interface and see what’s possible.

Features You Can Test With a Free Trial

Here are some features you can test with an AccuWeb free trial.

1: Email Accounts

AccuWeb allows up to 25 email accounts on your domain at no cost, which is enough for most personal or small business needs.

Its control panel allows for control of these emails, including automatic responders, routing and forwarding, and more.

2: Limited Ticket Support

Free accounts always have lower priority for resolutions than paid accounts.

However, you can still test out their support system and ask questions.

Since you’re not on a time limit, you don’t need to worry about support taking so long to respond that your trial is already over.

3: SSD Storage

This isn’t immediately obvious from the visitor’s side, but AccuWeb uses SSD drives for free users.

Using an SSD means significantly better load times for your site, and it’s possible thanks to technological advancements that have made storage cheaper than ever before.

4: CloudFlare

AccuWeb offers access to CloudFlare, a website protection and security system.

CloudFlare helps stop a multitude of threats and speeds up access to your site.

Honestly, small sites probably won’t get a ton of use out of this, but it’s a nice touch and helps AccuWeb stand out from the competition.

5: Free Backups

AccuWeb offers free backups for WordPress, depending on availability.

This won’t be daily like the paid plans offer, but just having backups at all offers an excellent level of data protection.

AccuWeb Free Trial Limitations

AccuWeb’s limitations are significant.

Their free mode is specifically for WordPress and doesn’t include general web services.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing because you can do almost anything you need with WordPress, but it’s worth noting.

If you’re unsure which type of website hosting you need, check out our guide to the types of web hosting.

Free sites also have much lower monthly bandwidth, so they’ll slow down significantly faster than even the cheapest paid plans.

Is AccuWeb Customer Support Included With Free Trials?


AccuWeb offers some access to customer support on its free version, though free accounts go to the back of the line for help.

They do not provide managed support for the site, so you’ll have to do more work yourself.

Claiming an AccuWeb Free Trial

Here’s what you can do to get AccuWeb’s free trial.

How to Claim an AccuWeb Free Trial

First, navigate to AccuWeb’s homepage.

From there, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you should see many sections with links under them.

Look for Resources, which should be on the lower or right-hand side of the categories depending on your page layout.

Click the link for Free WordPress Hosting in the Resources section.

From this page, you can click on the buttons and follow the prompts to sign up for your free web hosting.

How Do I Get the Most From My AccuWeb Free Trial?

The way to get the most from your trial depends on what you want to do with it.

If you only want a small, low-traffic site, you can use their website builder and put things together.

If you want to make a bigger and better site, use the free trial as a chance to experiment and test things.

I recommend doing everything you can to build your site on a free plan, then upgrading to a paid version later.

How Can I Make My AccuWeb Free Trial Longer?

This is unnecessary. AccuWeb’s free trial has no time limit, so there’s no need to try and extend it.

After Free Trial Ends

Here’s what you should know about how things go after you finish your trial with AccuWeb.

Does AccuWeb Automatically Charge Users After the Free Trial Ends?

Assuming you’re not completely closing your account, yes.

AccuWeb’s free trial only ends when you upgrade to a new tier, so it’s only natural that they’d charge you at the same time.

Can You Cancel AccuWeb After the Free Trial?


You can close your AccuWeb account anytime, regardless of whether you’re on their free or paid tiers.

This isn’t hard, but it usually takes them a few days to process the cancellation after you notify them, so don’t expect your site to disappear right away.

How to Cancel an AccuWeb Free Trial

There are several ways to cancel your AccuWeb trial.

You can do so within their client platform by navigating to the Services section, then going to the My Services tab.

From there, click View Details, then Management Actions, then Request Cancellation.

You can explain the reasoning there, and they’ll send you a confirmation email to indicate when the request goes through.

Alternatively, you can submit a ticket to their billing department and ask them to cancel the account there.

Some people find this route easier, but both work.

