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How To Add Google AdSense To Your WordPress Website

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For those of you in search for a means to add Google Adsense to your websites, we have put together a detailed guide about the process.

But first, let’s talk a little more about Google Adsense and what are its benefits.

If you are well informed about Google AdSense, then you can skip to the next section.

What is Google AdSense?

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Google AdSense is a program which allows bloggers and website owners to serve advertisements on their blogs or website in the form of text, images, video, or even interactive media.

These ads get targeted by site content and audience, which means that the advertisement will be of relevance to the readers.

Now with AdSense enabled on your website, if a user clicks on one of the ads, you will make some money in return.

The Benefits of Google AdSense:

  • Google AdSense is Free To Use: The Google AdSense program is totally free for use and doesn’t require you to sign up or purchase any membership.
  • Super Easy To Use: Using AdSense is practically a no-brainer.
    All you have to do is simply create an Adsense account doing which you will get an ad code.
    Now all you have to do is enter that ad code to your WordPress site that it’s all done.
    Furthermore, Google themselves handle and maintain relationships with the advertisers, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Customizable Ads: You will have the complete liberty to customize the look and feel of the ads that are shown on your website. This will you can make those ads blend in with your site’s overall and design and aesthetic and create a more consistent feel.
  • A Huge Community: AdSense is backed with a huge community of AdSense users beginner and advanced.
    The more experienced users are always happy to help, and provide many useful guides to help you properly optimize your AdSense so that you make more money.
  • Option for Sponsored Advertising: Besides delivering straightforward content ads, users can use AdSense to place ads on search results as well as on the RSS feeds.
    Doing so helps to target your site’s audience with a purpose oriented visit to your website.

Steps to Add Google AdSense

The first thing that you will have to do is create an AdSense account and then go about a new ad unit.

Once you have done that, you will get an ad code corresponding to that ad unit.

You will have to add this ad code to your site in order to implement the AdSense ad.

Adsense Start 1024x442 1

Now, by default WordPress allows users to add AdSense ads to the sidebar.

To do this, simply enter your WordPress dashboard, go to appearance>>widget and then drag the “custom HTML” widget to a preferred position on the widget area.

custom html

Once you have done that, paste your Google AdSense code, and the ad will show up in the widget area of your sidebar.

However, if you want to have a more comprehensive control as to where you wish to place your ads, then there are plenty of third-party WordPress plugins as well as themes designed to help you with the job.

If you are just starting to blog and serious about utilizing AdSense to its fullest extent, then this plugins and themes will be of immense help.

If you are not sure how to add Google Adsense, check out your web host support.

Managing Google AdSense with WordPress Plugins:

There are hundreds of WordPress plugins that can help you with ad management.

Here are a few examples of some of the most popular and powerful plugins in this category, and how it can help you to add AdSense to your WordPress website.


AdSanity allows you to insert ads anywhere on your website.

You will be able to create as many ad fields as you want and place them throughout your website using shortcodes, and widgets.

There is also the option to insert ad blocks into specific posts using the post editor.

DoubleClick by Google

This plugin comes directly from Google and helps users to automatically choose the best paying ad for a particular spot and apply it.

There is also an inbuilt reporting tool which can help with a quantitative measure on the ad performance.

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter gives you the option to create as many ad blocks as you like and then auto-insert the blocks.

The plugins support inserting the ad blocks to your directly within your post content, before or after post content or post excerpt, and so on.

Quick AdSense

Quick AdSense is free WordPress ad management plugin which is worth taking a look into.

The plugin can help you insert ads in the sidebar, widget areas, inside your posts, before or after posts or post excerpts.

Managing Google AdSense with WordPress Themes:

Just like plugins, there are also a boatload of themes that can also help users in managing Google AdSense on their WordPress website.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best ad management WordPress theme to give you an idea.

Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is a powerful AdSense enabled WordPress theme which gives you extensive control over how you wish to display ads on your website.

The theme features a pretty handy auto ads functionality which makes using AdSense even more intuitive and trouble-free.


Turemag comes with support for a responsive Google AdSense ad unit which means your ads will display properly even when viewed from a small screen on mobile devices.

You will also get access to their “hot spots” functionality which perfectly blends the advertisements with your site’s content.

Simple Life

Simple Life is an AdSense Ready blogging theme that supports highly customizable ad banners.

You will get to choose different ad banner sizes for your home page, category, single posts, and sidebar.

There is also a full fledged ad management system.


Schema is one of the most popular WordPress theme for bloggers designed to deliver the best possible SEO performance.

It also comes with its own ad management system which allows you to simply paste the ad code and showcase advertisements on the top, bottom, or after the title of your content.

Also, Google Adsense is essential for creative people who want to earn money from their work.

One such example is Imagely, which offers powerful themes and plugins for photographs that is AdSense ready.


This leads us to the end of the guide to add Google Adsense to Your WordPress site.

We hope that you got a clear idea on how to do so.

However, if you are still confused, don’t forget to comment below and let us know.

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