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Engaging your audience is an ever more challenging prospect for most sites, as competition for their attention grows fiercer every day. When you Add an Author’s Photo in WordPress it gives the author more credibility.

One way to strengthen the connection between your site and its readership is to give a face to the authors of your posts and articles.

For a long time, WordPress has been integrated with Gravatar, and most WordPress themes allow you to add that avatar at the side of each post. However, photos are a far more personal touch, and offer something different for your audience.

Because this is an easy and effective thing to do, this is a short guide to get photos integrated into your site and adding that touch of personalization that an author photo brings.

Working with Gravatar

If you have not used gravatar before, then you will need to sign up with them to get your photo ready for use. Once through the sign-up process, go back to the gravatar site and log in to your new account.

Here you can see the option to upload the image you wish to use, just follow the instructions and it will take just a few seconds.

If you operate a site that uses multiple authors, each person will have to open an account and upload the image they wish to use.

Having an image next to each author makes your whole site seem more personal and can bring benefits across your site over time, so is well worth the small amount of time it takes to do this.

Working in WordPress

With all the images needed uploaded to Gravatar, it’s time to set things up back in WordPress. How you approach this differs depending on the kind of site you operate.

If the site has just a single author, then you just need a little bit of HTML code, for multiple authors, the best route is a plugin.

We will first look at the single author solution by you getting to Add an Author’s Photo in WordPress.

If you just want to add a photo for a single author, begin by logging into the site’s WordPress administration area. You can then follow the menu, first go to the Appearance menu, then select Editor and from the files shown, select the one named single.php.

From here, you need to pick where you want the image to appear in the file, and at that location paste in the following code:

<div id="authorphoto"><a href="<?php echo get_author_posts_url( get_the_author_meta( 'ID' ) ); ?>" rel="author"> <!--?php echo get_avatar( get_the_author_meta('ID'), 60); ?--></a></div>

This links the author’s profile and places the photo at that location. You can adjust the image size by altering the number, currently set at 60. Once happy, click on update file to save the changes. Then select the style.css template file from the list, and add a new line to the bottom, with the text

#authorphoto { } Add an Author’s Photo in WordPress

Update the file to make the changes and your photo is now added.

(Perhaps a screenshot of the appearance editor would be helpful within this section)
Adding photos for multiple authors

While adding photos for single author sites is well worthwhile, it is arguably on sites that use multiple authors that it makes the most difference.

Being able to easily distinguish between authors turns a website into a group of individuals that readers can relate to, and avoids the faceless branding that some websites can suffer from.

The good news is it is quite easy to do, although you will have to install a plugin. The plugin needed is WP User Avatar. If you have not installed a plugin before, follow the link to the WP User Avatar page and follow the instructions they provide.

Once installed and activated, the new plugin will add a menu to your administration bar, labelled as ‘Avatars’. Clicking on that takes you to a new page that includes all the tools you need to manage author’s avatars with ease.This will help you get your authors photo to Add an Author’s Photo in WordPress.

First go to the user’s section, and edit each of your authors in turn. Clicking edit under the authors profile will allow you to upload an image for each one to use as their author photo.

The plugin will then place that image with each post, if you do not upload a local image, it will use the gravatar image for that author’s profile.

Whether you wish to use images locally by uploading or linking to gravatar is one of personal choice, however the plugin provides more editing tools to customize locally uploaded files, so that way has more flexibility to achieve the look you want.

(I think that a couple of images of the WP plugin menu within this section would help)


As you can see, adding author photos to your site, whether that is for one individual on specific posts as first explained, or a dynamic multi-author solution as provided by the WP User Avatar plugin, is not complex and can be accomplished relatively quickly.

By adopting this author image approach any site can create a more welcoming and identifiable image that builds trust and recognition from an audience over time.

We hope this guide has provide useful and would like to remind you of the wealth of tutorials on a range of topics you will find here on this site. Get started today and Add an Author’s Photo in WordPress.

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