How to Remove Card Details From AccuWeb

AccuWeb doesn’t require a credit card for their free tier, so you shouldn’t need to worry about this unless you upgrade.

If you upgrade, you can go into your payment section, click Update Credit, then navigate to the Payment Methods section to add, change, or remove all cards.

Is AccuWeb Worth Paying For?

AccuWeb is an affordable hosting service.

For an in-depth look at whether it’s right for you, check out our AccuWeb review.

For now, let’s take a quick look at the basics.

What to Expect From an AccuWeb Subscription

While the exact features vary by tier, AccuWeb subscriptions typically include additional email accounts, built-in spam filters, technical support, and automatic access to SSL for securing your site.

Unlike some other providers, they also offer guaranteed resources, which means they aren’t overselling their technology and giving you less than you claim.

AccuWeb also offers other services, like application hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers.

These are all quite affordable, but as needs vary at this level, it’s important to check your system requirements before you buy.

What Is a Free Alternative to AccuWeb?

If AccuWeb doesn’t sound right for you, Wix may be a good alternative.

Wix is a more general website builder, and since it’s not tied to WordPress like AccuWeb’s free version, you have more flexibility in what you can do with the site.

However, with just 500 MB of storage and bandwidth (worse than AccuWeb), you can’t handle much traffic before upgrades become necessary.

Other Ways to Save on AccuWeb Pricing

Here are some other ways to get a discount on AccuWeb purchases.

AccuWeb Promo Codes

AccuWeb offers some promo codes for their paid plans.

As a bonus, these are official codes they put on their website, so you can trust that these are valid offers.

If there’s a problem, customer support can help you apply for the promotion.

AccuWeb Discounts

AccuWeb discounts are essentially the same thing as their promotional codes.

Some companies separate the two of these, but since AccuWeb primarily publishes promotions on its website, they’re effectively discounts already. Just make sure to apply the promo code when you check out.

AccuWeb Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials

Like most tech and hosting companies, AccuWeb generally offers discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The offers can vary from year to year but can exceed more than 50% off a service.

However, their discounts usually apply to specific hosting plans, not to every option they offer.

Is There an AccuWeb Student Plan?


AccuWeb offers free hosting for students, although it’s fundamentally similar to their free lifetime plan and they only hand out a few websites a day.

This only lasts until graduation, so it’s easier to just sign up for their lifetime free plan.

The capabilities are similar and there’s no time limit to worry about if you go the normal route.

Other Free Trials to Check Out

Here are some other free trials to consider before you decide on a web host.

1. Nexcess Free Trial

You can get a 14-day Nexcess free trial if you’re looking for managed hosting.

Nexcess costs noticeably more than AccuWeb, but has more direct involvement from staff to help optimize websites.

This may be helpful for owners who aren’t experienced in creating websites.

2. Netify Free Trial

Like AccuWeb, the Netify free trial has no specific time limit.

However, they tend to start charging a lot more when you exceed their rather low limits, including for building a website at all.

Netify is more suitable for businesses than casual users, although they do offer unlimited sites for free users.

3. InterServer Free Trial

Getting an InterServer free trial isn’t possible.

They charge one cent for the first month, as they prefer to collect payment information.

However, they do focus more on virtual private servers than many other hosts, which is ideal if you need more power than regular website hosting allows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people have about AccuWeb.

How good is AccuWeb hosting?

AccuWeb is a solid and reliable hosting company, with generally accessible support, excellent uptime, and a wide variety of hosting options to meet different needs.

Where can I get a free domain name?

AccuWeb’s free domain name system is only available with certain plans, so it’s more accurate to say that they don’t bill it separately.

Wrapping Up

AccuWeb is a fast and reliable hosting company.

Although not the largest host in the world, its highly competitive pricing structure, great customer service, and robust set of features make it a good choice for most people.

If you want to make a WordPress site, try an AccuWeb free trial today.

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