Imagine yourself out on a shopping trip with your friends. You have browsed through various shops and are heading towards the food court. Your friends are chatting amongst themselves but you are in a lost world of your own. In your mind, you are sketching the details of the post you are going to make as soon as you reach home.

Or you may be participating in an international conference. There is a very interesting presentation going on and various delegates are busy jotting down notes and asking questions. You, however, have a laptop switched on and are busy updating your blog.

If you can identify yourself in these two situations then there is a strong chance that you may be suffering from blog addiction. It is a condition whereby a blogger cannot think of anything beyond blogging. The blog becomes the focus of one’s existence, where every situation becomes a potential topic for a blog post. These bloggers much like me and you do not understand that by thinking so much on blogging, they are actually missing out on their “offline”(call it social) lives.

For instance, in the first case, a blogger may think up a wonderful blog entry but loses the time that he or she could have spent talking to her friends. One is blissfully lost in their own world and pays no attention to what is going on around. In the second case, you are missing out on the presentation concentrating on tying that entry. Seems like a major loss.

Or perhaps not. After all, blogs are pretty trendy. Plus, if you are one of those bloggers who have a sizable readership, then in al likehood you are probably living up to the expectations of all those readers out there who wait for you to churn out a good entry frequently. What you gain in terms of their comments and assurances of continued visits and readership is enough to convince you that their time has been spent well.

Search a phrase ‘blog addiction’ using any search engine and you will discover that many a blogger has shed light on it. Blog addiction is apparently something which, atleast, the bloggers themselves is not in a state of self-denial. Many bloggers have admitted to be addicted to blogging.

For now, here are some symptoms:

a) Frequency of update

You update your blog twice a day regularly. A sign of healthy blogger is that he/she updates the blog at most once daily. If you update your blog thrice a day, and all posts are written by yourself, then you are addicted.

b) Potential entries

If everything becomes a blog inspiration for you, then you should watch out, you are turning addicted.

c) Bookmarks and comments

Your list of bookmarks or favorites contains nothing else except blog links to other bloggers. Having only bookmarks mean that all you do is visit other blogs whenever online to comment. Of course, this is a good motivation to other bloggers but, you definitely overdo in more ways than one, than you are an addict.

d) Template blues

Every week, you feel that your blog template is a little old and you need to change it? Then, you use search engines and other blogs to see what templates they have and download like hundreds of templates and then change your blog style. If doing so you make obvious mistakes and then yes then you are an addict.

e) Blog tidbits

Everyone wants to have a perfect blog, you, however, go ten steps further to ensure your perfection. You are always on the lookout new and exciting tidbits to add to your blog, irrespective of whether they are adding functionality to your blog, and then I am afraid you are an addict.

Off course, this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many other symptoms of blog addiction.

Take a poll and decide, ARE YOU ADDICTED? Are You An Addicted Blogger?