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How To Add a White Outline to Photos for Free

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Looking to add that cool white outline to your image?

Everyone on Instagram seems to be doing it, but how do they do that?

You don’t have to be a photoshop cc guru to add a white outline to photos; a few quick clicks on Canva photo editor would be enough.

In this tutorial, I will detail the steps to add a white outline to photos without spending any money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There an App To Outline a Photo?

There are several apps and software to outline a photo, including Canva, Adobe Photoshop cc, PicMonkey, etc.

Canva is the most popular among these because of its easy accessibility and plain interface.

It is also possible to use the Canva app on smartphones to outline an image.

Can You Add a Border on an iPhone?

Using the markup tool in the default photo editor, you can quickly add a border to photos on an iPhone.

The Photos app also makes adding a white outline to your pictures easier.

You can also utilize one of the third-party apps from the app store, including Canva.

What You’ll Need To Add a White Outline to Photos

One of the primary reasons you see so many Instagram photos with white outlines is that it’s pretty simple to add.

To do the same, you would only need the following:

  • Devices: Canva can be accessed from a computer or mobile phone using a compatible internet browser like Chrome. You can download the app on an iPhone or other smartphones, too.
  • Connectivity: Canva and other associated apps in this tutorial require a reliable internet connection to access the web features or download the app.
  • Accounts: You must have a valid account with a username and password to add a white outline using Canva.

How To Add a White Outline to Photos: Step-by-Step Instructions

The most straightforward way to add a white outline to photos with different customization options is to use Canva.

Although it requires a Pro subscription to remove background in Canva, a separate background removal tool would help you do it for free.

So let’s find out how in the following steps.

Step 1: Remove the Background of Your Photo

Use the internet browser on your device to access the remove bg website.

It is a free image background remover tool that doesn’t require signing in.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 7.01.09 PM

Once there, click on the “Upload Image” button and choose your desired photo.

The tool should remove the background of your image as soon as it is uploaded.

Click “Download” to save your image with a transparent background.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 7.03.30 PM

Note: Canva’s “BG Remover” tool can also remove the background of your image in one click.

However, it requires a Pro subscription to use.

You can start from the next step if you are a Canva Pro User.

Step 2: Login and Upload Your Image to Canva

Head to the Canva app and sign in using your username and password.

If you are using Canva for the first time, create an account by clicking on the “Sign Up” button.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 7.12.36 PM

Click on “Create a design” from the top-right corner of the Canva home.

Next, hit the “Edit Photo” option from the dropdown menu and select the image from your computer to upload.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 7.15.41 PM

Once uploaded, tap the “Use in a design” button from the top-right corner.

It will take you to the design page with the background-free image attached to it.

Step 2.1: Click on the BG Remover Tool

If you are a Canva Pro user and have skipped ‘Step 1’, this step is for you.

Once uploading is complete, the Canva photo editor will show you several tools, effects, and features in a left-side menu bar.

Simply click on “BG Remover” to remove the background from your photo before using it in a Canva design template.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 11.08.56 PM

Step 3: Detach the Image From Its Background

Canva design page will use your image as the background by default.

You should separate the subject from the page to add a white outline.

Simply hover over the page and click the right button of your mouse before tapping the “Detach image from background” option.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 7.41.53 PM

Step 4: Change the Color of Your Background

You can change the background color to anything you desire by selecting the page and clicking the “Background color” menu from the top bar.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 7.49.52 PM

You can use your brand’s color to stand out, but avoid using a white background so that your white outline can shine.

Step 5: Make a Copy of the Image Cutout

Click on the image to find the “duplicate” icon.

It should appear above the cutout alongside the “Bin” and the “three dots” icons.

Hit the duplicate button to make a copy of your cutout.

Then, move one of the cutouts from the top of another so you can edit them easily.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 8.00.53 PM

Step 6: Apply the Duotone Effect to the Image

Select one of the cutout photos by clicking on it.

Then, tap on the “Edit image” button from the top menu bar.

Search for the “Duotone” feature and select any of the effects (i.e., Fuchsia) from the option.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 9.15.00 PM

Click over the chosen effect’s name once more to adjust its attributes.

Change the color of the effect’s highlights and shadows to white, but keep the intensity at 1.

Hit the “Apply” button to blur the image, then slightly increase its size.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 9.23.47 PM

Step 7: Place the Clear Cutout Over the Blurred One

Select the unedited picture and drag it over to the blurred image; place the top layer perfectly so that the white background can be seen evenly across the border.

You can also make the top image slightly smaller for a more prominent white outline.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 9.50.13 PM

Select both layers (press Ctrl or Cmd + A) and hit the “Group” button from the top menu bar.

This will make the white outline permanent, so you can move it around and add other elements without damaging the design.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 9.51.16 PM

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Wrapping Up

Thanks to Canva, adding an aesthetic white outline to your pictures is now easier than ever.

It doesn’t take much effort or time and can be done for free, despite Canva’s background removing tool being a pro feature.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this canva tutorial.

Feel free to comment for further clarifications or suggestions.

Please spread the knowledge by sharing this article with your friends and followers.

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